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November 13, 2009

Ruby On Rails References And Cheat Sheets

These Ruby On Rails Reference Cards And Cheat Sheets provide important reference material, techniques, and tips to be used for quick development in Ruby On Rails. Ruby On Rails, often shortened to Rails or RoR, is an open source web application framework for the Ruby programming language. It is intended to be used with an Agile development methodology which is used by web developers for rapid development of web applications. These reference materials are available for several topic,s such as the Core Call Stack diagram, Migrations, String Extensions and the Action Mailer. (pdf format)

 - Capistrano Cheat Sheet 229K   
 - Essential Ruby 1.5M   
 - Jumpstart Credit Card Processing 9.4M   
 - RESTful Rails Cheatsheet 79K   
 - RJS Demistified 394K   
 - RoR blog CheatSheet 77K   
 - Ruby Cheat Sheet 66K   
 - RubyCheatSheetPart1-v1.0_0.pdf 344K   
 - Ruby Cheatsheet for Ruby 1.8.4 55K   
 - RubyOnRails Cheatsheet BlaineKendall 105K   
 - Ruby Quick Reference 183K   
 - Ruby on Rails 1.16 - Edge Reference 77K   
 - Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet - ActiveRecord Relationships 52K   
 - Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet - Form Helpers 77K   
 - Ruby on Rails Short Reference 1.1.2 492K   
 - Action Mailer 206K   
 - Active Record Validation Errors 201K   
 - Form Helpers 190K   
 - Merb Core Call Stack Diagram 608K   
 - Microformats Helper 23K   
 - Peepcode Textmate For Rail2 Cheat Sheet 96K   
 - Rails Migrations 306K   
 - Rspec Cheatsheet 34K   
 - Ruby And Rails Assertions 25K   
 - Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet 185K   
 - Ruby on Rails CheatSheet 98K   
 - Ruby on Rails Active Resource Cheat Sheet 85K   
 - Ruby on Rails String Core Extentions Cheat Sheet 106K   
 - Shoulda Cheat Sheet 38K 

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