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November 17, 2009

Flex Tutorials at

Here are several excellent Adobe Flex Tutorials and Learning Materials, at, that explain how Flex works and how to use it to effectively build and create Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Flex uses the Adobe Flash platform to create user friendly, interactive, and multimedia web applications. These Flex tutorials start out with the basics, move onto creating a sample RIA, and then teach the things that Flex developers need to know for building compelling and interactive Flex applications.

Get Oriented to Flex
This section introduces you to Flex with an overview in animation and the technology comparisons between Flex, ASP.Net, ColdFusion, Java and PHP.

 - Animated Overview
 - Technology Comparisons
   - Flex and ASP.NET
   - Flex and ColdFusion
   - Flex and Java
   - Flex and PHP

Part I. Creating a Simple RIA
This Flex tutorial discusses the different code anatomy, code files and learning points used to create a simple RIA.

 - Learning Points
 - Code Files
 - Code Anatomy
 - RIA Tutorial

Part II. Exchanging Data
This section shows you how data is exchanged between different services in both XML and plain text formats.

 - Learning Points
 - Code Files
 - Code Anatomy
 - Tutorial

Part III. Top Things You Need to Know
This Flex tutorial teaches some of the important things you need to know when working with Flex, such as working with data, designing a UI, displaying a list of items, and multi-page applications.

 - Working with Data
   - Binding and Modeling
   - CRUD - Dynamic
   - CRUD - Static
   - E4X
   - External Interface
   - Local Connections
   - Shared Objects
   - Validation and Formatting
 - Handling Events
   - Event Demo
   - Event Listeners
   - Event Propagation
   - Simple UI Event
 - Designing a UI - Layout
   - Application Container
   - Box Model
   - Canvas - absolute
   - Canvas - relative
   - Combined Layout
   - Form
   - MXML vs ActionScript 3.0
   - Panel
 - Displaying lists of items
   - DataGrid
   - Item Renderers
   - Lists
   - TileList
 - Multi-page applications
   - Accordion
   - TabBar and LinkBar
   - TabNavigator
   - ViewStack
 - Customizing components
   - ActionScript 3.0
   - Code Behind
   - Composite Component
   - Multiple Composite Components
   - MXML
 - Debug your application
   - Debugging tutorial

Part IV. Building Your Own Flex Application
This section discusses and shows how to build your own Flex applications and how to integrate them into web pages.

 - Backwards Compatibility Issues
 - Creating Flex Builder Projects that Use Server Technologies
   - Creating a BlazeDS messaging application in Flex Builder
   - Creating a BlazeDS web service application in Flex Builder
 - Flex Builder 3 Compiler Errors
 - Moving to Flex from Authorware
 - Tips, tricks, and techniques

This section contains further resources for Adobe Flex including projects, documents, development center and a showcase.

 - Download Projects
 - Flex 3 LiveDocs
 - Flex 3 Component Explorer
 - Flex 3 Style Explorer
 - Flex Developer Center
 - Flex Showcase
 - Flex Cookbook

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