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January 12, 2010

C# Reference Cards

Here are some excellent C# Reference Cards at that provide developers with quick tips and tricks when working with C#. These will help you useC# to build and web and desktop applications. (all are in pdf format)

C# Basics Quick Reference Sheet  938K 
This reference sheet provides code samples for the various features in C# and discusses how they are used.
C# Language Reference  98K 
This reference material provides users with knowledge on C# variables, constants, comments, namespaces, strings and looping statements.
DZone - C# Refcard  1.5M 
This refcard discusses string literals, delegates, events, query expressions and generics.
Microsoft Visual C# Default Keybindings  1.4M
This reference material imparts knowledge on the various key strokes and keyboard shortcuts in C#.

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