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January 16, 2010

37 Silverlight Tutorials

Here are in-depth, illustrated 37 Silverlight Tutorials, hosted by at Switch On The Code. These Silverlight tutorials cover Microsoft Silverlight which is a web application framework that provides functionalities similar to those in Adobe Flash, Flex, GWT, and Ajax, integrating multimedia, graphics, animations and interactivity into a single runtime environment. These tutorials will give you an understanding and feel of this framework, even if you are a complete novice in Silverlight. The wide ranging Silverlight topics that are explained and demonstrated here include: animating elements using render transforms, playing with custom fonts, building a Silverlight deep zoom application, loading a client side image, the Silverlight podcast, datagrid basics, animating HTML elements etc.

37 Silverlight Tutorials:

 - Silverlight Tutorial - Animating Elements using Render Transforms
 - Silverlight - Basic Movement with Animations
 - Silverlight 3 - An Out Of Browser Example
 - Getting Started with IronRuby and Silverlight
 - Silverlight 3 - Custom Fonts
 - Silverlight 3 Tutorial - PlaneProjection and Perspective 3D
 - Silverlight 3: Effects Baby!
 - Silverlight 3 - Using Local Connections
 - Using Control to Control Binding in Silverlight 3
 - Building a Silverlight Deep Zoom Application
 - Basic Silverlight 2 Tutorial - Using Sliders
 - Welcome to the Month of Silverlight
 - Silverlight DataGrid Tutorial - Using a DataGridTemplateColumn
 - Visualizing O'Reilly with Silverlight Deep Zoom
 - Silverlight and the Netflix API
 - Silverlight 2 - Using initParams
 - Silverlight 2 & PHP Tutorial - Transmitting data using JSON
 - Silverlight 2 - Loading a Client Side Image
 - Silverlight 2 and Twitter - A Simple Example
 - Sparkling Client - The Silverlight Podcast
 - Silverlight DataGrid - The Basics
 - Silverlight 2.0 Public Beta and IE8 Developer Beta
 - Silverlight 2.0 - The Controls Have Arrived
 - Creating an XP Style WPF Button with Silverlight
 - Q&A on Flex and Silverlight
 - Silverlight Tutorial - Using Isolated Storage
 - How to Use Custom User Controls in Silverlight
 - Silverlight Tutorial - Animating HTML Elements
 - Flashblock Firefox Addon Blocks Silverlight
 - Silverlight Tutorial - Interaction With The DOM
 - Where is Silverlight's Isolated Storage Image Support?
 - How To Embed Silverlight Into a Webpage
 - Silverlight 1.0 Released with Future Linux Support
 - Silverlight Tutorial - Color Animations
 - Communicate Between Flex and Silverlight using Javascript
 - Silverlight and Javascript Interaction
 - Getting Started With Silverlight

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