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January 21, 2010

UML, Requirements, Modeling, and Design References and Tutorials

Here are some very good tutorials, references, and documents on UML, Requirements, Modeling, and Design, located at These are good references and support documents for both novice and expert application developers and programmers. These learning and support materials discuss various topics such as metrics, business modeling, data modeling, UML, use cases, traceability studies, entity relationship modeling, and statecharts. These are in pdf format. Here is a google search for many of these documents, this is an easy way to find them.

 - Designing a Home Alarm using the UML And implementing it using C++
 - Using Use Cases for Requirements Capture
 - UML Example Profiles
 - A Pattern Language for Building Stable Analysis Patterns
 - Metrics Definitions
 - Business Modeling and UML Reality vs. Hype Business Modeling and
 - Mapping Object to Data Models with the UML
 - Model-Driven Testing with UML 2.0
 - Microsoft PowerPoint - OO Design Principles & Metrics - exercises
 - Advanced Object Modeling
 - Microsoft PowerPoint - OO Design Principles & Metrics
 - UML Data Modeling Profile
 - The UML and Data Modeling
 - UML Tutorial: Collaboration Diagrams
 - UML - A Universal Modeling Language?
 - Microsoft PowerPoint - UML Quiz II
 - UML for Managers Jason Gorman Chapter 4
 - Dealing with Properties
 - (Microsoft PowerPoint - UML Puzzle \226 Part I)
 - A Pattern Language for Building Stable Analysis Patterns
 - The meaning of requirements
 - View complete book as PDf file - Pattern Depot
 - Security Engineering with Patterns
 - IBM Rational Rapid Developer Scalability and Performance Benchmark
 - Principles: Ground Rules for the Workshop
 - A Use Case Template
 - How to Make Statecharts workfor you.
 - Design Patterns of Communicating Extended Finite State Machines in SDL
 - IBM Rational Rapid Developer Technical Overview
 - UML Java Programmers
 - Modeling Web Application Architectures with UML
 - The Estimation of Effort Based on Use Cases
 - Applying UML in The Unified Process
 - Functional Requirements and Use Cases
 - UML meets XP
 - Using UML for Modeling Complex Real-Time Systems
 - Conceptual, Logical, and Physical design of Persistent Data Using UML
 - IBM Rational Rose XDE Modeler
 - Using IBM Rational XDE and IBM Rational ClearCase Together
 - Software-platform-independent, Precise Action Specifications for
 - UML Use Case Diagrams
 - Use Cases in Object-Oriented Software Development
 - Literate Modelling — Capturing Business Knowledge with the UML
 - Using Rational Rose UML CASE Tool
 - Using Rational Rose UML CASE Tool
 - UML for Real-Time Overview Abstract Introduction Modeling Perspectives
 - Software Architecture and the UML
 - Use Case Management with Rational Rose and Rational RequisitePro
 - Rational Rose RealTime
 - Entity Relationship Modeling with UML
 - Managing Use Cases During Goal-Driven Requirements Engineering
 - Enterprise Application Development Using UML, Java Technology and XML
 - Formal Verification of UML Statecharts with Real-Time Extensions
 - User Interface Prototyping based on UML Scenarios and High-level
 - Using UML for Modeling a Distributed Java
 - ApplyingRequirements Management with Use Cases
 - Competitive Analysis, Modeling, Design
 - Modelling Web Navigation by Statechart
 - Comparing Use Case Writing Guidelines
 - Defining Electronic Data Interchange Transactions with UML
 - Modeling Complex Behavior Simply or How Much is Too Much? Modeling
 - UML for Real-Time Overview Abstract Introduction Modeling Perspectives
 - Constructing Useful Use Cases
 - The Rational Edge -- December 2002 -- An Integrated Approach to
 - The Rational Edge -- November 2002 -- Accelerating J2EE
 - User Interface Design: Tips and Techniques
 - Beyond Use Cases
 - Finite State Machines 2
 - Traceability Studies for Managing Requirements with Use Cases

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