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March 19, 2010

More Computer Learning and Support Docs

Here is the second of two posts of technical and computer learning and support documents, located at admi-lan. This posts cover Windows related content, along with some Windows Security and PC topics. The first post is here.

Windows - General
10 commands you should master when working with the Cisco IOS
10 customization tricks to save you time in Windows XP
10 handy Windows XP efficiency tricks
10 PowerToys that complete the Windows toolset and save you precious time
10 registry hacks for hardening Windows XP security
10 things you can do when Windows XP won't boot
10 things you should do before installing Windows Vista on a computer
10 things you should know about fighting spyware in Windows XP
10 things you should know about Windows Vista's service hardening
10 things you should know about Windows XP Backup
10 things you should know about Windows XP's System Restore tool
50+ keyboard shortcuts for moving faster in Windows XP
Activer le mode d'édition rapide de la console DOS
Add more destinations to Windows Send To command
Add UNC information to the command prompt in XP
Augmenter la vitesse d'accès au partage réseau
Boot Windows XP from a USB flash drive
Changez la clé de produit de Windows XP Pro Corporate
Clean out Windows XP's Prefetch folder to speed up boot times
Comment configurer la protection de la mémoire dans Windows XP SP2
Comment fonctionne la clé d'activation de Windows XP
Configure Microsoft Windows XP Remote Desktop
Configure multiple hardware profiles for a laptop
Configuring Windows XP security after you install Service Pack 2
Configuring Windows XP to use a WSUS Server
Configuring Windows XP's Indexing Service the right way
Create a shortcut to search Active Directory shared folders in XP
Create a TCP-IP boot disk for installing Win2K-XP over the network
Creating your own Sleep button in Windows XP
Customizing the XP boot logo
Delete cached user profiles with a Windows registry tweak
Delete user profiles in Windows 2000 Pro with Delprof
Determining whether USB 2.0 is on your Windows XP machine
Disabling Windows Messenger on a Windows XP machine
Don't let Windows XP startup problems leave you dead in the water
Easily create date-based folder names in Windows XP
Eradicate Windows XP shutdown problems
Exploit enhanced networking functionality in Windows Vista
Extract troubleshooting info from Windows XP BSOD error messages
Fix for problematic parallel printer port in Windows XP
Get IT Done - Change the product key on Windows XP
Get IT Done - Setting up an FTP server with Windows 2000
Get system info from Windows XP's Help and Support Center
Help your users work effectively with Windows XP Pro
Implement and manage Windows XP Professional user and desktop settings
Installing Windows Vista - The good, the bad, and the ugly
Lock floppy drives on Windows 2000 Pro machines with Floplock
Make searching for image files easier in Windows XP by assigning keywords
Making the switch to Microsoft Update on Windows XP machines
Mapping drive letters to local folders in Windows XP
Master remote connections in Windows XP
Maximize the Performance of Windows XP
Monitor and optimize Windows XP Pro system performance and reliability
Pare down the Windows XP Start menu's most frequently used programs list
Power Checklist - Securing Windows XP
Provide remote assistance on computers behind a NAT device
Quickly gather MAC addresses in Windows XP with ARP
Quickly view information on multiple hard drives at the same time
Recover a damaged Windows XP user profile
Remove your name from the Start menu in Windows XP
Removing the Files Stored on This Computer group from My Computer in Windows XP
Removing unused device drivers from Windows XP machines
RPC service configuration causes serious problems following a Windows XP SP2 install
Safely remove the Windows XP Service Pack 2 Uninstall files
Save your sanity with these fixes for Windows XP multimedia annoyances
Schedule a restart operation with Windows XP's Shutdown utility
Scheduling Disk Defragmenter in Windows XP
Securing an auto logon in Windows XP
Setting up a VPN with Windows 2000
Speed up Windows XP's defrag operations
Startup Repair Tool will automatically diagnose and fix startup problems
Take advantage of the Windows XP Start menu's pinned items list
Take advantage of Windows XP's Alt-Tab Replacement tool
Troubleshoot Windows XP with the Driverquery command
Tune Windows XP to speed up boot and shutdown times
Uncover hardware that the Windows XP Device Manager hides
Understanding Windows XP's environment variables
Use these four Registry tweaks to accelerate Windows XP
Using the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard as a quick file backup tool in Windows XP
Using the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility in Windows XP
Windows Vista - User Account Control (UAC) levels cut down on pop ups
Windows Vista improves disk performance
Windows Vista's service hardening adds a valuable layer of protection
Windows XP services that can be disabled
Working with (and around) Windows Vista User Account Control

Servers OS
10 things you should know before deploying Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003
46 things to check when you're having server problems
Automate the software management and upgrade process
Consider these points when upgrading from WinNT to Win2K
Copy files on your server while preserving permissions
Deploy updates to Windows 2000 Server with Windows Server Update Services
Disable the Administrator account in Windows Server 2003
Effectively implement and manage Windows Server 2003 security policies
Hack 07 -- Rename Mapped Drives
Hack 12 -- Get Event Log Information
Hack 18 -- Automate Creation of OU Structure
Hack 28 -- Get User Account Information
Hack 45 -- Use netsh
Hack 55 -- Restore the Metabase
Hack 67 -- Unattended Install of Components
Hack 74 -- Grant Administrative Access to DC
Hack 77 -- Security FAQ
Hack 98 -- Recover with Automated System Recovery
Hacking Windows-Specific Services on Windows Server 2003
Manage disk quotas on Windows server operating systems
Rescuing a failed domain controller - Disaster recovery in action
Secure traffic between SMTP servers in Windows 2000
Setting up and Managing a DHCP server in Windows 2000
Track per-user disk usage on Windows 2000 Server with Diskuse.exe
W2K server performance monitors can alert you to downtime problems
Windows Server 2003 Services

OS Security
10 things you should know about Automated System Recovery
Audit Win2K services and security with Subinacl
Chain Windows hot fixes for installation without multiple restarts
Check out Microsofts Baseline Security Analyzer
Critical flaws in Microsoft VM make Windows vulnerable
Design a desktop security policy with these five steps
Disable a Windows Context menu to prevent user tampering
Don't let your network management process create your biggest security flaws
Hacking Windows XP and Windows Server 2003
Streamline Windows administration by using command-line scripts to monitor system events, process
Top 10 valuable (but underused) Microsoft security technologies
View and manage permissions in Windows 2000 from a console

PCs - General
10 things you should do before letting users take their laptops out the door
10+ things you should know when deploying Windows desktops from images
10+ tools you should have in your support tech repair kit
Disk usage monitoring
Get the basics on multilevel RAID sets
Learn how to make a USB drive bootable
Make the autorun.inf file for antomatic loading od CDs and DVDs
Make the autorun.inf file for your burned CD-ROMs
Protect data during power outages by adding a UPS to Windows 2000 Pro machines
Relive past glory with a few retro gaming hacks
The 10 most important things to teach your users
The 10 worst ways to communicate with end users

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