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January 18, 2011

6 Software Development Guides: 2 Project Managment and 4 Testing

Here are 2 software project managment guides and 4 software testing guides, from Elementool. These guides are easy to read and short in length, from 9-12 pages. They are in pdf format and are free to download

Complete Projects On Time
Outlines five Principles that help with meeting software development budget and deadlines.

Faster, Easier and Cheaper Software Development: Is It Possible?
Using Application Lifecycle Management to improve your software development process.

Don't Let the Bugs Out
Issue Tracking guide, discusses what role issue tracking plays in Software Development.

Testing, What is it Good For? Absolutely Everything!
An overview of software testing and why it's necessary when developing good software products.

Understanding Software Test Cases
How test cases facilitate building better software and ways to use them.

Software Testing Techniques
Some ways to go about testing software and getting started doing it.

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