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February 8, 2011

15 Programming Cheat Sheets

Here is a nice collection of 15 downloadable and printable Programming Cheat Sheets from Addedbytes, providing quick references for many programming languages and web development technologies.

Python Programming

Subversion Command Line

Regular Expressions (V2) including symbols, ranges, grouping, assertions

mod_rewrite (V2) with rewrite flags, regular expression syntax and sample rules.

PHP Cheat Sheet (V2) with functions references, a regular expression syntax guide and a reference for PHP's date formating functions.

CSS Cheat Sheet (V2) including selector syntax, properties, units

SQL Server including stored procedures, triggers and functions.

HTML Cheat Sheet


Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet with default directory structure, predefined variables, methods, reserved words and regular expression syntax.

ASP / VBScript containing functions, collections, regular expression syntax and other useful bits of information.

HTML Character Entities lists the assigned character codes in HTML, with an example of how they are displayed, and description.

JavaScript Cheat Sheet listing methods and functions, and including a guide to regular expressions and the XMLHttpRequest object.

MySQL Cheat Sheet including functions (both in MySQL and PHP), data types, and sample queries

RGB Hex Colour Chart

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