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February 9, 2011

Programming for the Android Platform

Here is an online mobile programming course: Programming for the Android Platform, Developing Wireless Mobile Applications. The goal of this Android programming tutorial course is to teach the technical aspects of how to program Android devices and use the Andoid API, with particular emphasis on scientific and educational applications. This platform is literally booming at this time as more than 300,000 new Android smartphones are activated per day.

Unlike the iPhone, Android is designed to run on many devices produced by many hardware manufacturers, and is based on free, open-source resources. It is programmed with a combination of Java and XML. One can develop programs on an emulator running on a regular computer, so it isn't even necessary to have an Android device to begin writing programs. There is a powerful and very well documented Software Development Kit (SDK) that is freely available, a comprehensive Interactive Development Environment (IDE) called Eclipse with an Android plugin that is free, and the Java and XML (with their editors, compilers, and interpreters) with which one programs Android devices are also free.

Programming for the Android Platform Lessons:



Getting Started
Minimum Requirements
Installing Software
Installing Sample Packages

Overview of Android
Application Fundamentals
Android User Interfaces
Application Lifecycles

Developing Applications
Creating an Application
WebView Demo
Click Tester
Lifecycle Methods
Animal Sounds
Mapping Demo
Map Overlay Demo
Draggable Symbols I
Draggable Symbols II
Progress Bar Example
Animator Demo I
Animator Demo II
Solar System
Speak To Me
Simple Dialer

Creating a New Project
Updating Software
Configuring an AVD
The Purr of the LogCat
Changing the Build Path
The Maps API Key
Installing on a Device
Device Screen Shots
Simulating GPS Position
Eclipse Tips
Managing Android Resources

Course Resources
Packages for Examples
Select Exercise Solutions
Image and Icon Files
Audio and Video Files

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