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August 30, 2012

Best new links for Web Development - Thursday, August 30, 2012

These are the top training, tutorial and news sites for Web Development for the date: Thursday, August 30, 2012. We hope that you enjoy them.
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Transferring data with AIR native extensions for iOS Part 3: Exchanging custom objects between ActionScript 3 and C, C++, or Objective-C | Adobe Developer Connection

The Apache Software Foundation Announces ApacheCon Europe 2012 and North America 2013 : Apache Conferences, BarCamps, and MeetUps
Apache DeviceMap - Welcome to Apache DeviceMap (incubating)
What is Common between Mumbai Dabbawalas and Apache Hadoop?
Creating Web services using Apache CXF: Development | Javalobby
Spring Data - Apache Hadoop | Architects Zone
Download Apache Flex

Tutto per portarsi le nuove tecnologie sotto l'ombrellone: ASP.NET 4.5, ASP.NET MVC 4 e Windows 8 | Primo piano |
Why Many Developers Hate ASP.NET and Why Theyre Wrong | Nettuts+
aspConf - The LIVE Virtual ASP.NET Conference
Creating a HTML5 Chart Helper Extension for ASP.NET MVC 4
ASP.NET MVC 4 - Test-Driving ASP.NET MVC
Razor Debugger for ASP.NET WebPages - Unhandled Exception
Modelbinding mit komplexen Objekten in ASP.NET MVC | Code-Inside Blog
ASP.NET Web API Bloggers
Introducing System.Web.Providers - ASP.NET Universal Providers for Session, Membership, Roles and User Profile on SQL Compact and SQL Azure - Scott Hanselman
ASP.NET Hosting, ASP Hosting, SQL Hosting, MVC, Windows 2008, | Hosted TFS

Orlando pediatric dentistry - CSS tutorial
Win PSD to HTML and CSS Slicing from
Full-height app layouts: A CSS trick to make it easier - Steve Sandersons blog - As seen on YouTube
csswg: changeset 6229:b721960fdbf2
One page website
CSS Summit 2012 - July 31-August 2, 2012
How create good looking form without table, Css, Tutorials |
Quick Tip: Drawing and Using CSS Triangles | Webdesigntuts+
Being a CSS @keyframe Power User - Jeremy Kahn's Dev Blog
csswg: changeset 6230:02cca9d95899
Stepping through our random text generator form code after it's been submitted | Build a
Elegant CSS In DrupalLESS vs Sass | Mediacurrent Blog Post
Quasi-qualified CSS selectors — CSS Wizardry—CSS, Web Standards, Typography, and Grids by Harry Roberts
SURVIVOR: Remaking A Commodore 64 Game In HTML
Judging CSS / Spotting Bad Code | CSS-Tricks
Flash Catalyst Tutorial
Looking To Build A Relationship And Outsource Projects - CSS HTML PHP for Max. $10/hr
FREE - Talk CSS Layouts With The Experts
CSS2LESS, Convert CSS into programmable CSS with LESS syntax - PHP Classes
Know Your Rights to the Internet - CSS tutorial
10 HTML & CSS Online Code Editors for Web Developers | Awwwards
Elegant CSS Design In Drupal: LESS vs Sass
Some Useful CSS Tricks and Techniques | SmokingDesigners
CSS Conditional Rules Module Level 3
Shoot to kill; CSS selector intent — CSS Wizardry—CSS, Web Standards, Typography, and Grids by Harry Roberts
Skin Orman Clark’s Video Interface Using jPlayer and CSS | Webdesigntuts+
csswg: changeset 6256:be8e25e26840
How To Create Shiny CSS Buttons |
csswg: changeset 6257:7db0c07048a4
How CSS Positioning Works - Lesson
Create a simple CSS Dropdown Menu - CSS tutorial
We Talked CSS Layouts with the Experts. - SitePoint
Emailology - The Science of Looking Good in the Inbox
Why digital marketing agencies useful for your business? - CSS tutorial
How to Get Started With CSS | PCWorld
New blending features in CSS | Web Platform Team Blog
Curtain reveal effect using CSS | The CSS Ninja - All things CSS, JavaScript & HTML
A List Apart: Articles: Taking Advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 with Modernizr
css selector performance -
Create a Photo Stack Effect with Pure CSS Animations or MooTools
How use to sessions and the $_SESSION variable to store user information | Build a
web Designer and developer Needed | CSS | Javascript | PSD to HTML | Website Design | WordPress
selector count in css - Stack Overflow
Create Cross Browser CSS Animations For Web: Stylie | Greepit
How To Create Shiny CSS Buttons | Design News
20 Very Useful CSS3 Tutorials - Speckyboy Design Magazine
Crazy Town Selectors | CSS-Tricks
The Ultimate Guide to CSS Typography | Three Styles
15+ More Cool Pure CSS3 Tutorials [No Javascript] |
csswg: changeset 6272:27fd3f9a5c11
Compress JS aggregation |
Demoing our random text form with loop-generated infinite inputs | Build a
Two ways to use CSS in email (yes, that's right, email) | Econsultancy
csswg: changeset 6278:6201b4d12e8e

The Best of Flash Designs | Bloggs74
Why free to play games are no flash in the pan | News | TechRadar
NASDAQ Stock Market - Stock Quotes - Stock Exchange News -
Two Victories in One Week, The Internet Flash Lobby Becomes A Political Force | TechCrunch
Video For Everybody (HTML5 Video with Flash Fallback) | CSS-Tricks
Create Beautiful Indoor Portraits Without Flash (NSFW)
Create a TIX Clock in Flash (ActionScript 3)
Introducing Flash Player 11.4/AIR 3.4 beta! -
Two men wrote the original Adobe Flash in 1993 – where are they now? | Attendly
Adobe Flash Player 11.4 Beta for Desktops | applications, content and videos - Adobe Labs
Q&A With The Away Foundation’s Rob Bateman | Digital Media Blog » Flash Player 11.4 and Adobe AIR 3.4 now available!
Hybrid Ring Flash is the Frankenstein of the Lighting World
Ireo Hub | Ireo Hub Sector 98 Mohali Chandigarh - Flash tutorial
Developer guidance for websites with content for AdobeFlash Player in Windows8
Flash Catalyst Tutorial 101 – Creating an interactive video gallery (quickly!) without writing any code
Flash Game Development Engine by Unreal | Epic Citadel
Delta Strike iPad Prototype – Export 3D Flash games to iOS/Android | Delta Strike Blog
Almog Koren - Google+ - Cool project, funny how they still have to use Flash for
Animating with Sprite Sheets in Flash CS6 « « Layers Magazine Layers Magazine
Amy's Flex Diary: FlashTips #5: Copy Variables in Flash Builder
12 Tools for Converting Flash Games to HTML5 | Photon Storm
Light Fantastic: Colorful LED Strobe-Lighting Art is All Flash | Designs & Ideas on Dornob
Google Proves That HTML5 Can Be Just As Artsy As Flash | WebProNews
Dynamic embedding fonts without using Flash or Embed Metadata « Flash Platform & Co.

csswg: changeset 6268:eac2aaa3ba46
Download Adobe Flex SDK
In Flex We Trust » (UNTAGGED) IFWT Exclusive : @RickyRozay Ft. @S_C_ & @DrDre – 3 Kings

x86 - Help me understand this JavaScript exploit - Stack Overflow
Programming Windows 8 with HTML 5 javascript & C# « Digital Mind Ignition
Recline.js - Powerful Javascript Library for Building Data Heavy Applications | Queness
Integrate JavaScript Tests Into Your Development Workflow
Introduction -- Eloquent JavaScript
Web gaming QUIZ application | HTML5 | Javascript | jQuery / Prototype | Mobile Phone | PHP
Skywalker Software Development - Writing an Orchard Webshop Module from scratch - Part 7
Recline.js - Powerful Javascript Library for Building Data Heavy Applications | Code Samples for JavaScript Metro Style Apps
JQuery Mobile for Absolute Beginners Part 2 - JavaScript tutorial
Improving the Performance of your HTML5 App - HTML5 Rocks
Scalable JavaScript Application Architecture
legalbox/lb_js_scalableApp GitHub
Javascript IDEs? yes! « Orizen Designs – Oren Farhi – Javascript Blog, HTML5, CSS3
HTML5 elements in Internet Explorer without Javascript - de Betere Vormgever
HOW TO: Create a Simple Web Parallax Effect aka Javascript Animation | Inspired Magazine
Veljko Sekelj - Google+ - Seriously awesome! - a 1kb Javascript chess engine A
Speech JavaScript API Specification
Being a CSS @keyframe Power User - Jeremy Kahn's Dev Blog
The Future of Frontend JavaScript Development at - Design Blog & Inspiration
Stepping through our random text generator form code after it's been submitted | Build a
A Survey of JavaScript Timers on Mobile | Blog | Sencha
SURVIVOR: Remaking A Commodore 64 Game In HTML
Inline Javascript - Google Sites Examples
aspConf - The LIVE Virtual ASP.NET Conference
An Embeddable JavaScript Markdown Editor | Web Resources | WebAppers
Enable Keyboard Shortcuts to Website with Javascript Plugins | Queness
Como desarrollar con Javascript y no morir (ni matar) en el intento - Andoni Arroyo
Clone JavaScript Arrays and Objects
The Badass JavaScript Roundup is Back! - Badass JavaScript
Let's Code: Test-Driven Javascript | Coming July 2012
Web Development - Build a Carousel with JavaScript from Scratch | Tuts+ Marketplace
Overview of apps for Office
Issue #3057: bootstrap-dropdown.js clearMenus() needs ; at the end twitter/bootstrap GitHub
sketch.js – A tiny boilerplate for creating JavaScript based coding experiments - CodeVisually
Asynchronous Javascript Advice « Blankenblog
web development - HTML Templates in Javascript? Without coding in the page? - Stack Overflow
Managing JavaScript on Responsive Websites | Viget
PhantomJS: Headless WebKit with JavaScript API
JSConf US 2012
How use to sessions and the $_SESSION variable to store user information | Build a
#BlackHat preview: Owning bad guys with JavaScript botnets | CSO Blogs
Enyo – A JavaScript Framework (By HP) For Desktop & Mobile
Compress JS aggregation |
Thoughts from the Wet Coast > Blog - JavaScript For C# Developers: 2. Everything is an Object
RangeError, TypeError, and URIError JavaScript Error Types
Demoing our random text form with loop-generated infinite inputs | Build a
Firefox JavaScript Terminal // by Paul Rouget
How to Localize Your Client-Side JavaScript Applications
Thoughts from the Wet Coast > Blog - JavaScript For C# Developers: 1. An Introduction

Evo Slider : jQuery slideshow & content slider plugin
Responsive jQuery plugin – FlexSlider feat. Kwiks | Design News
jQuery UI 1.9 Beta « jQuery UI Blog
Manually resetting an admin user password AspDotNetStorefront
wordpress Be Careful Choosing jQuery Plugins - Blog Top Sites
32 Useful jQuery Plugins From 2011 | AcrisDesign
21 Useful jQuery Slider Tutorials | AcrisDesign
Animating Colored Ajax Comments with jQuery -
NuGet Gallery
Web gaming QUIZ application | HTML5 | Javascript | jQuery / Prototype | Mobile Phone | PHP
20 JQuery Table Datagrid Plugins |
Use jQuery - Create a self caching website ready for offline usage with HTML5 and jQuery
jQuery Blog » jQuery 1.8 Beta 1: See What’s Coming (and Going!)
10 Best jQuery and HTML5 WYSIWYG Plugins | jQuery4u
One page website
Upload Multiple Files With FileUpload Or JQuery In Asp.Net
SP Daily Tips: How to add Jquery to your SharePoint site, SharePoint Online - Options
35 Useful jQuery Tooltip Plugins to Enhance Interaction
Implement latest web Trends via Responsive jQuery Tutorials | Tutorial Lounge
15 Useful jQuery Parallax Plugins and Tutorials to Create a WOW Factor | Design News
Ultimate Collection of Fresh jQuery Plugins and Tutorials | Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers
Basic Tips for Getting Started with jQuery Development | Tips
jMapping : jQuery plugin for creating Google Maps from semantic markup |
10 jQuery snippets for efficient developers |
Tudo que voc gostaria de saber sobre plugins jQuery e ningum teve pacincia de explicar | Tableless
50 jQuery Plugins for Form Functionality, Validation, Security and Customisation - Speckyboy Design Magazine
Automatically clear/restore form fields default values using jQuery | Design News
10 Useful jQuery Techniques to Improve Your Code
Drag Drop GridView Rows With JQuery Asp.Net
aspConf - The LIVE Virtual ASP.NET Conference
20 Useful jQuery Lightbox Plugins
30 Cool jQuery Tooltip Plugins for Interactive Designs
Adding iOS Touch Events to jQuery Color Picker | SignedOn
pagebeforechange working halfway - jQuery Forum
commadelimited/jquery.swipeButton.js GitHub
commadelimited/jquery.jqmts.js GitHub
jQuery Mobile releases version 1.1.1. Updates abound! - andy matthews
javascript - How do I catch jQuery $.getJSON (or $.ajax with datatype set to 'jsonp') error when using JSONP? - Stack Overflow
jQuery ajax (jsonp) ignores a timeout and doesn't fire the error event - Stack Overflow
Cool jQuery Slideshow and Gallery Plugins – Tutorials
jQueryWebWebBest jQuery - .net
11 Stunning CSS3 and jQuery Powered Tutorials | Queness
Jquery Ui Slider Tutorial | jQuery Slider
Alternativmen bei Scroll-Offset mit jQuery anzeigen
10 jQuery Plugins For Responsive Fluid Web Design | Bashooka Design Inspiration
jQuery Cookie Management Plugins & Snippets | jQuery4u
jVectorMap – A jQuery Plugin For Vector Maps
JQuery and JavaScript Theming Tips for Drupal 7 High Rock Media Blog
Maximage: Use jQuery Cycle Plugin as a Fullscreen Slideshow
10+ Best jQuery Weather widget & plugin with examples | Design News
Web Development - Create a Contact Manager with jQuery and CodeIgniter | Tuts+ Marketplace
Implement latest web Trends via Responsive jQuery Tutorials |
45+ Incredible jQuery Plugins Making Images more Dynamic and Elegant
Compress JS aggregation |
10 jQuery Floating Menu and Message Plugins | jQuery4u
FrameWarp – jQuery plugin for displaying pages in a neat overlay | Tutorialzine
30 Best Useful jQuery Plugins for WordPress |
25+ jQuery Plugins to Create Stunning Image Zoom Effects - Splitting jQuery in Two, A Proposal

visionmedia/eson GitHub
First Draft of RDF Universal Graph Normalization 2011 published by JSON for Linking Data Community Group | JSON for Linking Data Community Group
First Draft of JSON-LD Framing API 1.0 published by JSON for Linking Data Community Group | JSON for Linking Data Community Group
Customize Json result in Web API -
1 in 5 APIs Say “Bye XML”
Ecstortive - Msgpack vs JSON in the jaws of compression

Higher-Order Perl
M-J. Dominus Perl Paraphernalia
Hacking Perl in Nightclubs -

PHP Master For PHP Developers | PHP Tutorials | Learn PHP | PHP Script | Security | PHP Date and Forms
ServerGroves PHP Education Initiative | ServerGrove
PHP Documentation - A Look At Sami, phpDocumentor, and Doxygen | Engineered Web
Stepping through our random text generator form code after it's been submitted | Build a
Workshop: PHP for Drupal Developers | Design to Theme
Tuts+ Premium Course: PHP Fundamentals
Linux Today - Everything you need to know about APC (Alternate PHP cache)
PHP: call_user_func - Manual
PHP fr dich - Datum und Uhrzeit mit PHP ermitteln und formatieren
c9s/phpbrew GitHub
Common PHP File Upload Restrictions | Web development blog, news and tutorials - Developer Drive
Creating an English Dictionary Metaphone Lookup Database using PHP and MySQL | BLACKBELT
Integrate Your PHP Project with Jenkins
The Web Blend - Top PHP Libraries for Developers Handling Excel Word and Powerpoint Files
Upcoming Mentored Trainings & 5 New FREE PHP Videos | Build a
Test-Driven Development in PHP: First Steps | Nettuts+
Cep PHP + AJAX « Rafael Clares
PHP’s brighter future? On the “PHP the Right Way” project | PHP Fog Blog
Run Function After WordPress Plugin Activation - PHP tutorial
Top PHP Libraries for Developers Handling Excel Word and Powerpoint Files | SkyTechGeek
Garfield & Persson's | Wedding Website | Our Blog PHPMaster Security Roundup
How use to sessions and the $_SESSION variable to store user information | Build a Web and PHP Development: Laravel vs Codeigniter
Pipe / Send Email to a PHP Script | Harry Bailey
The Web Blend - Common PHP File Upload Restrictions
Using Hadoop And PHP | GodLikeMouse
10 cdigos teis em PHP para se ter na mo | .: Eu Fao Programas :. » PHP frameworks are obsolete
Deploying AWS Elastic Beanstalk Applications in PHP Using Git - AWS Elastic Beanstalk
Laravel - A Clean & Classy PHP Framework
Demoing our random text form with loop-generated infinite inputs | Build a
Getting Started with PHP on Windows Azure Web Sites « SyntaxC4
Drupal 6 - PHP - SQL | Drupal | PHP | SQL | Website Design

Learn Ruby with the EdgeCase Ruby Koans
Building Ruby extensions in C++ using Rice
iconv deprecation warning with ruby 1.9.3 - Stack Overflow
Ruby and MongoDB Web Development Beginner's Guide | Packt Publishing Technical & IT Book and eBook Store
Great List of eBooks For Programmers( HTML5, Perl, Ruby and Python) | ZoomZum

SharePoint 2013\SharePoint 15 beta Release date July 16th 2012 | Preaching Sharepoint
SharePoint Windows Azure /
SP Daily Tips: How to add Jquery to your SharePoint site, SharePoint Online - Options
Developer Training | Apps for Office and SharePoint | 2013 | MSDN
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Preview Resource Page
Download SharePoint Server 2013 Preview
SharePoint 2013 Preview «
CalSPUG - July 19, 2012 - Social Intranets: The SharePoint... - Eventbrite
SharePoint 2013 Apps Part V: Build your first app for Office365 using Napa - .NET rocks
Download: SharePoint 2013: presentation: IT pro training - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details
Error de Reporting Services Add-in para SharePoint - Mario Corts Flores
Download: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP1, CTP3 - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details
SharePoint 2013 Consolidates Its Position as a Mainstream Web CMS Player
Overview of apps for Office
Sign up for an Office 365 Developer Site
SharePoint 2013 Apps Part II: When should you consider to build an app - .NET rocks
SharePoint 2013 Top 10 New Features - SharePoint Joel's SharePoint Land
DotNetSlackers: Dipping Your Toes in the SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013 Preview Goodness
Sharepoint 2013 on Windows 8 ?
Update a SharePoint List Item in an ItemUpdated Event, Without an Endless Loop | CapTech Consulting Blogs » SharePoint 2013 Video Tutorials
Mostafa Elzoghbi: Migrate SharePoint 2010 Lists,Libraries and Content
Understanding Templated Client Rendering in SharePoint 2013 Beta - Elumenotion Blog
DotNetSlackers: SharePoint 2013 Developer dashboard
How to: Take your SharePoint Online Preview Public Web Site Online - Corey Roth [MVP]
Introducing Napa - Office 365 Development Tools - Jason Zander's blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Why Do People Hate Microsoft Sharepoint? 59% People Do (2,047 opinions)
SharePoint 2013: 5 Reasons Why the New App Model Will Make Everyone Happy
Sharepoint Tips And Tricks: Event handler to archive items when deleted
Sharepoint Tips And Tricks: Setting Target Audiences with code
Sharepoint Tips And Tricks: How to copy attachments from one list item to another
Powershell 101 Series Intro - SharePoint Joel's SharePoint Land
8 easy ways to change SharePoint at work - The Microsoft SharePoint Blog

Why Do People Hate Silverlight? 39% People Do (1,200 opinions)
Download: Sample Source Code for Silverlight 2 Runtime and SDK Controls - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details
Pro Silverlight 3 in C# (Expert's Voice in Silverlight) Review | Computer Languages List

Web Design
15 Worst Web Design Trends You Probably Did Before | Design News
Beautiful Big Typography In Web Design | AcrisDesign
50 Examples of Minimalistic Web Design |
Weekly Web Design Inspiration #83 | Design Inspiration
Press Release: Customized Web Design for Local Businesses
Talks by W3C Speakers
17 Sleek Examples of Clean and Minimalist Web Design | Design News
Responsive Web Design : un nouvel outil pour les développeurs dans Firefox - Actualité PC INpact
The worst web design mistakes you can make | Phire Base - Graphic, Webdesign, Inspiration. Adobe & WP
Basic Rules For Creating A Great Vintage Web Design | Design News
Why Professional Web Design is Always Better
Responsive Web Design - One Website for 6500 Devices
Campbell River Web Design - Kervin Marketing
The Web Blend - Using Firebug to Improve your Web Design Skills
10 Completely Free Wireframing and Mockup Tools - Speckyboy Design Magazine
21 Beautiful Examples of Subtle Textures in Web Design | Inspiration
20 Best Responsive Web Design Examples of 2012 | Social Driver ℠ | Get with the future.
iNoobs: Top 12 Web Design Guidelines (For Print Designers) | Inspired Magazine
Advantages of Responsive Web Design | Web Design | instantShift
10 Golden Web Design Tips for Small-Scale Online Entrepreneurs
Website Design, Web Design Sydney, Web Designer Australia
Advantages of Responsive Web Design |
Requesting three web design photography & video/ consulting/ new beverage | Dreamweaver | Logo Design | Photoshop | Website Design
How to Offer Digital Signage to Your Clients
Saturation in Web Design | Webdesigner Depot
Scottsdale web design | custom Scottsdale web design | scottsdale website design
Advantages of Responsive Web Design | Design News
Contemporary church web design | Webdesigner Depot
Land-of-web – All about web design » Weekly Fresh Web Design Freebies Vol. 26 (7-18-2012)
Logo Design vs. Web Design | Design News
10 jQuery Plugins For Responsive Fluid Web Design | Bashooka Design Inspiration
A Showcase of Highly Creative Typography in Web Design |
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report
20 Excellent Examples of Icon Usage in Web Design | Inspiration
30 Highly Unusual Web Designs - Speckyboy Design Magazine
35 Stunning Web Design Studios and Portfolio Websites -
8 Web Design Articles | Articles | Copywriting | Ghostwriting | Reviews | Technical Writing
The 10 Commandments of Web Design - Speckyboy Design Magazine
Fijura Web Design Perth - Perth Website Design and SEO Firm | Fijura Web Design
Responsive Web Design is the Wrong Paradigm
Use of Character Illustrations in Web Design | AcrisDesign
Following A Web Design Process | Smashing Magazine
A Showcase of Geometrical Shape as a Web Design Trend | : Web Design and Web Development Blog
A Showcase of Highly Creative Typography in Web Design | Design News

Proposed Group: XML Hypermedia Community Group | Community and Business Groups
Varnish Author Suggests SPDY Should Be Viewed As a Prototype - Slashdot
Call for Participation in XML Hypermedia Community Group | Community and Business Groups
Data import, export, and update in Rational Focal Point
amazedsaint's #tech journal
Use Case: XML Parsing With Python | Web Builder Zone
XStream - Change History
Insert, Update, Delete in ASP.NET Gridview, DataSource as SQL Server, MS Access (mdb/accdb), XML and Framework as 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0 (VS 2005/2008/2010) - CodeProject
1 in 5 APIs Say “Bye XML”
Reading EXCEL FILE in a collection using Open XML SDK 2.0 « debug mode……
Creating a Generic List collection from Xml Using Reflection « pavanarya
smyles blog: XML Namespaces le Xml den Veri Okuyup Diziye Aktarmak - Yazgelitir Forumlar

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