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December 17, 2012

VSLive 2012 Orlando - Part 1

This is the first part of my review of the Visual Studio Live (VSLive) 2012 conference in Orlando. I will have further posts in the future about each day and the sessions that I attended, but I wanted to give a general overview first for anyone who might be interested in attending in the future. At first I was excited about attending. I looked forward to the sessions that were being presented and the speakers in attendance. I was also excited with how close it was so that I could drive there and not be so far from family. The week after I registered, I became less excited. The reason was that DevIntersection had just been announced to take place the same week in Las Vegas. This conference was more of a Microsoft sponsored event and therefor had many bigger names in the industry attending. The price was cheaper, and those in attendance received a free Microsoft Surface. So right there I was disappointed from the start. While attending I did find many helpful session to attend. Some of the speakers were good and some were not so good. I was disappointed with the keynotes and felt that they were more sales pitches, rather then actual keynotes from industry leaders. This disappointment might have come from having attended prior conferences with people such as Scott Guthrie, and other Microsoft leaders making product announcements or giving direction on the future. I did enjoy being able to network with others and meeting some new people. I also enjoyed being able to attend some SQL Server sessions, even though I am more of a developer then I am a DBA. Overall, if you have to choose between VSLive and other conferences, I would recommend looking at some of those other conferences. Microsoft sponsored conferences such as Build will give you more of a chance to hear from industry leaders and discover product roadmaps. The next level would be conferences such as DevConnections and DevIntersection. These conferences still attract some top speakers and generally have good sessions. After that I would recommend VSLive. A benefit of VSLive is that they have conferences located around the United States so many people have an opportunity to attend without having to travel far. I hope to be able to go into each day a bit more and give my impression of what types of sessions were offered and some of the things that I learned.

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