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November 30, 2005

2 Free C++ Books

Here are 2 Free C++ Books that I hope will help you learn this important computer programming language. (Cplusplus is an object oriented language, the first book here teaches you what object oriented programming is and how to code using it.)

A Beginners C++ Book:

31 chapters in 5 parts:
. Part 1 Introduction to Computers
. Part 2 Simple Programs
. Part 3 Functions and Data Aggregates
. Part 4 A Touch of Class
. Part 5 Object Oriented Programming

Thinking in C++ 2nd Edition:

This HTML book is fully indexed, uses Frames for easy navigation through the chapters, and has color syntax highlighting on all the source-code listings.

Part 1: Building Stable Systems
. 1: Exception handling
. 2: Defensive programming

Part 2: The Standard C++ Library
. 3: Strings in depth
. 4: Iostreams
. 5: Templates in depth
. 6: Generic algorithms
. 7: Generic containers

Part 3: Special Topics
. 8: Runtime type identification
. 9: Multiple inheritance
. 10: Design patterns
. 11: Concurrency

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Visual Basic.NET, ADO.NET, and XML Tutorial Lessons provides the following Visual Basic.NET tutorial lessons, along with more tutorials teaching you how to code applications using Arrays and Collections, Lists, XML, and ADO.NET. All of the programs created in these lessons are console based and only display in the DOS window, which means you do not need the Visual Basic.NET programming environment for these lessons.

Visual Basic .Net Lessons

Introduction to VBasic
Variables and Data Types
Techniques of Using Variables
VBasic Operators
Data Reading and Formatting
Conditional Statements
Counting and Looping
Introduction to Procedures
Exploring Procedures
Introduction to Classes
Class Construction and Destruction
The Properties of a Class
Error Handling
Built-In Procedures
Introduction to Arrays

Arrays and Collections

Introduction to Arrays
Arrays and Procedures
Introduction to Collections
The Collection Class
The ArrayList Class

Lists Fundamentals

Intro to Data Sets
Data Relationships


Introduction to XML
Creating an XML File
Well-Formed XML
Using an XML File
Introduction to Elements
Operations on Elements
Introduction to Attributes
The Attributes of an Element
Characteristics of XML Nodes


Lessons Setup
Introduction to ADO.NET
The Structure of a Table
Data Entry

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November 29, 2005

Structured Document Processing Languages

The goal of this course, Structured Document Processing Languages, is to become familiar with the central models and languages for manipulating, representing, transforming and querying structured (XML) documents. The lecture slides are available and linked here. The course is largely based on original articles or technical specifications, most of which are available on-line here:

Structured Document Processing Languages:

Lecture Slides (Powerpoint format):


Document Instances and Grammars:

XML Schema Definition Language:

XML Processor Interfaces - SAX:

Document Object Model:

JAXP: Java API for XML Processing:

Introduction to Style Sheets:

Cascading Style Sheets:

Document Transformations: XSLT:

Additional features of XPath and XSLT:

Computing with XSLT:

XSL: Extensible Stylesheet Language:

XML Web Site Architecture:

Translating Data to XML:

Querying XML Data and Documents:

HTML 4.01 Specification:

XHTML1.0 The Extensible HyperText Markup Language (Second Edition):

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2 Fortran 77 Books: Reference Manual and Programmer's Guide

Here are two Fortran 77 books provided by Silicon Graphics. One is the language reference manual and the other is a programmer's guide. Though these books are specifically targetted at users of SGI systems, they will provide you with a good understanding of Fortran 77 and how to use this programming language.

Fortran 77 Language Reference Manual

The Fortran 77 Language Reference Manual describes the Fortran 77 programming language specifications as implemented on Silicon Graphics systems. It is a reference manual and assumes prior exposure to Fortran or other algebraic language. You can also download the manual in HTML or PDF format.

Table of Contents:

  Chapter 1. Fortran Elements and Concepts
  Chapter 2. Constants and Data Structures
  Chapter 3. Expressions
  Chapter 4. Specification Statements
  Chapter 5. Assignment and Data Statements
  Chapter 6. Control Statements
  Chapter 7. Input/Output Processing
  Chapter 8. Input/Output Statements
  Chapter 9. Format Specification
  Chapter 10. Statement Functions and Subprograms
  Chapter 11. Compiler Options
  Appendix A. Intrinsic Functions

Fortran 77 Programmer's Guide

The Fortran 77 Programmer's Guide provides information about implementing Fortran 77 programs using IRIX. It documents compiling, linking, and running Fortran 77 programs, program interfaces, system functions, and subroutines. It is intended for users with some experience with Fortran 77. You can also download the manual in HTML or PDF format.

Table of Contents:

  Chapter 1. Compiling, Linking, and Running Programs
  Chapter 2. Storage Mapping
  Chapter 3. Fortran Program Interfaces
  Chapter 4. System Functions and Subroutines
  Chapter 5. Fortran Enhancements for Multiprocessors
  Chapter 6. Compiling and Debugging Parallel Fortran
  Appendix A. Run-Time Error Messages

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November 28, 2005

6 Free Java Online Books

Here are 6 free Java and Java technology online books for your reading pleasure. I hope these can help you learn to develop better software applications using this important programming language.

6 Free Java Online Books:

Java Look and Feel Design Guidelines, Second Edition:

The Design Patterns: Java Companion:

1000 Java Tips e-Book:

Java: An Object First Approach:

Processing XML with Java:

J2ME & Gaming:

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C# Fast and Easy Web Development

Here are excellent C# (csharp) Web code examples, and learning materials and lessons that you can use to understand and code better C# applications for the web. These are hosted by Texas Tech University.

C# Fast and Easy Web Development:

The following topics are covered by these examples and training materials:

- Introducing ASP.NET
- C# Basics (basic syntax, expressions, data types, operator precedence, methods, comments)
- Web Forms (HTML and Web Controls)
- Controlling Flow (conditionals, loops)
- Some Useful .NET Classes (arrays, dates, math, regular expressions, string)
- Object-Oriented Programming
- Handling Exceptions and Tracing
- User Input Validation Controls
- Useful .NET Controls (ad rotator, calendar, mobile - PDA, IE Web controls)
- User/Custom Controls and Code Behind Model
- Databases
- Files/Directories
- Email
- Cookies / Sessions / Applications
- Configuring and Deploying Web Applications
- Security (passwords and encryption)
- Web Services
- Caching Data

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November 27, 2005

Image Compression

This post is for Zandu and everyone else who wants to learn about image compression. I could not find any online books dealing with image compression, but I have found several good sources of learning material and information for this topic, including chapters, class notes, slides, Dr. Dobb's Compression Site, and a data compression reference center. I hope these help you.

Course note chapters for Multimedia Technology Class:
- Lossless Compression:
- Lossy Compression Techniques:
- Image Compression Standards:

Digital Image Compression Class with good course notes:

Chapter 6 Image Compression:

Dr. Dobbs Data Compression Site:

Data Compression Reference Center:

Image Compression and File Formats:

Video and Audio Compression:

Slides for Media Compression - Image:

Image Transforms:

Digital Image Representation:

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November 23, 2005

Certification Exam Study Guides: A+ i-Net, Security+, CCNA, 70-270

Update (July 15,2005): These study guides are no longer online at, however, many are available to be downloaded at Here are the links to use to access these:

CompTIA A+ Software Core Exam Study Guide:*/
570 kb, 43 pages

CompTIA A+ Hardware Core Exam Study Guide:*/
883 kb, 28 pages

CompTIA i-Net+ Exam Study Guide*/
98 kb, 16 pages

2 CompTIA Security+ Exam Study Guides:*/*/
170 kb, 48 pages

Cisco CCNA 640-607 Exam Study Guide:*/
650 kb, 51 pages

Study Guide for MCSE Exam 70–270, Microsoft Windows XP Professional:*/

Windows XP Security:*/

Unix Command Line Basics:*/

Moving from Visual Basic to NET:*/

Using Oracle in ADO.NET:*/

How to Deploy and Distribute the .NET Framework*/

dotNet Active Directory:*/

The Move from Visual Basic 6 to dotNET:*/

Port Numbers Explained:*/

Top Tricks:*/

Understanding Kerberos:*/

Encryption Decrytion:*/

Here are certification exam study guides, free from, covering the CompTIA A+, i-Net+ and Security+ exams, along with the Cisco CCNA and MCSE 70-270 certification exams.

CompTIA A+ Software Core Exam Study Guide:
570 kb, 43 pages

CompTIA A+ Hardware Core Exam Study Guide:
883 kb, 28 pages

CompTIA i-Net+ Exam Study Guide
98 kb, 16 pages

2 CompTIA Security+ Exam Study Guides:
170 kb, 48 pages

Cisco CCNA 640-607 Exam Study Guide:
650 kb, 51 pages

Study Guide for MCSE Exam 70–270, Microsoft Windows XP Professional:
211 kb, 50 pages

Other Free Training and Lesson Documents at this site:

Windows XP Security:

Unix Command Line Basics:

Wireless Tips (pdf):

Moving from Visual Basic to NET:

Using Oracle in ADO.NET:

How to Deploy and Distribute the .NET Framework

dotNet Active Directory:

The Move from Visual Basic 6 to dotNET:

Port Numbers Explained:

Top Tricks:

Understanding Kerberos:

Encryption Decrytion:

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The Secret Guide to Computers -Free Book

According to the author, this free computer book, The Secret Guide to Computers, is the world’s only complete computer tutorial. as it covers everything important about computers and it explains how to buy, operate, apply, fix, and program computers. Unlike a “Dummies” book or a “standard textbook”, this book throws you into the action fast, makes you competent, then makes you wise. It explains how to buy a computer, then use its operating systems and programs, then reprogram it to change its soul and launch your career.

Previous editions of this book were rated “tops” by the major computer magazines, newspapers, library organizations, schools, and computer clubs worldwide. This udpated 28th edition contains 639 pages and is organized into 8 sections:

  1. Buyer’s guide: hardware & software jargon, which computers to buy            
  2. Operating systems: DOS, Windows (up through XP), Mac, Linux, Palm    
  3. Internet: tricks to handle ISPs, browsers, search engines, best sites, e-mail      
  4. Word processing: Microsoft Word (up through XP), Works, WordPerfect  
  5. Tricky applications: advanced MS Office, Web-page design, and beyond  
  6. Fix your computer: how to make your computer run faster and better     
  7. Programming: QBASIC, Visual BASIC, C++, JAVA, and other tongues  
  8. Management: computer industry’s mistakes, your future, and resources

The Secret Guide to Computers


Buyer's Guide
     Other Hardware
     IBM Clones

Operating Systems
     Modern Windows
     Classic Windows
     Mac OS
     Palm OS

     Browse the Web

Word Processing
     Microsoft Word
     Microsoft Works
     Q&A Write

Other Applications
     Desktop Publishing
     Webpage Design
     Personal Programs
     Artificial Intelligence

Fix Your Computer

     QBasic [1] [2] [3] [4]
     Visual Basic [1] [2]
     Other Basics
     C and C++
     Dbase and Foxpro
     Strange Tongues

     History of Computers
     Your Future

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November 22, 2005

Free Linux Books and Ebooks

This site ( contains several free computer books, including the following Linux related books and ebooks. Here are some of them and their links. Note the separate page at the bottom containing 12 more online Linux books.

Free Linux Books and Ebooks:

- Complete Idiot´s Guide To Linux
- Linux Complete Command Reference
- Linux Security and System Optimization
- Linux Newbie Guide
- Teach Yourself Linux in 24 Hours
- Teach Yourself KDE in 24 Hours
- Linux Security Quick Reference Card
- The One Page Linux Manual

12 More Online Free Linux Books:

Here are the titles of some of the 12 books:
- Linux Configuration and Installation
- Linux in Plain English
- Linux System Administrator's Survival Guide
- Linux Unleashed, Third Edition
- Maximum RPM
- Red Hat Linux Unleashed, Second Edition
- Special Edition Using Linux, Fourth Edition
- The Linux Database
- Using Linux

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23 C and C++ Ebooks and Tutorials

Here are links to 23 C and C++ ebook and tutorial resources with which you can learn how to program in these programming languages.

Download sites for Thinking in C++, 2nd Edition:

C/C++ Programming:

A to Z of C:

Advanced Linux Programming:

C Programming (Brian Brown):

C Programming Note (Steve Summit):

C Programming Tutorial (K&R version 4):

C Library Reference Guide:

C Programming (Steve Holmes):

C/C++ Reference:

C++ Annotations:

C++ Programming for Scientists:

C++ in Action:

C++ Programming HOW-TO:

C++ Standard Template Library Programmer's Guide:

Complete C++ Language Tutorial:

Coronado Enterprises C++ Tutor, v 2.2:

Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in C++:

Introduction to C and C++ Programming:

Introduction to C++ Programming:

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++:

Object-Oriented Programming with ANSI C:

Optimizing C++:

Programming in C (peter Burden):

Programming in C -- UNIX System Calls and Subroutines Using C:

Programming Linux Games:

C++ Programming for Scientists :

A Beginners' C++ book:

Introduction to C and C++ Programming:

The Art of Unix Programming:

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++:

C Programming:

Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days (several links):

Standard Visual C++ Library Overview:

Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days:

Teach Yourself Visual C++ 6 in 21 Days:

Techniques for Scientific C++:

The Forger's Win32 API Tutorial:

Thinking in C++, by Bruce Eckel, 2nd Edition, Vol. 1:

Thinking in C++, by Bruce Eckel, 2nd Edition, Vol. 2:

Who's Afraid of C++?:

Windows API Tutorials:

Writing Bug-Free C Code:

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November 21, 2005

20 C# Tutorial Lessons provides the following 20 tutorial lessons teaching you how to program in C#. All CSharp lessons here are taught with the language in mind and the applications are compiled at the command prompt.

20 C# Tutorial Lessons:

Introduction to C#:


Operators and Operands:

Data Reading and Formatting:

Introduction to Conditions:

Conditional Statements:

Formulating Expressions:

The Members of the Main Class:

Methods and their Parameters:

Introduction to Classes:

The Properties of a Class:

Interactions With Other Classes:


Polymorphism and Abstraction:

The .NET Framework Classes:

Delegates and Events:

Exception Handling:

Introduction to Arrays:

Techniques of Using Arrays:

Arrays and Classes:

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Free Computer Ebooks in Many Technical and Programming Areas

Here is a very good ebook site for free computer and technical ebooks. It was a suggested site by one of our website visitors. It hosts many ebooks in pdf and chm format in many current technical I.T. areas, and computer and programming subjects.

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November 17, 2005

12 Free Ebooks for C#, Vb.Net, ASP.Net, ActiveX, and XML.Net

Update: 01/28/06: This site is not available on the web.

Here are 12 free ebooks that will teach and show you how to program in C# (C Sharp), Visual Basic.Net (VB dotNet), ASP.Net, ActiveX, and XML.Net.

- A Programmer's Introduction to C# (pdf, 1.1Mb)

- C# Language Reference (pdf, 1.3Mb)

- C# NET Web Developer's Guide (pdf, 7.1Mb)

- Programming C# (pdf, 3.2Mb)

- VB.Net Developers Guide (pdf, 6.7Mb)

- A Programmer's Introduction to Visual Basic.Net (pdf, 4.3Mb)

- Programming VB.Net (pdf, 2.1Mb)

- ASP.Net vs ColdFusion (pdf, 575kb)

- ASP.Net Web Developer's Guide (pdf, 7.3Mb)

- Teach Yourself ActiveX in 21 Days (zip)

- XML.Net Developer Guide (pdf, 6.3Mb)

- Microsoft University Tour

- An Introduction To Digital Audio Ebook (pdf, 18.8Mb)

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Free Cisco Certification Preparation Ebooks

The following are Cisco certification preparation ebooks and study guides that will help you pass the exams for Cisco certifications. They cover the following Cisco certification exams: CCNA, CCNP, BCMSN, BSCN, CCDA, CCIE.


Ebooks in main directory:
(ebook) - Networking - Cisco IP Routing Fundamentals.pdf  2.2M
640-607 Cisco Press CCNA 3.0 Study Guide (con indice).PDF 12M
BSCIv1.2 Configuring IS IS Protocol.pdf  5.7M
BSCN ebook.pdf  5.2M
CCNA 640-607 Certification Guide.pdf  13M
CCNP PIX.pdf  90K
CCNP Switching.pdf  2.8M  52M
Cisco - Designing Network Security.pdf  1.3M
Cisco BCMSN.pdf  140K
Cisco CCDA Self Study Guide.pdf  2.5M
Cisco CCIE cramsession.pdf  212K
Cisco CCNP Managing Cisco Network Security.pdf  249K
Cisco Catalyst 6500 - Data Sheet.pdf  379K
Cisco Catalyst 6500.pdf  27K
Cisco Network Academy Program.pdf  10M
Cisco Network Administration Certification Guide.pdf :12 91K
Cisco Press - CCIE Routing and Switching Exam Certification.pdf  10M
Cisco Press Remote Access Guide.pdf 7.8M
Cisco Press Support Guide.pdf  4.0M
Cisco Router Handbook.pdf  280K
Cisco_Pix_Exam_preparation.pdf  175K
Cisco router security.pdf  83K
Hacking Cisco Routers.pdf  19K
Cisco IOS Access Lists.pdf  1.4M
Cisco - CCNA Dictionary.pdf  8.1M
Cisco Internetwork Design Study Guide.pdf  7.4M
Cisco BCRAN.pdf  11M
Cisco Security Specialist's Guide To PIX Firewall.pdf  11M
Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks (BCMSN) 640-504 Ed2.pdf  240K
Building Scalable Cisco Networks (BSCN) Exam 640-503 Ed2.pdf  285K
Cisco 640-607 Edt20.pdf  2.4M
Testkiller CISCO Study Guide Exam 640-503 Edition 2.pdf  285K
Cisco 640-607 CCNA 3.0 v8.2 - Decrytped - Oct 20 - 2002.pdf  1.5M
CCNA 2-Cramnotes.pdf  40K
Cisco Router Show Commands.pdf  30K
Sybex Cisco Switching.pdf  9.7M

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November 16, 2005

Free Books on Linux, Web Development, Perl, Java, Oracle, PL-SQL, TCP-IP

This is a free computer book site that has many books in Polish, but the books below are the ones in English. The first download listed contains a total of 47 books covering Web Development, Perl, Java, Enterprise Java, EJB, Oracle, PL/SQL, Unix, and Networking.

47 Book Library: Web Development, Perl, Java, Enterprise Java, EJB, Oracle, PL-SQL, Unix, TCP-IP - 104Mb (zip)

Linux Complete Command Reference - 8.3Mb

Linux Network Solution for Your Office - 885kb

Linux System Administrators Survival Guide - 534kb

Learning Maya 2 - 22.8Mb

AutoCAD 2002 Bible - 16.8Mb

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Free Linux Books and Study Guides (Red Hat, LPI)

The following are ebooks and study guides that will help you learn Linux, Red Hat Linux, Suse Linux,  and study for the Linux Professional Institute's (LPI) Certification Exams.


(eBook) - Linux Networking HOWTO pdf  265K
(eBook) - Linux Web Solution - php - mySql - Apache pdf  400K
(ebook - Linux - server) Windows-LAN-Server-HOWTO pdf  51K
(ebook - PDF) Linux Complete Command Reference pdf  10M
(ebook_-_PDF)_Linux_From_Scratch pdf  1.0M
(ebook pdf) Linux install-guide-3 2 pdf  1.4M
Abriasoft_Linux_Fundamentals zip  2.4M
LPI Red Hat Llinux Practice Tests V5 13 rar  4.8M
Cramsession - RedHat Linux Admin pdf  217K
Ebook - Linux - PDF - Teach Yourself Unix in 24 Hours pdf  4.0M
Ebook-PDF 100_linux_tips_and_tricks pdf  1.2M
FreeBSD Handbook pdf  4.1M
Hack Proofing Linux A Guide to Open Source Security pdf  12M
Intro to Linux pdf  1.1M
Linux+CertificationBible2002 pdf  3.6M
Linux + Solaris - HOW-TO pdf  76K
Linux+Windows-HOWTO pdf  162K
Linux-Crash-HOWTO pdf  19K
Linux Command Directory pdf  10M
Linux Firewall and Proxy Server-HOWTO pdf  184K
LinuxNetAdminGuide (1) pdf  3.8M
Linux Web Solution - php - mySql - Apache pdf  400K
Linux_Cookbook-1 2 pdf  8.1M
Linux manual pdf  93K
Mandrake Server_Conf_Guide pdf  3.1M
Linux in a Nutshell (3rd Ed ) pdf  12M
Sendmail, 3rd Edition chm  2.3M
Understanding The Linux Kernel pdf  3.1M
LINUX admin pdf  8.6M
Running Linux, 3rd edition rar  1.5M
Linux_Network_Administrator's_Guide_Second_Edition pdf  1.6M
Learning the bash Shell - 2nd Edition chm  636K
sed and awk Pocket Reference - 2nd Edition chm  91K
Building Secure Servers With Linux-Caudex tar  1.5M
Learning the bash Shell 2nd Edition-CAUDEX tar  640K
Webmaster In A Nutshell rar  433K
sed and awk Pocket Reference 2nd Edition-CAUDEX tar  100K
Sendmail Desktop Reference  pdf  405K
Quick_Startup pdf  1.1M
Red Hat 7 2 Bible pdf  6.4M
RedHat Linux 9 - Red Hat Linux Customization Guide pdf  7.5M
RedHat Linux 9 0-reference guide pdf  4.8M
RedHat Linux 9 Security Guide pdf  2.0M
RedHat Linux 9 System Administration Primer pdf  3.6M
Red Hat Linux Unleashed - 2nd Edition pdf  5.3M
Apache Server Unleashed (2000) - by Bowen and Coar pdf  4.3M
Learn Linux KDE in 24 hours pdf 12M
Teach Yourself Linux In 24 Hours pdf  14M
SuSE Linux Firewall on a CD - Firewall Buch VPN pdf  2.1M
Linux+ Study Guide pdf lnk  648
Telnet & Unix Basic Commands pdf  15K
XK0-001 CompTIA Linux+ pdf  439K
Unix&Linix rar  41M
Unix Linux Reference pdf  629K
Unix Linux Reference pdf lnk  549
Unix_Commands pdf  10K
Unix_Use_and_Security pdf  89K
Using Linux As A Router pdf  30K
RedHat_Linux_Network & System_Admin pdf  7.8M
RedHat_Linux_Security_&_Optimization pdf  5.1M
[E-Book] Linux C++ Programming HOWTO pdf  233K
[eBook] Linux Device Drivers (O'Reilly) pdf  7.1M
e-book - PDF Learn Linux in 24 hours (1) pdf  12M
eBook - HACK - Linux hacker's guide pdf  23M
ebook OReilly Apache Definitive pdf  2.8M
Linux commands pdf  50K
Linux_Administration_Made_Easy pdf  343K
lpg-0 4 pdf 481K
proftpd conf 2.1K
Red Hat Linux_Unleashed pdf 5.3M
RHCE_Study eBook pdf 10M
Running Linux, 3rd edition/
Samba for Linux pdf 42K
Unix Unleashed pdf 9.1M
Using Samba pdf 1.6M
vi Reference Card - Back pdf 51K
vi Reference Card - Front pdf

LPI/ Subdirectory:

2_Lpi 117 101 Q And A V5 0-Jgt pdf
117-101 pdf  772K
117-101qaz V5 0 20Aug2003 pdf  416K
117-102 pdf  846K
117-201 pdf  574K
LPI linux course modules pdf  558K
LINUX 117 102 EXAM Q AND A V3 0 pdf  377K
Security+ - v2 pdf  259K
LPI 117-101 General Linux Q and A v1 0 pdf  201K
LPI 117-101 General Linux Q and A v3 0 pdf  323K
LPI 117-101 General Linux Q and A v4 0-SSG pdf  420K
LPI 117-101 General Linux Q and A v5 0-SSG pdf  412K
Test King LPI 117-201 Exam Q&A v2 0 pdf  397K
LPI 117-201 v2 0 pdf  397K
Test King LPI 117-202 Exam Q&A v2 0 pdf  358K
LPI 117-202 v1 1 pdf  266K
LPI 201 117-201 Advanced Linux v2 1 pdf  397K

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November 15, 2005

Free Preparation eBooks for MSCE Exams 70-290, 70-291, 70-294

The following are preparation ebooks and study guides that will help you pass the exams for the Microsoft MCSE certification. They cover the following MSCE certification exams: 70-290, 70-291, and 70-294.

Microsoft 070-291 Exam Questions and Answers V2.1 pdf 3.2M
Microsoft 070-290 Exam Questions and Answers V4.1 eBook pdf 2.2M
Microsoft 070-294 Exam Questions and Answers V3.0.eBook pdf 2.6M
Microsoft 070-290 Exam Study Guide Version 1.2 pdf 1.0M
Microsoft 070-291 Exam Study Guide Version 1.0 pdf

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Free Books on Linux, MCSE, Security, Cisco, Flash, SAP, CIW, Cisco

Update: As of 12/05/05, this site is not longer available online.

This site contains many freely available computer books and ebooks covering the following areas: Internet, Networking, Security, Novell, Kylix, Flash MX, Linux, Red Hat Linux, Suse Linux, CIW, SAP, SQL, PHP, ComptTIA Server+, Microsoft MCSE Exams (including 70-290, 70-291, 70-294), Cisco (CCNA, CCNP, BCMSN, BSCN, CCDA, CCIE).


Web Security and Commerce.pdf  3.3M
(eBook) - Testkiller 70-218 - MCSA.pdf  651K
(ebook) Encylopedia of Networking.pdf  12M
(ebook) Building Internet Firewalls.pdf  1.4M
(ebook) insider secrets to successful ebay trading.pdf  68K
(ebook - pdf) Hacking IIS Servers.pdf  31K
(ebook pdf) Teach Yourself Perl in 21 Days.pdf  3.0M
2_TestKing Security+ Unencrypted.pdf  258K
50-653 Novell CNA.pdf  230K
70-216 TestKiller Ed5 Jan02 (1).pdf  897K
ACC-232_Wireless network.pdf  1.7M
Apache+SSL+PHP+fp.pdf  32K
Apache-Overview-HOWTO.pdf  142K
BrainBuzz Novell NetWare 5.1 Administration.pdf  258K
CCDA Exam Certification Guide.pdf 
CCDP Cisco Internetwork Design Study Guide.pdf 
CQS_VoIP_9e0-402_12.pdf  65K
CompTia Server+ TestKing SK0-001 Edition 2.pdf  383K
DOS_Command_Reference.pdf  50K
Developers_Guide Delphi Kylix.pdf  8.0M
Ebook - List of Free Ebook Sites.pdf  172K
Firewalls.pdf  1.5M
IPSEC.pdf 148K
MS-Press MCSE Training Kit - Exam 70-222.CHM
NSA - The 60 Minute Network Security Guide.pdf  235K
Novell CNA TESTKING 050-653.pdf  230K
COM and .Net Component Services.pdf  3.6M
Peer to Peer Harnessing the Power of Disruptive Technologies.pdf  2.1M
SQL in a Nutshell.pdf  1.5M
Building Internet Firewalls 2nd edition.pdf  4.9M
Essential SNMP.pdf  1.5M
TCPIP Network Administration.pdf  5.1M
QuickRefCard.pdf  68K
SAMS - Teach yourself DB2 universal database in 21 days.pdf  3.0M
SAMS Teach Yourself PHP4 in 24 Hours.pdf  2.5M
SAP - BAPI Programming.pdf  1.1M
SAP Getting Started.pdf  2.8M
SMS Handbook.pdf  282K
Securing-Optimizing-RH-Linux-1_2.pdf  2.6M
 Project Management Professional Study Guide.pdf  8.2M
Designing a Wireless Network.pdf  4.3M
1D0-470 CIW Security Professional v2.pdf  397K
CCNP 640-504 Q&A with Explanations 2.pdf  555K
CCNP 640-505 Q&A with Explanations 2.pdf  407K
CCNP 640-506 Q&A with Explanations 1.0.pdf  808K
70-088 Proxy Server v1.pdf  254K
310-011 Sun Solaris 8.0 System Administration I.pdf  491K
CheckPoint CCSA 156-210 Version 2.0.pdf  411K
The OSI Model.pdf  311K
Troy tech SQL Server 7.0 Admin 70-028 v2.01.pdf  257K
UnderstandingWirelessLANSecurity SECURITY ISSUES.pdf  495K
Wireless-HOWTO.pdf  77K
[ebook] - Computers - Networking - VoIP & Network Converage.pdf  419K
chronos.pdf  237K
e-book - Java 2 Network Security.pdf  5.6M
ebook - OReilly - TCPIP Network Administration.pdf  5.1M
ebook-pdf-Maximum_security.pdf  2.6M
grsecurity.pdf  276K
lpg-0.4.pdf  481K
CIW_foundations.pdf  372K
CIW_server_administrator.pdf  268K

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November 14, 2005

Fundamentals of Linux Networking

This tutorial article, titled Fundamentals of Linux Networking, discusses the various types of networks, the methods for connnecting networks, how network data is moved from network to network, and the protocols used on today's popular networks. It is excerpted from chapter one of the book "The Definitive Guide to Linux Networking Programming."

Article Index:

Fundamentals of Linux Networking:


Internet Addresses:

Internet Protocol:

Protocol Layering:

User Datagram Protocol:

The Client-Server Model:

The Domain Name System:

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