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August 21, 2007

543 Computer and Programming eBooks

Here are 543 freely available Computer and Programming eBooks covering many areas, including Microsoft, IT Management, C Programming, JavaScript, AJAX, Perl/CGI, Web Design, Database, Graphic Design, Networking, Oracle, Linux, Unix, Java, Apple and Mac.

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August 16, 2007

12 Windows .NET and Windows to Linux eBooks

Here are 12 I.T. ebooks located at 6 ebooks cover Windows .NET programming, and 3 each cover Windows security and moving from Windows to Linux. These ebooks are in chm format. They are located in 3 directories, as follows:

6 Windows dot NET Programming eBooks

  • dot Net (.NET) Developers Guide to Windows Security
  • Windows Forms Programming In C Sharp eBook
  • Windows Forms Programming In Visual Basic Dot NET eBook
  • Data Entry and Validation with CSharp and VB dot NET
  • Dot Net Windows Forms eBook
  • Programming Dot Net Windows Applications eBook

3 Security eBooks

  • Hardening Windows eBook
  • Windows Server Hacks eBook
  • Windows XP Hacks eBook

3 Windows to Linux eBooks
  • Moving from Windows to Linux eBook
  • Linux Transfer for Windows Network Admins
  • Linux Transfer for Windows Power Users, Getting Started with Linux for the Desktop

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Free Software Testing Training

The Center for Software Testing Education & Research's mission is to "Create effective, grounded, timely materials to support the teaching and self-study of software testing, software reliability, and quality-related software metrics." It offers Free Software Testing Training Videos, Course Notes, and Articles.

  1. Introduction: The strategy problem and the oracle problem
  2. Introduction 2: The impossibility of complete testing and the measurement problem
  3. Bug advocacy: How to win friends, influence programmers, and stomp bugs
  4. Quality cost analysis
  5. More on bug advocacy, your credibility, and the mission of the tracking system.
  6. Testing techniques: Domain testing
  7. Testing techniques: Scenario testing
  8. Testing techniques: Function testing
  9. Test design: Understanding, selecting among, and applying test techniques
  10. Testing techniques: Risk-based testing
  11. Testing techniques: Combination testing--jointly testing several variables
  12. Testing techniques: Specification-based testing
  13. Regression testing
  14. Test procedures and scripts
  15. Requirements analysis for test documentation
  16. GUI regression automation and requirements for automation

Another good software testing resource site is Satisfice, which is dedicated to teaching and consulting in software testing and quality assurance. The materials on this site will help you become a better and more efficient tester. It hosts the following:

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August 14, 2007

Top 12 Programming Diggs for the last 30 days

Here are what I am judging to be the Top 12 Programming Diggs for the last 30 days. These web resources will help you with getting more proficient using C++, Web Development, Ajax, Javascript, and Firefox Extensions; and also learning PHP, HTML 5, CSS, Eclipse, and how to program and compile code.

Next Generation C++

Dr. Bjarne Stroustrup, creator of C++, discusses new features that will be present in the next version of C++ (tentatively C++09). He addresses many important questions form the audience, and gives his views on C++ compilers, including GCC and Visual C++. More…

Want to learn Php? Easy!

This website has some of the most helpful tutorials on php I have ever read. Reading all these tutorials will make you learn more about php than you have ever known, and humor is also included. More…

Save Time With Development Templates

This resource is for web masters/mistresses who often create small projects. More…

Finally We Get New Elements in HTML 5

HTML 5 introduces new elements for the first time since the last millennium. New structural elements include aside, figure, and section. New inline elements include time, meter, and progress. New embedding elements include video and audio. New interactive elements include details, datagrid, and command. More…

100 Essential Resources for Web Developers

A Web developer's life is hard enough without having to be constantly on the hunt for good web-dev resources. After using these, you may still have 99 problems, but developing ain't gonna be one. More…

How To: Compile Software from Source Code

With the popularity of open-source software, where the source code is available for one and all to read and enjoy, the final step of compiling the code into a runnable program is left up to the user. More…

467 + Ajax/Javascript/Dhtml examples and demos to download

A great and useful collection. More…

How To Teach a Kid How to Program

A father with high aspirations for his kid asks: My kid is 5, about to enter kindergarten. What are some entry points for coding? More…

6 Firefox Extensions for Web Workers

With thousands of extensions out there, your list may vary, but here’s my own selection of half a dozen essentials. More…

How to fullproof your CSS

Introducing a way to check your stylesheet selectors for redundancy, optimize CSS and serve cleaner files to the end user. More…

Understanding the C in CSS

This simple tutorial explains the cascading feature of CSS. Useful for those starting out with CSS or if you need a refresher. More…

Get started with the Eclipse Platform

Find out about the Eclipse Platform, including its origin and architecture. Starting with a brief discussion about the open source nature of Eclipse and its support for multiple programming languages, we demonstrate the Java development environment with a simple programming example. More…

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August 9, 2007

eBooks from

Here are many freely available eBooks from This site provides links to approximately 2,500 ebooks covering many areas, as listed and linked to below. Some of these topics include the following: databases, graphics and design, hardware, project management (IT), networking, Windows, Linux, programming, web development, web applications, security, software and MS Office, and software engineering.

eBook Topics:

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August 8, 2007

Java and C++ Style and Unit Testing Guides

Here are some very well written Style Guides for Java and C++, along with Guides for Unit Testing, Makefile, and Emacs. this are provided free by GeoSoft, which offers software strategy, architecture, design and development services.

Style Guides
Links to the much cited GeoSoft programming style guidlines:

    Java Programming Style Guide

    C++ Programming Style Guide

    C++ Programming Practice Guide

Unit Testing

Program language independent unit testing guidelines:

    Unit Testing Guidelines


Link to the much cited Makefile setup for Java and others:

    Java Makefile


Power tools for Emacs users:

    Emacs Tips & Tricks

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32 Web App, Server, and Database eBooks

Here are 32 web application, server, and database ebooks available from to.  These ebooks include cover mostly open source server and database topics, such as Apache, Bash Shell, MySQL, Network Administration, Postfix, Sendmail, Web Applications with PHP and MySQL, LAMP, Linux Commands, Securing and Optimizing Linux, and Linux System Administration.

eBooks Topics:

Advanced Bash Shell Scripting (pdf)
Apache Server eBook (pdf)
Building and Managing VPN's (pdf)
Anti-Spam Gateway Using Openbsd, Postfix, Amavisd-New, Spamassassin, Razor And Dcc (pdf)
MySQL eBook (pdf)
MySQL Reference Manual (pdf)
MySQL Manual (pdf)
MySQL PHP Applications (pdf)
Network Administration Guide (pdf)
Postfix eBook (pdf)
DNS and BIND (pdf)
MySQL eBook (pdf)
Postfix Guide (pdf)
Sendmail eBook (pdf)
Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL (chm, zipped)
Exim The Mail Transfer Agent (pdf)
LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP Web Development (pdf)
Apache Server eBook (pdf)
SMTP Gateway Virus Filtering with Sendmail (pdf)
SendMail Configuration (pdf)
Sendmail Mail Transfer Agent for Linux (pdf) 
Use Apaches mod rewrite to make URLs more user friendly (pdf)
Linux Sendmail eBook (pdf)
Network Sendmail (pdf)
Smtp Sendmail (pdf)
modsecurity Manual (pdf)
Sendmail (pdf)

Linux eBooks

Linux Full Command Manual (pdf)
Securing and Optimizing Linux RedHat (pdf)
Securing and Optimizing Linux (pdf)
Shell Programming (pdf)
System Administrator Guide (pdf)

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August 6, 2007

Building a Linux Server and LAMP on Ubuntu

Here are three helpful Linux learning documents that recently were posted on the web: 1) a 2-part Guide on How to Build a Linux Server, 2) a 2-part Tutorial on Installing and Configuring LAMP on Ubuntu, and 3) a Linux Command Cheat Sheet.

1) Guide on How to Build a Linux Server - Part 1

This 2-part tutorial guide will show you how to build a home file server running Xubuntu Linux, with a web interface, bit-torrent, and accessible from anywhere. It needs to be fast, extensible, and flexible. One of the strengths of Linux is it's a great OS to run on low power and older hardware. That's because the strength of Linux lies in its Command Line Interface (CLI). Because many things in Linux are done through the editing of small files, there is often no need for a GUI interface. With a relative small number of commands you can totally change the functioning of a Linux system. CLI isn't hard to learn and the Linux “man” pages provide a convenient way for learning it,.

This illustrated Linux tutorial shows and demonstrates how to install a Linux home file server, with remote administration, runing without a monitor. Also, a web-based P2P solution is set up to run on the box. This tutorial also gets into the area of scripting. Scripting is one of the features that Linux has over Windows, as most tasks can be automated through scripts.

Build Your Own Xubuntu Linux Server - Part 2

The second part provides details for some more server applications, such as Webmin, SFTP and making the server reachable from the Internet.

2) Installing and configuring LAMP on Ubuntu - Part 1

In this multi-part article, I’m going to be showing you how to install the popular LAMP stack - that’s Linux, Apache, the MySQL database system and PHP (in this example, although you can have Perl, Python etc. instead) for running your own website or web development server.

Installing and configuring LAMP on Ubuntu - Part 2
  • Changing your homepage and adding content
  • Testing that PHP is working
  • Installing PHPMyAdmin
  • Installing web applications (WordPress)

3) Here is a one page Unix/Linux Command Reference cheat sheet
 that will help you get along on the command line.

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Xpressionsz eBooks Heaven

Here is  Xpressionsz - The eBooks Heaven. This site calls itself the internet's biggest and best collection of ebooks. They do have a very large selection of over 7,000 freely available ebook pages on their site, with many categories to select from. One thing that is different about this site is that the links are not actually hyperlinks that will take you to the ebooks, but instead only text links, meaning you have to copy and paste them into your broswer. Also, some of the links are truncated by the brower's table rendering, so to get them you need to look at the web page's source code.

Ebook Topics:

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August 2, 2007

Create Your Own Customized Linux Kernel

Here are three articles that explain and describe the process of creating your own Customized Linux Kernel. You may want to do this for a number of reasons, including these: to access extra functionality, to remove unneeded features, to obtain better performance, to assist with testing new Linux patches, or because you want to know and understand more about how the Linux kernel works and is compiled. I think you will discover that it's fun to build a kernel that is created only your CPU and supports only the hardware and specific features that you want it to.

Linux: Custom Kernels Trim Fat and Tune Performance

This is a 2 page article that describes, at a high level, the process of customizing a Linux kernel for your needs. With not a lot of effort, you can build a better Linux kernel than what came with your Linux distribution, and one that's tuned to your hardware's needs. You can get freshly-baked kernels and the latest patches from These are called vanilla kernels because this is where the original, unmodified kernels live. Then you need to assemble your build environment. Both Fedora and Debian make this easy.

Linux: Custom Kernels with Debian and Fedora

Fedora and Debian make building a custom kernel and packaging it for rollout a simple process. This article shows you how to use Debian and Fedora to customizing your Linux kernel. It explains and reviews some of the many kernel compilation options you need to consider.

Compiling a Custom Linux Kernel

 - Intro and Gathering Information
 - Part 2 - Preparing the Source Tree
 - Part 3 - Configuring the Kernel Source
 - Part 3 Continued - Configuring the Kernel
 - Part 4 - Building the Kernel
 - Part 5 - Installing the Kernel
 - Part 6 - Editing the Boot Loader Configuration
 - Reboot the Machine (and Enjoy)
 - Appendix A - Patching the Kernel Source
 - Appendix B - Building a 2.6 Kernel
 - Appendix C - Additional Notes as 2.6 Develops
 - Appendix D - Using the Initrd

This article describes in a detailed, step-by-step approach, how to build a custom Linux kernel for your server or desktop machine. You will learn how to optimize the kernel for your computer's processor, and make the kernel only support the drivers and features that you require. You also may want to add support for a Linux feature that is missing from your distribution's kernel, or to get a some hardware to work correctly. Your finished Linux kernal will be smaller in size, it will run faster, and it will have all the fixes and enhancements found in the latest stable version.

Here are some more Linux Kernel Resources:

 - Debian Kernel Handbook
 - You may want to try the dphys- kernel-packages package for creating configuation files for automating the creation of custom kernels

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August 1, 2007

Lots of Books from

Here is, a site that contains links to several thousand freely available technical, computer, and I.T. books on the web.  I am currently checking the links and will report tomorrow on how many are good and how many are broken. These books cover many technical categories, including Java, J2EE, and Web application development; Linux, Unix and Windows operating systems; Oracle, MySQL databases; and several computer science and advanced topics.

Update: There are a total of 2487 links to free computer books on this site, of which 420 (16.9%) are not working.

Book Topics

C   C++   XML/XSL   UML   Perl   Python   Tcl/Tk   Ada   Lisp   Assembly
Fortran   Prolog   Ruby   Cobol   Basic   Scheme   Misc   Programming uages   More ...

Core Java   Advanced   Jakarta Struts   Servlet/JSP   Spring/Hibernate   J2EE/EJB
Enterprise   Security   Distributed Computing   GUI   Multimedia   J2ME   More ...

Core Unix   Core Linux   FreeBSD   Security   Shell Programming   Networking
Unix/Linux Programming   System Administration   GUI/X Windows   Text Editing   More ...

Computer Science
Data Structure/Algorithms   How to Program   Languages   Compiler   OS
Numerical   AI/Logic Prog   Functional   OOD/OOP   Computation   Misc   Architecture   More ...

Systems   SQL   Oracle   DB2   Sybase   MySQL   PostgreSQL   Misc   More ...

PHP   Programming   JavaScript, AJAX   DHTML/CSS   Site Design   Publishing   More ...

General   Networks   TCP/IP   Management   Programming   Internet   More ...

Advanced Topics
Software Engineering   Security   Version Control   Game   LDAP   Certificates
Signal Processing   Bioinformatics   Cryptography   Reference   TeX/LateX   Statistics   Graphics
Hardware & PC   Science   Mainframe   Open Source   Information   Math   Human   More ...

.NET and C#   Programming

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