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October 31, 2007

Wireless eBooks

Here is a site hosting several good wireless ebooks, in both English and Spanish. The topics covered by the wireless ebooks in English are listed below.

Wireless eBook Topics:

Designing a Wireless Network
Wireless Network Security
WLAN Security
Managing a WLAN
Wireless Tutorial
Wireless LAN and Windows XP
Wireless Networking
IEEE 802.11g Explained
Linux Wireless
Linux Wireless Extensions

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October 30, 2007

Many eBooks on Linux, Java, PHP, Cisco, VB.NET

This google search returns, as the first listing, a website that contains many ebooks on their Index of /uploads/manuals page which are in pdf format.

Topics covered by these ebooks

Advanced Linux Programming
Networks and Data Transmission
Network Architectures
Wireless Local Area Networks
Linux Tips and Tricks
Technical Writing
Computer Security
C Game Programming
C Pointers
Unix Programming
String and Data Compression Algorithms
Python Programming
Database Design
Artificial Intelligence
Electrical Circuits
Electronic Concepts
Debian GNU-Linux
Linux Certification
Linux Commands
Linux Administration
Linux Shell Programming
C++ Programming
Java Programming
Java Swing
Visual Basic . NET
C Sharp
Assembly Language

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October 26, 2007

3 .NET Programming eBooks

This google search for C# ebooks returns a link (2nd result) to a page that contains a well written C# Programming ebook available in .doc and .pdf formats. Related in-site links on this scribd page lead to an ASP.NET database ebook and a VB .NET ebook. These three .NET programming ebooks are detailed below.

C# .NET Programming eBook

Topics covered by this C# eBook
 - The C# Interface
 - Visual C# Fundamentals
 - C# Building Blocks
 - C# Types And Interfaces
 - Programming Methods And Events
 - Arrays, Strings, Properties, Forms
 - Developing Web Applications
 - Data Access using C# And Ado.Net
 - XML Framework Class
 - Distributed Applications
 - Errors
 - C# Quick Reference
 - pdf format: 319 pages, 9.3mb

ASP.NET Database Programming eBook

Topics covered by this ASP .NET eBook:
 - Setting Up ASP.NET
 - Designing and Building a Database
 - SQL and XML
 - Programming ASP.NET Pages
 - HTML, Web, and User Controls
 - Validating User Input
 - Maintaining State in ASP.NET
 - Authentication and Authorization
 - ASP.NET Caching
 - ADO.NET, Connections, Commands, Data Readers
 - DataSets, Data Binding, DataGrid Control
 - SOAP, Web Services
 - Migrating from ASP to ASP.NET
 - Migrating from ADO to ADO.NET
 - pdf format: 409 pages, 3.2mb

Visual Basic .NET Programming eBook

Topics covered by this VB .NET eBook:
 - Windows Forms
 - Controls
 - Programming In Visual Basic .Net
 - Input And Output
 - Creating Graphics And Multimedia
 - Classes
 - Advanced OOP Techniques
 - Ado.Net
 - Web Forms
 - Web Services
 - Programming Components
 - Packaging your Application
 - pdf format: 355 pages, 15.5mb

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October 24, 2007

Eclipse And Java For Total Beginners

Here is a great free screencam video tutorial, titled Eclipse And Java For Total Beginners that will help get you started developing Java programs using Eclipse. To use these Java Eclipse tutorials you do not need to have previous experience with Eclipse or Java. You have access to a total of 16 tutorial lessons, with each being from 9 to 14 minutes in length, for a total of about 3 1/4 hours. The lessons take you through a step-by-step instructions on how to code and develop a simple 'personal lending library' application. All lessons are voice narrated.

You can access the Download files here for these Java Eclipse Tutorials and get started when you're ready. The lessons are recorded using Adobe Flash. Be sure to download the Tutorial Companion document as well. Here are the Lesson Descriptions. The tutorials use Eclipse version 3.3 (Europa), released June 2007. You can also download 12 Java Persistence Lessons at this site.

Eclipse Java Video Tutorial Lessons:

Lesson 1 – Create Your First Java Class (11:39)

  • Create Java project in Eclipse
  • Create Java package
  • Introduce classes and objects, naming conventions
  • Write a simple Java class (Person)
Lesson 2 – Add Methods To Class (13:20)
  • Introduce Eclipse Views and Perspectives
  • Introduce Eclipse user interface – drag / drop, context menus, help
  • Add get and set methods to Person class
Lesson 3 – Use Eclipse Scrapbook (12:33)
  • Introduce Eclipse Scrapbook
  • Introduce Java expressions, statements
  • Discuss Java packages
  • Create Person object in Scrapbook
Lesson 4 – JUnit Testing in Eclipse, Part 1 (12:26)
  • Create test source folder
  • Create PersonTest class
  • Run first JUnit test
Lesson 5 – JUnit Testing Continued (8:54)
  • Test Person class – part 2
  • Create test methods for constructor, getName, and getMaximumBooks
  • Static methods
Lesson 6 – Using Test-First Development in Eclipse (11:43)
  • Use test-first approach to write the Person toString() method
  • Method overriding
  • Field Hiding
Lesson 7 – Create Book Class (10:25)
  • Create BookTest before creating Book class
  • Test Book constructor
  • Create get and set methods
Lesson 8 – Add Person to Book Class (13:13)
  • Create a relationship between the Book class and the Person Class
  • Test getPerson method
  • Create JUnit Test Suite
Lesson 9 – MyLibrary Class and ArrayList (12:30)
  • How can we hold books, etc. in a collection?
  • MyLibrary object to hold Person & Entry objects
  • Introduce ArrayList  in scrapbook
  • Introduce Java Generics
  • Method chaining
Lesson 10 – Start on MyLibrary Class (12:23)
  • Create MyLibraryTest JUnit test
  • Create testMyLibrary to test MyLibrary constructor
  • Create MyLibrary constructor
  • Introduce instanceof operator
  • Introduce assertTrue method
Lesson 11 – Create first methods in MyLibrary class (12:56)
  • Create test method for addBook, removeBook methods
  • Create addBook, removeBook methods and test
  • Create addPerson, removePerson methods
  • Introduce Eclipse refactoring – move local variable to field
Lesson 12 – Create checkOut, checkIn Methods (13:44)
  • Create test for checkOut, checkIn methods
  • Write checkout method
  • Introduce if / then / else syntax
  • Introduce boolean method
  • Write checkIn method
Lesson 13 – Continue checkOut Method (11:26)
  • Test checkOut, checkIn methods
  • Fix compiler error – misplaced {}
  • Add test for maximum books
  • Create test for getBooksForPerson() method
  • Refactoring – extract method
Lesson 14 – Finish checkOut Method (12:44)
  • Write getBooksForPerson method
  • Introduce “for each” loop
  • Introduce logical and operator “&&”
  • NullPointerException errors
  • Complete checkOut Method
Lesson 15 – Finish MyLibrary Methods (13:59)
  • Create test for getAvailableBooks
  • Create getAvailableBooks
  • Create getUnavailableBooks
Lesson 16 – Create main Method and JAR File (13:43)
  • Introduce main method
  • Write a main method
  • Run MyLibrary as Java application
  • Export to JAR file and run from Windows

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October 17, 2007

Top 10 Programming Diggs in last 30 days

Here are my choices for the Top 10 Programming Diggs for the last 30 days. These digged programming sites will help you understand better and learn the following technologies: web 2.0, web development, Ruby, PHP, computer memory,

The Future of Software Development
Read/WriteWeb's Alex Iskold takes a look at the past, present, and future of software development, concluding that we now have the programming languages, models, and infrastructure to build complex systems using just a few skilled people. "Craftsmanship has finally come to software engineering!" Anyone interested in agile dev should read this. More…

69 Tools to Monitor, Measure, and Track Your Website
A collection of resources that every website owner can use. More…

The PHP Toolbox: 20+ PHP Resources
We’ve collected together 20+ PHP resources and tools for you to discover the secrets of PHP. More…

40 Tips for optimizing your PHP Code
Excellent ressource for php programmers. More…

250+ Tools and Resources For Coding the Web
We’re all living on the web, and we all seem to be starting our own websites, so it’s time we all learned the languages that make it run. We’ve gathered over 250 resources to help you get going.  More…

What every programmer should know about memory
Unlike storage subsystems, removing the main memory as a bottleneck has proven much more difficult and almost all solutions require changes to the hardware. More…

The Structured Web - A Primer
A critical piece of the next web evolution is the introduction of structured information. This article examines the key drivers, such as the rise of APIs and vertical applications that run on top of existing data, an increase in classic Semantic Technologies and Microformats, and more. More…

10 Reasons to Learn Ruby
10 reasons to learn Ruby, with code examples. More…

Messy Code? Stumped? Submit it to be refactored @
Have you got a method that you're dying to simplify? A class that's growing out of control? Or an algorithm that you just can't get working? Submit it to the new, awesome web app Refactor My Code, and have it refactored. More…

7 Reasons I Switched Back to PHP After 2 Years on Rails
"Back in January 2005, I announced on the O’Reilly blog that I was going to completely scrap over 100,000 lines of messy PHP code in my existing CD Baby ( website, and rewrite the entire thing in Rails, from scratch." Great article.More…

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Ebook links on CoolDog Ebooks

Here are freely available computer and programming ebooks provided by CoolDog Ebooks. I discovered this site in the google search used in my blog post on Oct. 9. Below are the two CoolDog pages (in bold) linked from that google search and the working links on these pages. You can also take a look all of the pages on this site linked by google.







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October 11, 2007

Linux for Engineering and IT Applications Course

Here is a great Linux Course from Rutgers University, named Linux for Engineering and IT Applications. All lectures and content, including test answers and the text book are available online for free. The course topics include: Linux concepts (kernel, shells, users, groups, processes, etc), installation and configuration (disk partitions, GRUB and LILO boot managers, Debian Package Manager, APT), networking (protocols, IP addresses, Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), subnets and routing, network ports), security (TCP-wrappers, secure shell (SSH), Linux firewalls, packet filtering with iptables, PGP/GPG, tripwire), NFS, NIS, LDAP, Linux-Windows integration (dual boot, Samba server), Linux programming, Linux clusters (Beowulf), E-MAIL and DNS servers.

Lectures and Course Content:

Lesson 1 - Commands, Shell, Processes

Introduction and Objectives of the course
Course agenda
Practical recitation schedule
The Unisys Laboratory, D-112
Unix/Linux history
Essentials of Linux
Linux Applications
Linux OS structure
Login to a system
Linux shells
Files and Directories
File Permissions and Ownerships
Practical exercises

Lesson 2 - Debian Installation and Upgrade

Debian distributions
Installation media
Writing Floppy Disk Images
Bootup and Installation stages
Installing Debian on a running Unix
Network Installation
Debian Installer Stage
Partitioning Disks
Semi-Automatic Installation
Post-install Configuration
Debian Packages
Package Management (dpkg)
Package Management (apt)
Practical Exercises

Lesson 3 - Linux Kernel

Kernel Tasks
User and Kernel Space
Monolitic and Modular Kernels
Managing Kernel Modules at Runtime
Directory /proc
Kernel Patching and Configuration
Configuration recommendations
Kernel Compilation
System Bootup Sequence
Boot loader GRUB
GRUB boot Floppy
Boot loader LILO
Switching between the loaders
Creating a boot floppy disk
Practical Exercises

Lesson 4 - Linux Networking

Networking infrastructure
Introduction to TCP/IP protocol suit
OSI Network Stack Model
TCP/IP stack and Kernel
Packet Encapsulation
Link Layer Protocols
Network Layer Protocols
Subnet Mask
Network/Subnet splitting
Subnet calculation
Packet Routing
Non-routable subnets and NAT
The Loopback device
Transport Layer Protocols
TCP and UDP ports
Application Layer Protocols
Hosts communication via TCP/IP
ICMP Protocol
Configuring Linux on a network
Practical Exercises

Lesson 5 - Network File System (NFS)

Types of Network File Sharing
NFS implementation
NFS versions
File System virtualization
NFS in 7 layer OSI model
NFS server statelesness
NFS daemons
NFS Mount Request Illustrated
NFS Server Side
NFS Client Side
Standard mount
NFS Security and Performance optimization
Practical Exercises

Lesson 6 - Network Information Service (NIS)

Sharing user and host information over the network
NIS architecture
NIS server configuration
NIS server processes
NIS client configuration
NIS client commands
NIS user login restrictions
NIS server maps
Creating your own NIS maps
Security Issues
Practical Exercises

Lesson 7 - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

Unix Authentication and Naming services
What is LDAP
Advantages and Disadvantages
LDAP heirarchy
Distinguished Names (dn)
Data tree with dn
Access to an LDAP Server
OpenLDAP installation
Server Configuration
Outline of LDIF file
LDIF example
LDAP client setup
OpenLDAP commands
Performance Tuning
LDAP Applications
Practical exercizes

Lesson 8 - Unix and Windows Connectivity through Samba

Network Basic Input Output System (NetBIOS)
Server Message Block (SMB)
Domain and Browsing
Evolution of SMB and NetBIOS
Windows NTLM Passwords
Active Directory
Samba Server
Samba Installation and Configuration
Configuration file smb.conf for shared data server (anonymous share)
Configuration file smb.conf for print server (anonymous share)
Configuration file smb.conf for Domain logon (security user)
Samba security modes
Samba Server Configuration and Management
Dual boot
NTLDR controls dual-boot
Practical Exercises

Lesson 9 - Startup and Run Levels, Scheduled Jobs, at, cron

Linux (Debian) Bootup and Login Sequence
Init is the parent of all processes
User settings at login
System Run Levels
File /etc/inittab
Changing the Run levels
Booting into specified Run levels
Startup Scripts
Adding/removing scripts from startup
Startup script example
One time scheduled jobs: at
Scheduled periodical jobs: cron
Practical Exercises

Lesson 10 - Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial

Also AWK, GREP, SED tutorial

Lesson 11 - Linux Security

How systems get compromised
Example of a Trojan
Stack overflow example
Internet Worm example
What hackers do on compromised hosts
General Steps for Hardening Security on a System
Package upgrades and md5 checksum verification
Open Ports List
Closing ports
TCP Wrappers
IP filtering firewalls (iptables)
Building iptables rules
Simple iptables script
NAT table
NAT iptables script
Port scanning
GNU Privacy Guard (GPG)
Intrusion detection
System logs
Log redirection and analysis
System Integrity Checkers
Practical Exercises

Lesson 12 - Email

Basic Steps of Email Transaction
Composing and Sending Email
Email Envelope and Headers
Popular Unix SMTP servers
IMAP and POP servers
Example of POP3 session
Example of IMAP session
Basic Postfix Settings
Open Relay
Relaying e-mail to the outside of NAT
Steps to Protect Email Server on the Internet
Practical Exercises

Lesson 13 - Linux Cluster Computing

Linux Clustering Applications
Parallel Computing Paradigms
Clustering Technologies
Message Passing Interface (MPI)
General MPI Program Structure
Point to Point Communication
MPI Standard Data Types
MPI Send/Receive example
MPI Collective Communications
Collective Communication Example
Master-Slave Task Farming
Computing Partial Sums
MPI code compilation and run
Sun Grid Engine (SGE)
Basic SGE commands
SGE submit script for serial jobs
SGE submit script for MPI jobs
Practicl Exercises

Lesson 14 - Domain Name Server (DNS)

Logical sequence of a host name resolution
Sequence of DNS lookups
Domain Name Hierarchy
Main DNS Records
DNS configuration options
named.conf for Master DNS
Slave and Caching DNS entries
Direct Zone file
A Reverse DNS Zone
DNS control utility rndc
Security and Performance issues
DNS Query tools
Practical Exercises
Questions and Answers
Midterm Exam questions and answers

Text Book: Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition

Previous versions of this course:

Spring 2006 Linux Course
Spring 2005 Linux Course
Spring 2004 Linux Course
Spring 2003 Linux Course
Spring 2002 Linux Course

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Application Development and IT eBooks

Here is a google search for computer and IT ebooks (inurl:books inurl:cd1|cd2|cd3|cd4 index of books) that returns Index of /books/cd2 and Index of /books/cd1 (as the 2nd site listed). The parent directory contains two more directories (/books/cd3 and /books/cd4). This site hosts many Computer, Application Development, and I.T. eBbooks in the areas listed below.

Topics covered by these IT ebooks:

  • .NET (dotNet), C#, Windows Programming, VB .Net (Visual Basic .Net),  ASP.Net, Windows Forms
  • Java, Java for Relational Databases,
  • C++ Programming, Visual C++ Programming,
  • Component Programming, Software Architecture, Coding Guidelines
  • Design Patterns, Enterprise Patterns, Integration Patterns, Refactoring, UML, OOP
  • Software Configuration Management, Software Testing
  • Extreme Programming, Agile Development, Iterative Development
  • Secure Coding, IT Security, Cryptography, CISSP,
  • SQL Server, MySQL, PHP, Data Mining, XML, Web Services, Flash
  • Windows, Windows 2003, Windows Registry, Active Directory, Citrix Metaframe,
  • CCNA, Cisco, VOIP, Firewalls, Networking, Wireless, Mobile
  • Linux , Red Hat Linux, Databases on Linux, Linux Administration, Linux Security
  • A+ (A Plus) Certification

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October 10, 2007

8 C# How To Articles

This is a series of 8 C# How To Articles and Tutorials. Five cover Internet Programming with C# (writing TCP/IP based client applications using C# on .NET framework), two teach you how to use the C# Threading Library, and one compares C# performance to C++. These C Sharp tutorial articles are written by Randy Charles Morin and are hosted by Also check out these two articles by Randy: Specification, Planning, Architecture & Design and Seven Mistakes Made All the Time by Most Software Development Organizations.

How To talk SMTP in C#
The SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is used to send email over the Internet. This C# how to article shows how to send SMTP messages using C# in the .Net framework.

How To talk POP3 in C#
This C# tutorial shows how to write a simple POP3 class which has enough functionality use in programming email clients.

How To talk NNTP in C#
NNTP is an internet protocol used to retrieve news from news server. The protocol works by posting messages into various forums, such as newsgroups.

How To Port Scan in C#
PortScan is a popular utility that is commonly written in all new programming languages. The PortScan involves attempting to perform a TCP connect on a range of ports of a given server and reporting which ports are open to receive connections. This C# tutorial uses two classes in C#: the TcpClient class (for TCP connections with the target server) and the ThreadPool class (to increase the speed by connecting onmany threads simultaneously).

How To Download files over the Internet in C#
This C# tutorial shows how to download files over the Internet using C#. File transfer over the Internet is done using FTP or HTTP. C# provides for downloading files using both of these protocols. The dotNET library has a class called WebClient that has a method DownloadFile.

How To create and manipulate Threads in C#, Part I
C# uses a standard threading library, as it inherits an entire set of threading classes from the .Net framework. This C# tutorial demonstrates using the “System.Threading” dotNet namespaces, which consist of 14 utility classes, 4 exception classes, 2 structures, 6 delegates and 3 enumerations.

How To create and manipulate Thread in C#, Part II
This is the second of two how to tutorials covering .Net threading. This second part presents and demonstrates the synchronization objects in the System.Threading dotNet namespace, thread local storage, COM interoperability and thread states.

C# Performance compuared to equivalient C++
In this article, we will find out once and for all how much slower managed C# is then unmanaged C++. In this speed battle, unmanaged C++ is the winner. We will be running some performance tests against C# and C++.

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Programming and Linux eBooks

Here is another programming and Linux ebook site I found using the google search from yesterday's blog post. This site is The programming, Linux, database, and networking ebooks hosted there cover the topics bulleted below.  

eBook Topics available at this site

  • Java, J2ME, JSP, Struts, Java Certification, Tomcat
  • Linux, RHCE, Red Hat, Linux Programming, Debian, Unix, Slackware, Linux Kernel
  • Solaris, AIX, FreeBSD
  • PHP, Perl, Python Programming, C++ Programming
  • MySQL, DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL
  • Zope, Linux Networking, Firewalls, Sendmail

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October 9, 2007

Sun Web Developer Pack Tutorial

Here is the Sun Web Developer Pack Tutorial. This Web 2.0 technology tutorial covers and demonstrates emerging web technologies, such as Ajax, REST web services, and scripting language-based web applications. Applying the concepts taught in this tutorial will help you get the most out of the new Web 2.0 technologies included in the Sun Web Developer Pack. This tutorial is intended for programmers who are interested in developing and deploying interactive and dynamic web applications on the Sun Java System Application Server 9.1 application server.

The goals of this tutorial are to:

  • have a basic understanding of several of the emerging web technologies like Ajax, Atom, RESTful web services, and scripting language-based web applications
  • understand how to develop and deploy interactive and dynamic web applications created using these technologies on Application Server 9.1.

To complete this tutorial, you need:

  • The tutorial bundle
  • The Java EE 5 Software Development Kit
  • NetBeans IDE 5.5.1 (optional)

 Here is some basic background material to help you get the most out of the tutorial.

The Sun Web Developer Pack Tutorial

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Many More Programming and Linux eBooks

Update: 5/12/2009: The site linked in this post is no longer online. These same ebooks are available at another ebook site, linked from this post.

I have been exploring and testing some google searches, using various keywords, looking for freely available ebooks. Here is a search that returned a few good ebook sites. One of the sites I found with this search is akae/ftp/ftpdown/mirror/ The many computer, programming, Linux, database, and networking ebooks hosted there cover many areas and topics, as listed below.  

eBook Topics available at this site

  • Java, J2ME, JSP, Jakarta Struts, Wireless Java, Java Certification,
  • Ajax, Eclipse, Rails, Ruby, C++ Programming, C# (C Sharp), Python, Game Programming, Subversion
  • PHP, Perl, HTML, CGI, Tcl-Tk, XML, Apache, Tomcat
  • Linux, Red Hat Linux, RHCE, JBoss, Debian Linux, Programming Linux, Slackware, Linux Kernel, Ubuntu, Bash
  • Unix, Solaris, AIX, Unix Programming, Shell Programming
  • MySQL, Oracle 10g, Oralce PL-SQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, JDBC, Data Mining, Data Structures, 
  • Cisco, Firewalls, Linux Networking, Internet Security, Zope, Samba, LDAP, Networking Performance, SOAP, VPN, VOIP, DNS

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October 8, 2007

Top 15 Red Hat Linux Summit Presentations

Here are what I consider to be the Top 15 Red Hat Linux Summit Presentations. These are slides in pdf format that you can review to gain understanding and find further information on important Red Hat Linux technologies, such as Filesystems, Performance Tuning, Infiniband, Identity Management, Yum, Virtualization, Clusters, Directory Deployments, Red Hat Network.

The Future of Filesystems on Linux

  • What's in a filesystem?
  • Recent activity in Open Source filesystems
  • The consequences for the RHEL user
  • Future expectations?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Performance and Tuning
  • References: valuable tuning guides/books
  • Part 1 Memory Management/Filesystem Cache
  • Part 2 Performance Monitoring Tools
  • Perf 3 Performance Tuning/Analysis
  • Part 4 Case Study – RHEL4 vs RHEL3 Perf Comparison

Performance Analysis and System Tuning
  • References: valuable tuning guides/books
  • Part 1 Memory Management/File System Caching
  • Part 2 Disk and File System IO
  • Part Performance Monitoring Tools
  • Part 4 Performance Tuning/Analysis
  • Part 5 Case Studies

Infiniband and RDMA Technology
Infiniband Performance
   - Low Latency
   - High Bandwidth
   - Efficient CPU Utilization
   - Reliable Transport

Identity: LDAP in the Real World, Migration & Integration
  • Legacy Migration -­ local files, NIS, local files
  • LDAP use with mixed OS environments
  • LDAP and Windows (Samba, Windows Sync)
  • LDAP and Web Applications

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, Yum and You
  • All three tools (anaconda, systemconfigpackages, up2date) use the same core backend code: yum
  • Consistency in behavior across tools
  • Consistency in interface across tools
  • One code base for bug fixes and enhancements

Hardware Based Virtualization Technologies
  • What is Virtualization?
  • Evolution of Virtualization
  • AMD Virtualization
  • AMD’s IO Virtualization
  • Xen

Cluster Infrastructure
  • openais provides a solid cluster membership and messaging foundation
  • how do we use that to manage GFS, DLM and fencing?
  • how we configure and control the cluster from the command line?
  • what does the DLM do?
  • what does fencing do?

Scaling Directory Deployments
  • Hardware needs, limitations
  • Database
  • Connections and operations
  • Replication
  • Chaining
  • Entry Distribution
  • Monitoring
Defining Open Source Michael Tiemann
Precursors to the 20th Century:
   - Academic Tradition
   - Scientific Tradition
   - Capitalistic/Entrepreneurial Tradition
   - Democratic Tradition
What forces will be be most important in achieving this practical objective?

Innovation in Software Development - It's Not All About Patents
Why Does Innovation Occur?
   - Because you need to sell more software?
   - Because a problem needs to be solved or an itch scratched
Innovation From Collaboration

Introduction to Red Hat Network
Three core areas of functionality:
   - Software Management
   - Provisioning
   - Monitoring

Getting the most out of Red Hat Network Satellite
Further understanding of RHN Satellite
  - Overview
  - Structure
  - Services
Tips on deploying and administration

Life Cycle Management with RHN Provisioning Module
  • System Lifecycle - the ever-changing inventory of compute resource
  • Application Lifecycle - the evolving base of content
  • Enables Lights-Out Management

Custom Content and the RHN API
  • RHN Satellite
  • Custom Content
  • API

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Byte of Python Online Book

Python is a portable, interpreted, interactive, and object-oriented programming language. Its popularity is increasing as it is being used for many types of web applications ranging from CGI scripts to complex servers, including Zope, a very popular, open source web server. Here are two learning and training documents for learning how to program using the Python programming language. The first one is a free online Python book, named Byte of Python. The second one is The Architecture of Python, which takes a detailed look at how Python is structured and how Python's many features are supported by this structure.

Byte of Python Online Book

This free online Python book teaches and demonstrates many of Python's features. Using this book, you will learn how to code with the Python programming language, whether you are new to computers or an experienced programmer.


  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. Installing Python
  4. First Steps
  5. Basics
  6. Operators and Expressions
  7. Control Flow
  8. Functions
  9. Modules
  10. Data Structures
  11. Problem Solving
  12. Object oriented programming
  13. Input Output
  14. Exceptions
  15. Standard Library
  16. More Python
  17. What Next?
  18. Appendix on FOSS
  19. Appendix on Revision History

This document examines the Python implementation to discover how the software architecture is structured, and how this architecture supports Python's many features. By Jim Jackson and Kar-Han Tan

Table of Contents
     Python Language
     Architecture Business Cycle
     Architectural Structures
          Object/Type Structures
          Interpreter Structures
     Architectural Styles
          Batch Sequential
          Main Program and Subroutine
          Correspondance with Guido van Rossum
          Notes and Comments

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October 5, 2007

Top 15 Free Eclipse Video Tutorials

Here are what I am judging to be the Top 15 Free Eclipse Video Tutorials on These will help you learn how to use Eclipse to its fullest extent and get you more productive on this important development framework.

Eclipse Tutorial

Eclipse Tutorial
Heres a tutorial or explanation for my new cut/Display called Eclipse (intermediate and up).

PHP Tutorial: Using Eclipse+PDT as a PHP IDE (Part 2 of 2) presents: (Part 2 of 2) How to install and use Eclipse--a free, open source platform--as a professional Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing PHP applications. Code coloring, intellisense, debugging, and everything else programmers expect in an IDE are available in a PHP IDE for free.

PHP Tutorial: Using Eclipse+PDT as a PHP IDE (Part 1 of 2)
Full length versions of this video can be found on our website: tutorial Eclipse IDE programming development. How to install and use Eclipse--a free, open source platform--as a professional Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing PHP applications. Code coloring, intellisense, debugging, and everything else programmers expect in an IDE are available in a PHP IDE for free.

Java Tutorial #1 - Hello World
Use the Eclipse IDE to write Java code, and you can download it at tutorial Eclipse intro. This Java tutorial covers how to make a hello world program. Go to for more Java tutorials.

Java Dialog with Eclipse
dialog with Eclipse. sorry for the bad resolution, i just don't want to make it a huge file....Java dialog Eclipse tutorial

Java Tutorial - Part 2 - Installing the Eclipse IDE
A little tutorial I made showing how to install the Eclipse IDE... not that hard I guess... but I key step I think to getting on with your Java programming career.

Java Tutorial Intro - Installing easyEclipse
the Eclipse IDE to write Java code, and you can install Eclipse using easyEclipse at tutorial Eclipse. This is the introduction to the Java-o-matic tutorials. Go to for more Java tutorials.

Eclipse and Java for Total Beginners
Eclipse Java tutorial video total beginners test first software development. Go to to download the entire 16 lessons of Eclipse and Java for Total Beginners. This is the first 8 minutes of lesson 1, in small format for YouTube. The downloaded lessons are full size and good quality.

Eclipse and Java: Introducing Persistence
Eclipse Java tutorial video persistence xml serialization test first software development. Go to to download all 12 lessons of Eclipse and Java: Introducing. This is the first 10 minutes of lesson 1, in small format for YouTube.

Ruby in Eclipse
Using Eclipse as an IDE for Ruby. This is the final product from my tutorial....Linux Ubuntu Eclipse Ruby Studio IDE

Eclipse setup 1
Example how to setup Eclipse IDE with ANT and Tomcat for a sample Guestbook application written in Java...Eclipse Ant Tomcat Java

Example how to setup Eclipse IDE with ANT and Tomcat for a sample Guestbook application written in Java...Eclipse Ant Tomcat Java

Example how to setup Eclipse IDE with ANT and Tomcat for a sample Guestbook application written in Java...Eclipse Ant Tomcat Java

Test Driven Development Introduction
Introduction to test driven development with a Java junit example using Eclipse 3.2. Agile Development all the way!...Test Driven Development TDD Software Engineering Developer Agile.

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October 4, 2007

49 AJAX Learning and Training Documents provides free PDF documents, learning and training materials, tutorials, and articles. Here are 49 AJAX Documents in their Programming category. You may have to register for free at this site.

AJAX Learning Docs and Tutorials:

Advanced ASP .NET 2.0 and ASP .NET AJAX with Jeff Prosise
NET AJAX, the new AJAX framework created by the same team that produced ASP.NET. Take your ASP.NET AJAX works and how to extend it to add new features ...

Building a Simple Application with AJAX and PHP. Let's write some code then! In the following pages you'll build a simple AJAX application. ...

Designing for Ajax
Designing for Ajax. Rich Design Patterns. Drag and Drop. ... Designing for Ajax. Anatomy of a Pattern.  Ajax design patterns contain three steps ...

A Real-World Ajax Application
Well, there you have it a fully functional online application powered on the client side. by Ajax technologies, and on the server side by PHP. ...

ASP .NET 2.0, AJAX and Expression Web
ASP.NET 2.0, AJAX. And Expression Web. Name. Title. Microsoft Corporation ... applications by taking full advantage. of the power of ASP.NET 2.0 ...

Ajax 2005 Ajax JavaScript (DOM) CSS Web Ajax Ajax Flickr Gmail
Ajax. Flickr. Gmail. Ajax. Ajax. Ajax. Firefox. JavaScript CSS ... Ajax. CSS. script. Ajax. web form. Hack. XMLHttpRequest. select list. checkbox group ...

AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX is not a new programming language, but a technique for creating better, faster, and more ...

DESIGNING Web 2.0 Applications 2 Day Course
Google Maps, Gmail, Flickr and a variety of new AJAX. and Rich Internet applications have ... implementing these design patterns within their. organization. ...

AJAX and the Future of Web Applications
Building a Simple Application with AJAX and PHP. Let's write some code then! In the following pages you'll build a simple AJAX application. ...

Beyond AJAX: Asynchronous JavaScript Technology and XML Native
Mashup (Web Application Hybrid) A website or web application that seamlessly combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience (Wikipedia/Mashup) Service providers like Google and Amazon started to provide their own Web API’s, and others followed

Web Application Solutions: A Designer's Guide
AJAX) is part thin client and part Rich Internet Application (RIA). .... 

Google Gadgets AJAX: Example. Sends a request to a web server complete with headers and parameters. Uses callback methods for status change

ajax & accessibility
content. structure. presentation. behavior. (X)HTML. CSS. Ajax ... implement Ajax at the end. plan for Ajax from the start. paradox ...

Microsoft PowerPoint - April-Shorter-AJAX.ppt
AJAX. Dynamically generated. image maps. DHTML and CSS. Image. Maps. AJAX. DHTML /. CSS ... will be called from the client. Image. Maps. AJAX. DHTML /. CSS ...

Summa Technologies Presents Using AJAX in ASP .NET Application to
overview of AJAX and examples of how to incorporate it into ASP .NET applications. They will explore two AJAX frameworks for .NET: Michael Schwarz's AJAX ...

Crawling Ajax-driven Web 2.0 Applications
Crawling Ajax-driven Web 2.0 Applications. 3. Shreeraj Shah. Note: The rbNarcissus web site hosts the open source code that is ...

Ajax3D: The Open Platform for Rich 3D Web Applications Introduction
One DOM object is of particular interest to Ajax programmers: the XMLHttpRequest object. ... and Ajax technologies, enabling professional, scalable, ...

Sample AJAX Components used with Java Studio Creator 2
handlers, the view switches to display the Java source code with a new method added that corresponds to our AJAX event. handler. Sample AJAX Components used ...

A Code Migration Framework for AJAX Applications
Ajax:. A. New. Approach. to. Web. Applications. http://www.adaptivepath.

Asynchronous JavaScript Technology and XML - AJAX
In this example XML and CSS are not used. in order to focus on understanding the principle steps in using the AJAX technique. ...

Foundations of AJAX Running IPv6 Beginning Excel What-If Data
of Ajax. Field of interest. Programming Techniques. Target groups ... professional techniques, and doesn't treat readers ...

Using Ajax with PHP and Sajax
Before diving in, let's meet Ajax, the sample PHP application, and Sajax. Ajax ... You created an Ajax application in PHP and integrated it with Sajax ...

Ajax for ColdFusion Developers
Cairngorm is an implementation of design. patterns that the consultants at Adobe ... Design Patterns and Microarchitecture. Design Patterns ...

Microsoft PowerPoint - Programming AJAX with the ASP .NET AJAX
NET AJAX Scenarios. '. Server. Server-centric Ajax Web Development ... NET Ajax Website. Has links to all required downloads, sample site, ...

Embedded Ajax
Ajax enables Web 2.0 applications like. Google. TM. Gmail. TM. , Google Suggest. TM. , Google Maps. TM. , Amazon's search engine and Yahoo!'s Flickr. ...

ajax on java chapter 4 xml and json
illustrates why most Ajax applications need XML or some other way to structure the ... This is just a guide so you can see how Ibuilt the sample. ...

Microsoft ASP .NET AJAX Client Life-Cycle Events
During this. event you should free any resources that your code is holding. Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Client Life-Cycle Events.

Simple Example (3). PHP Server. in top 1% of. SourceForge projects in 4 days!" ...

Using Ajax for Web Application Development: What Businesses Need
Google Maps allows users to scroll through a map seamlessly, a technique so ... The issues with Ajax are rather widely known. Now the critical issue is how ...

Enabling AJAX in ASP .NET with No Code
example, the HTML below is the postback version of the of the sample application before it was. enabled with AJAX, as generated by ASP.NET. This code ...

Developing AJAX Applications
AJAX Efficiency. Keep requests as concise as possible. Only request/respond with the data required. Preload data on the server where possible ...

Performance-Tune Your Ajax Application, TS-9646, JavaOne 2007
Your Ajax Application. Bob Buffone. Chief Architect ... Server-Side PHP Sample.

The Impact of Ajax on User Experience Part 1 Cindy Lu, Ph.D
Figure 7 Yahoo: Two design patterns used to enhance user interactions. In summary, in Ajax-based application, new functions and interaction techniques aimed ...

Real World Ajax
Scott Davis, Real World AJAX. Page 3. The release of Google Maps was a. Wizard of Oz / Technicolor moment. Not just for web mapping, ...

AJAX Overview The Hype
However, like the PHP code for redirects and. database connectivity, most of it is boilerplate  The example application will use AJAX to parse ...

Microsoft PowerPoint - XML Technology AJAX.ppt
XML (in many ajax applications XML data is used. to generate content). Asynchronous. The web server request is asynchronous which ...

AJAX Linking and Embedding (ALE)
The spreadsheet will be implemented as an AJAX. components adhering to the ALE design pattern. Since it is an ALE component it will be fetched ...

Converting Applications from ASP .NET AJAX RC to ASP .NET AJAX RTM
NET AJAX application created with the RC release to work with the ... 6. If you need features from the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit, install it. ...

Adding Panoramas to Google Maps Using Ajax
A popular application that uses Ajax technology is Google Maps. The goal of this project is ... AJAX and Google Maps. In section 3 the implementa- ...

Integrating AJAX Approach into GIS Visualization Web Services
Google Maps and Ka-Map. integrated the AJAX model into GIS visualization. systems. Ka-Map is AJAX-based web mapping sites. using an open source web mapping ...

Microsoft PowerPoint - AJAX Google Maps and the User experience
Comparison of Google Maps and Multimap. Discover if AJAX and Google Maps ... AJAX and Google Maps provided a satisfying. user interface for all users ...

Microsoft PowerPoint - L23-Ajax.ppt
Typical Ajax Interaction. 1. Client event occurs. 2. An XMLHttpRequest object is created. 3. XMLHttpRequest object calls the server ...

The Ajax Approach to Browser Scripting
source of images dynamically to guide users through the application. Preloading Data. One of the key points about Ajax is that it operates asynchronously. ...

Web-Tier Codecamp: Web-Tier Codecamp: JavaServer Faces, JavaServer
AJAX Efficiency. Keep requests as concise as possible. Only request/respond with the data required. Preload data on the server where possible ...

Subverting Ajax
XMLHttpRequest in Ajax model are totally. transparent to the end user. Ajax model let the application send Http requests. and information without displaying ...

Ajax using XMLHttpRequest and Struts
Ajax using XMLHttpRequest and Struts. Frank W. Zammetti. About five years ago I worked on a web app project where one of the primary requirements was that ...

Scanning Ajax for XSS entry points
Ajax is a combination of technologies. such as JavaScript with the XMLHttpRequest object, DOM and XML streams. Cross site. scripting (XSS) can make browsers ...

AJAX Workshop - Karen A. Coombs University of Houston Libraries
involve XML. AJAX uses a combination of technologies including:. XHTML, CSS, DOM; XML, ... Code Sample #3: WorldCat Form. Using the XMLHttpRequest Object ...

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October 3, 2007

Lots of PHP Tutorials

If you need PHP Tutorials, check out my blog post over at which details the large selection of PHP Tutorials that Clever Tutorials has put together linking to several web development tutorial sites.  These cover the following areas of PHP scripting and web development: passwords, logins, content management, cookies, database integration, dates, email, file manipulation, forms, image handling, security, and user statistics.

PHP Tutorial Categories:

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