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September 15, 2010

A+ Certification Tutorial with 227 Questions and Answers

The objective of this 227 Question and Answer CompTIA A+ Tutorial is to help you pass the A+ Certification Essentials Exam (number 220-701) and the Practical Application Exam (number 220-702), and obtain your CompTIA A+ Certification. The CompTIA A+ Certification measures your knowledge of industry-standard technology for computers and operating systems, and specifically, PCs and Windows. If you are seeking to be certified, this is typically the first certification you should earn. The A+ Certification exams are now asking you to show your problem-solving abilities and reasoning, more so than rote memorization. To help you with this, many sections below include Troubleshooting Scenarios with answers, along with the Q&A items. Covered here are all areas of the A+ exam, including Windows, drivers, computer accessories and components, networking, network security, RAM memory, ports and devices, displays and graphics, motherboards, power supplies, printers, and storage.

A+ Exam Tutorial Topics:

PC Parts
12 Questions and Answers

Motherboards, CPU & Adapter Cards
12 Questions and Answers

14 Questions and Answers

Power Supplies and System Cooling
14 Questions and Answers

RAM Memory
12 Questions and Answers

I/O and Multimedia Ports and Devices
17 Questions and Answers

Video Displays and Graphics Cards
12 Questions and Answers

Laptops and Portable Devices
14 Questions and Answers

12 Questions and Answers

14 Questions and Answers

Storage Devices
12 Questions and Answers

Using and Managing Windows
16 Questions and Answers

Installing and Upgrading Windows Operating Systems
12 Questions and Answers

Troubleshooting and Maintaining Windows
12 Questions and Answers

18 Questions and Answers

Safety and Environmental Issues
12 Questions and Answers

Troubleshooting, Communications Methods, and Professional Behavior
12 Questions and Answers

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September 13, 2010

12 eBooks on LAMP, Networking, and Network Security

Here are 12 downloadable ebooks covering Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP), along with 11 ebooks on networking and network security areas, as listed below. These technical ebooks are in pdf and chm formats.

12 eBooks covering LAMP:

 - Apache
 - Apache Security
 - PHP
 - MySQL and PHP
 - Linux System Admin

11 eBooks covering these Networking and Security topics:

 - Zope
 - Cisco CCSP
 - Wireless Newtworking
 - SSL - VPN
 - SSL Certificates
 - SSL - TLS
 - Zenoss

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September 2, 2010

403 Downloadable Computer and Programming eBooks

Here are 403 freely available and downloadable computer and programming ebooks, covering many topics and areas, as listed below. These computer ebooks are in chm and pdf formats, along with some in compressed zip format.

Topics covered by these Computer and Programming eBooks:

 - C ++ programming
 - C++ Game programming
 - C++ Data Structures
 - C++ Design Patterns, Coding Standards
 - C language Algorithms
 - Linux programming
 - XML
 - Cryptography using C and C++
 - DB2
 - Compilers
 - Linux System Administration
 - Embedded Linix, Linux Kernel, Linux Device Drivers
 - Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Fedora Linux
 - Unix administration
 - Wireless Networking
 - Wifi Security
 - dotNet programming
 - ASP .Net
 - ASP .Net Ajax
 - VB .Net programming (Visual Basic dotNet )
 - VB .Net Algorithms and Data Structures
 - Visual C++ programming
 - ADO .Net
 - MSCE/MSDE 70-330, 70 340 - C# (C Sharp) and VB .Net Security
 - Borland C++ Builder
 - Windows Administation

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