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August 30, 2006

Over 250 Computer Ebooks and Books

Update June 7, 2007: This site is no longer online. I have tried finding the books from this site its archived version, but have not been successful.

This site hosts over 250 Ebooks and Books covering Algorithms, BSD, C++, Corba, Development (Pattersn, Object Oriented, UML), Hardware, LDAP, Linux, Mobile, Networking, OpenGL, Security, SQL, Unix, Windows, X Window Programming, and XML.

Algorithms -
Algorithms (pdf)
Algorithms for programmers (pdf)
Data Structures, Algorithms and Program Style Using C - toc.htm
Data Structures: From Arrays to Priority Queues - html - toc.htm
Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C - toc.htm
Data Structures and toc.htm
Data Structures Demystified (chm)
DDJ Algorithms and Data Structures Articles (zip)
DSP Algorithms For Programmers (pdf)
DSP Glossary - dsp_glossary (pdf)
Fundamentals of Data Structures - toc.htm
Information Retrieval: Data Structures and toc.htm
Introduction to toc.htm
Intruduction Into Wavelet Transformations - tutorial (pdf)
Memory Management (chm)
Reliable Data Structures in C - toc.htm
Structure and Interpretation of Signals and Systems (pdf)
The Data Compression Book (html)
The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing (2d ed.)

BSD - 

Absolute BSD; The Ultimate Guide to FreeBSD (2002) (pdf)
BSDCan2005 - slides (pdf)
BSDCan2005 - tutorial (pdf)
Debugging Kernel Problems (pdf)
Desing and Implementation of UVM (pdf)
netbsd-en (pdf)
The_Design_and_Implementation_of_the_4.4_BSD_Operating_System (chm)
The UVM Virtual Memory System (pdf)
Writing_Drivers_for_NetBSD (pdf)

C++ - 

ACE - examples (pdf)
Algorithms and Data Structures in C++ (html)
Applied C++. Techniques for Building Better Software (chm)
C & C++ Programming Style Guidlines (pdf)
C++-overview4 (pdf)
C++ by Dissection (pdf)
C++ Coding Standards.doc
C++ Coding Standards (pdf)
C++ Complete Reference (3rd ed.) (pdf)
C++ Footprint and Performance Optimization (chm)
C++ for Real Programmers (pdf)
C++ in a Nutshell (chm)
C++ Network Programming Vol I (chm)
C++ Network Programming Vol I (pdf)
C++ Network Programming Vol II (chm)
C++ Network Programming Vol II (pdf)
C++ Standard Library, The A Tutorial and Reference (chm)
C++ Standard Library A Tutorial And Reference (chm)
C++ Templates - The Complete Guide (chm)
Effcient C++ Programming Techniques (pdf)
Effective STL (pdf)
Effective STL - revised (pdf)
Essential C++ (pdf)
Exceptional C++ 1999 (chm)
Exceptional C++ 2004 (chm)
Graphics with Qt (pdf)
Improving Object Oriented Generic Programming (pdf)
Kernighan Ritchie: C Language 2ed (rar)
Kernighan Ritchie: C Programming Language (rar)
Modern C++ Design: Generic Programming and Design Patterns Applied (pdf)
More Exceptional C++ (chm)
Practical Data Structures in toc.htm
Rules of Programming With C and C++ 
STL Reference - stl_introduction.html
STL Reference - table_of_contents.html
STL Tutorial and Reference Guide (pdf)
Svc-Conf (pdf)
The ACE Programming Guide (chm)
The C++ Programming Language (3d Edition) (pdf)
The C++ Programming Language (Special 3rd Edition) (pdf)


Advanced CORBA Programming with C++ (pdf)
C++ Programming With CORBA (pdf)
Fundamentals of Distributed Object Systems - The CORBA Perspective (pdf)
CORBA Developer's Guide with XML (pdf)
CORBA Programming Unleashed (pdf)
Developing Distributed Object Computing Applications with CORBA (pdf)
Developing Secure Distributed Systems With Corba (pdf)
Fundamentals of Distributed Object Systems (pdf)
Misc - 
Misc - corba-apps4 (pdf)
Misc - corba (pdf)
Misc - corba25_book2 (pdf)
Misc - tutorial (pdf)
Practical tutorial for using Corba (pdf)
Teach Yourself CORBA In 14 Days (pdf)
tutorial (pdf)

Development - 

A Role-Based Design Pattern Catalog of Atomic and Composite Patterns Structured by Pattern Purpose (pdf)
An Introduction to Neural Networks (pdf)
Analysis Patterns (pdf)
Scheduler Activations for the User-Level Management of Parallelism (pdf)
Game Design (chm)
Making reliable distributed systems in the presence of software errors (pdf)
Beyond Software Architecture (pdf)
C++ Reports in Engineering Notebook
Compiler Design - Formal Syntax And Semantics of Programming Language (1995) (pdf) 
Composite Design Patterns (pdf)
Debugging - The Nine Indispensable Rules for Finding Even the Most Elusive Software and Hardware Problems (pdf)
Debugging with GDB - the GNU Source-Level Debugger (pdf)
Derek Partridge - Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering - Understanding the Promise of the Future (pdf)
Design Patterns - Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software index.htm
Design Patterns - examples (zip)
Design Patterns Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by GoF RUS (pdf)
Design Principles and Design Patterns (pdf)
Designing Embedded Communications Software (chm)
Effects of Clock Resolution on Scheduling (pdf)
Embedded Controller Hardware Design (pdf)
Error Handling (pdf)
Error Handling for Business Information Systems A Pattern Language (pdf)
Essential CVS (chm)
Extreme Programming (pdf)
Game Development and Production (pdf)
Implementing Electronic Card Payment Systems (pdf)
IVB - An Introduction to Compiler Construction (pdf)
Koopman & Plasmeijer - Efficient Combinator Parser (pdf)
Learning UML (chm)
Managing Software Requirements, Second Edition (chm)
Methods And Tools - 
Object-Oriented Software Construction 
OO Design Quality Metrics (pdf)
Pattern Examples4 (pdf)
Pattern Oriented Analysis and Design (chm)
Performance in Practice of String Hashing Functions (pdf)
Physics for Game Developers (pdf)
practical-file-system-design (pdf)
Professional Software Development (chm)
Refactoring - Improving the Design of Existing Code (pdf)
Scheduling Hierarchies (pdf)
Programming Languages  Application and Interpretation (pdf)
Software Architecture in Practice, Second Edition (chm)
The Application of Programmable DSPs in Mobile Communications (pdf)
The Complete Software Developer's Guide to Surviving %22Mission Impossible%22 Projects (pdf) 
The Design and Implementation of Geographic Information Systems (pdf)
The Practice of Programming - B.W. Kernighan & Rob Pike (pdf)
Ultimate Game Design. Building Game Worlds (pdf)
UML_Tutorial (pdf)
UML-1-4-Reference (pdf)
UML - User Guide (rar)
UML 1.1 - glossary (pdf)
UML 1.1 - UML11_Notation (pdf)
UML 1.1 - UML11_Semantics2 (pdf)
UML 1.1 - UML11_Summary (pdf)
UML 2.0 - 04-10-14 (pdf)
UML 2.0 - 05-06-04 (pdf)
UML 2.0 - 05-06-06 (pdf)
UML 2.0 - 05-07-04 (pdf)
UML Distilled, Third Edition (chm)
UML Quick Reference Card (pdf)
UML Reference Card (pdf)
UML Tutorial - Complex Transitions (pdf)
UML Weekend Crash Course (pdf)
Writting compiler (pdf)
File System Forensic Analysis (chm)

Hardware - 

Itanium Architecture for Programmers (chm)
PCI Express System Architecture (chm)


LDAP Directories Explained (chm)
LDAP in the Solaris Operating Environment (chm)
LDAP System Administration (chm)
Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services, 2nd Edition (chm)

Linux - 

Advanced Linux Programming (pdf)
Building Embedded Linux Systems (chm)
Interprocess Communications in Linux (chm)
linux_cpu_scheduler (pdf)
Linux Device Drivers - 2nd Edition (pdf)
Linux Kernel Development Second Edition (chm)
Linux Kernel Internals (1997) (pdf)
Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial (pdf)
The Linux Kernel Primer A Top-Down Approach for x86 and PowerPC Architectures (chm)
The Linux Networking Architecture (chm)
Understanding the Linux Kernel - 1st Edition (pdf)
Understanding the Linux Kernel - 2nd Edition (chm)
Understanding the Linux Kernel - 3nd Edition (chm)
Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory Manager (chm)

Mobile - 

Building Secure Wireless Networks with 802.11 (pdf)
Building Wireless Community Networks, Second Edition (chm)
Global Positioning Systems, Inertial Navigation and Integration (pdf)
GPRS for Mobile Internet (chm)
GSM and Personal Communications Handbook (pdf)
Introduction to GPS The Global Positioning System (pdf)
IP-Based Next-Generation Wireless Networks (pdf)
IP in Wireless Networks (chm)
Maximum Wireless Security (chm)
Mobile and Wireless Design Essentials (chm)
Mobile Location Services.The Definitive Guide (chm)
Real 802.11 Security. Wi-Fi Protected Access and 802.11i (chm)
Securing Wireless LAN's (pdf)
Wi-Fi Handbook. Building 802.11b Wireless Networks (chm)
Wi-Fi Security (pdf)
Wireless A to Z (pdf)
Wireless Data Technologies Reference Handbook (pdf)
Wireless Sensor Networks. Architectures and Protocols (chm)

Network - 

802.11@ Wireless Networks- The Definitive Guide (pdf)
Bluetooth Application Developers Guide (pdf)
Essential SNMP (pdf)
Firewalls-Complete (zip)
Implementing CIFS. The Common Internet File System (chm)
Interconnections - Bridges, Routers, Switches, and Internetworking Protocols (2nd Edition) (pdf) 
Internet Security (pdf)
LANs to WAN's The Complete Management Guide (chm)
Network Analysis, Architecture and Design, Second Edition (chm)
TCPIP Illustrated (pdf)
Understanding IPV6 - eBook - 
Understanding IPV6 - TrainingSlides 
Wireless Hacking - The Invisible Network (pdf)
Wireless Network Security (pdf)
OpenGL - OpenGL - Super Bible (html)
Operating Systems Concurrent and Distributed Software Design (chm)

pthreads - 

Developing multithreaded applications - concepts.htm
Pthreads API User Guide and Reference - 
Pthreads API User Guide and Reference - Pthreads API User's Guide and Reference (pdf) 
Threads Primer - A Guide to Multithreaded Programming (pdf)

Security - 

Handbook of Applied Cryptography
Implementing SSH. Strategies for Optimizing the Secure Shell (pdf)
IPSec. The New Security Standard for the Internet, Intranets, and VPN. Second Edition (chm)
Secure Coding. Principles and Practices (chm)
Smart Card Handbook (pdf)
SSL & TLS Essentials. Securing the Web (pdf)

SQL - 

PostgreSQL (chm)
PostgreIntroduction and Concepts (pdf)
SQL Bible (chm)
SQL In A Nutshell (pdf)
SQL Tuning (chm)


Art of Unix Programming (chm)
HP-UX 11i Internals (chm)
Introduction to Writing Solaris 2.x Device Drivers (pdf)
lionic - lionc (pdf)
Solaris Internals - Core Kernel Compoments (pdf)
Solaris Writing Device Drivers (pdf)
t2-solaris-slides (pdf)
unix_os (pdf)
UNIX Filesystems - Evolution, Design and Implementation (pdf)
Unix Shell Programming, Third Edition (chm)
Unix Systems Programming, Second Edition (chm)
Unix Systems Programming Communication Concurrency and Threads (chm)

Windows - 

Advanced MFC Programming (pdf)
MS Press - Programming with Microsoft Visual C++ .NET, 6th Edition (chm)
TCPIP 2003 (pdf)
Windows NT Native API (pdf)

X Window  - 

Fundamentals of X Programming GUI and Beyond (pdf)
Motif Programming Manual 6a (pdf)

XML - 

Developing XML Solutions (chm)
Learning XML, Second Edition (chm)
Programming - XML By Example (pdf)
System Architecture with XML (pdf)
The XML Schema Complete Reference (chm)
XML-XSLT and XPATH-A Guide to XML Transformations (chm)
XML 1.1 Bible, Third edition (pdf)
XML By Example (pdf)
XML Data Management (chm)
XML in a Nutshell. Second edition (chm)
XML in Action (chm)
XML Schema (pdf)

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