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October 9, 2007

Many More Programming and Linux eBooks

Update: 5/12/2009: The site linked in this post is no longer online. These same ebooks are available at another ebook site, linked from this post.

I have been exploring and testing some google searches, using various keywords, looking for freely available ebooks. Here is a search that returned a few good ebook sites. One of the sites I found with this search is akae/ftp/ftpdown/mirror/ The many computer, programming, Linux, database, and networking ebooks hosted there cover many areas and topics, as listed below.  

eBook Topics available at this site

  • Java, J2ME, JSP, Jakarta Struts, Wireless Java, Java Certification,
  • Ajax, Eclipse, Rails, Ruby, C++ Programming, C# (C Sharp), Python, Game Programming, Subversion
  • PHP, Perl, HTML, CGI, Tcl-Tk, XML, Apache, Tomcat
  • Linux, Red Hat Linux, RHCE, JBoss, Debian Linux, Programming Linux, Slackware, Linux Kernel, Ubuntu, Bash
  • Unix, Solaris, AIX, Unix Programming, Shell Programming
  • MySQL, Oracle 10g, Oralce PL-SQL, DB2, PostgreSQL, JDBC, Data Mining, Data Structures, 
  • Cisco, Firewalls, Linux Networking, Internet Security, Zope, Samba, LDAP, Networking Performance, SOAP, VPN, VOIP, DNS

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