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April 24, 2008

Aspects of AJAX: Free AJAX eBook

This free AJAX ebook, "Aspects of AJAX", will show you how to use an AJAX Framework and an AJAX Engine with JavaScript, XML, SOAP, WSDL and ASP.NET using standard Web Services on the server. This book also contains the updated articles and samples from the author's blog, together with some new and rewritten articles. The implementation of the Samples, the AJAX Engine and most of the web controls in this AJAX ebook can be found here.

The author introduces his idea that to successfully deploy an AJAX application, the developer must have a clear and simple pattern for coding the JavaScript on the client in order to avoid errors and to not think about the implementation details. The AJAX implementation shown here uses the WebService framework of ASP.NET on the server, and manages the communication with the client using SOAP. This keeps the recurring portion of the code in a central place. Also, all details about the different implementations of the XMLHttpRequest object in Internet Explorer or the Firefox browsers are hidden from your code. This Ajax ebook is 142 pages in length, 1.42mb in size, and is in pdf format)

Table of Contents of Aspects of AJAX:

About this book 
    The License
    State of this book
    State of the Software 
Asynchronous programming
Why we need asynchronous programming 
    Old style programming  
    Old style programming using HTML 
Asynchronous programming in the browser  
    How it’done and why it doesn’work 
    Asynchronous programming on the server  
Native AJAX Programming 
    The XMLHttpRequest Object 
    AJAXing the CalcFactors Example 
Client-Server Protocols 
    Best Practices for a WebService implementation  
    SOAP was made for AJAX 
Using WebServices in AJAX applications  
A SOAP client for JavaScript  
    Good tools for analyzing network problems  
    Generating JavaScript Proxies in ASPNET  
    Generating JavaScript Proxies in JAVA  
    Proxy Generator supported datatypes 
The AJAX Engine 
AJAX Actions  
    AJAX Action Reference 
    Starting an AJAX Action  
    Handling Exceptions  
Examples that use the AJAX Engine directly  
    The AJAX prime factors sample 
    A auto-completion textbox and lookup for city names 
An AJAX Engine for Java 
    JavaScript & ajaxjs  
    XSLT / WebService Proxies 
AJAX and Forms  
    AJAX Form Services 
    Sample for AJAX Forms 
    Use web services with multiple parameters in the AJAX Engine 
Application Aspects  
    Model View Controller (MVC) Pattern - Thinking in patterns  
    Developer’productivity –Layers of abstraction 
Aspects of AJAX
Less waiting on AJAX 
Thinking in components 
    Building AJAX Controls 
JavaScript Behaviors
    The Behavior mechanism  
    Building AJAX Controls 
    Delivering JavaScript functionality  
    Browser specific proprietary behaviors 
The JavaScript behavior mechanism 
    A step by step instruction 
    Building the JavaScript Behavior Basics 
    Integration into the ASPNET framework 
    Building JavaScript Behaviors - Properties, Attributes and
    Event handling 
Details of JavaScript Behavior Definitions 
    The common JavaScript include file 
Cross Browser JavaScript  
    JavaScript Prototypes  
    JavaScript Prototypes in Mozilla/Firefox  
    Prototypes with HTML objects  
    Firefox compatibility  
Building JavaScript enabled web controls 
    Delivering controls to the browser 
    Registering Script includes  
    Registering Script includes without a form element  
    HTML Code  
    Programming the Behaviour  
    Registering the script includes  
    Integration into ASPNET  
Connecting Controls 
The Page Properties mechanism  
    The Connection Test Sample  
    Simple Controls using page properties  
The Back Button Problem of AJAX applications  
    What the back button does - and why not  
    The favorite problem  
    Meaningful urls  
    An Implementation 
AJAX enabled web controls 
    AJAX Actions inside JavaScript Behaviours  
    Using AJAX enabled controls in ASPNET Forms  
    The Samples  
Custom Validation AJAX Control Sample  
Displaying huge tables using AJAX  
    The DataTablePager Control 
Aspects of AJAX
    The DataTable Control 
    The TableData WebService  
    Tuning the TableData  
An AJAX enabled bible reader 
    A Walk-Through 
Treeview AJAX Control  
    An AJAX based Tree View for the Bible  
Visual Effects Library 
    Why AJAX needs visual effects 
HTML + CSS Shadow Effect with real transparency 
HTML elements with rounded corners  
Simple sliding sample to move HTML elements around 
Drag and drop HTML objects around using CSS and JavaScript  
PopUp Information 
Building a AJAX enabled popup control 
Some HTML and http basics 
    Caching with AJAX applications 
JavaScript Proxy Reference
    The proxies and service objects  
DataConnections Reference 
    Cross Browser implementation tips 

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