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May 26, 2008

Ubuntu Desktop Essentials Online Book

This is Techtopia's Ubuntu Desktop Essentials online book, which is the companion book to their Ubuntu Linux Essentials Techotopia. This Ubuntu Desktop book covers everything you need to know to use and customize the Ubuntu Gnome desktop. It first gives a detailed overview of the how the desktop works, and then provides step-by-step tutorials covering every aspect of setting up and managing the desktop, from changing the background and desktop themes to activating and configuring the new Compiz Fusion desktop visual effects. You will also learn topics such as changing fonts, setting up keyboard shortcuts, enhancing the desktop with desklets, configuring and saving sessions and customizing the file manager.

Table of Contents of Ubuntu Desktop Essentials:

  1. About Ubuntu Desktop Essentials

  2. Logging into the Ubuntu GNOME Desktop
    • The Ubuntu GNOME Login Screen

  3. A Guided Tour of the Ubuntu GNOME Desktop
    • The Ubuntu GNOME Desktop
    • The Desktop Background
    • The Desktop Panels

  4. Changing the Ubuntu GNOME Desktop Background
    • Changing the Ubuntu GNOME Desktop Background
    • Selecting a Background from the Wallpaper List
    • Creating a Solid or Graded Background
    • Specifying a Background Image

  5. Installing and Customizing Ubuntu Desktop Themes
    • What is a Desktop Theme?
    • Changing the Ubuntu Desktop Theme
    • Downloading and Installing a Theme

  6. Configuring Ubuntu Desktop Fonts
    • Font Options on Ubuntu
    • Changing Font Settings
    • Font Rendering Settings
    • Advanced Font Rendering
    • Viewing Fonts in the Font Folder
    • Adding New Fonts

  7. Configuring the Ubuntu Desktop Panels
    • What are Desktop Panels
    • Changing the Position of a Panel
    • Adding and Deleting Desktop Panels
    • Changing the Appearance of a Desktop Panel
    • Adding Items to a GNOME Destop Panel
    • Adding Menus to a Panel
    • Changing the Number of Ubuntu Desktop Workspaces

  8. Configuring the Ubuntu Desktop Menu System
    • Customizing a Ubuntu Desktop Menu
    • Moving Menu Items
    • Adding and Deleting a Menu Item

  9. Ubuntu Desktop Visual Effects
    • Introducing Compiz Fusion
    • Changing the Default Visual Effects Settings
    • Advanced Desktop Effects Settings

  10. Enhance your Ubuntu Desktop with gDesklets
    • Installing gDesklets
    • Launching gDesklets
    • Moving a Desklet
    • Setting the Properties of a Desklet
    • Raising Desklets to the Front of the Desktop
    • Install New gDesklet Packages

  11. Browsing My Computer, Files and Folders on the Ubuntu Desktop
    • Accessing Nautilus
    • Nautilus and the Computer Icon
    • Adding Emblems to Files and Folders
    • Changing File and Folder Permissions
    • Renaming and Deleting Files and Folders

  12. Configuring the Ubuntu File Manager
    • Changing the File Manager Background Pattern and Color
    • Displaying Icons or Lists
    • Configuring the List View
    • Configuring the Icon View
    • Changing File Manager Behavior

  13. Ubuntu Desktop - Starting Applications on Login
    • Understanding Sessions
    • Configuring Desktop Startup Programs
    • Listing the Currently Running Programs
    • Saving the Current Session

  14. Ubuntu Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Viewing Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Changing a Shortcut
    • Disabling a Keyboard Shortcut

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