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June 20, 2008

JavaScript Manual of Style

Here is a very good free online JavaScript book, named JavaScript Manual of Style. It shows you how to create interactive and interesting web pages using JavaScript. It teaches you how JavaScript can make your Web pages come alive and be more dynamic and fun for the user, changing before their eyes. Topics covered by this JavaScript book include Outlined Document, Color Chooser, Forms Validation and Modification, Games, JavaScript Operators, and Built-in Objects and Functions.

Table of Contents of JavaScript Manual of Style:


Chapter 1   What Is JavaScript?

Chapter 2   What Can You Do with JavaScript?

Chapter 3   Style

Chapter 4   URL Patch

Chapter 5   An Outlined Document

Chapter 6   Color Chooser

Chapter 7   Form Validation

Chapter 8   Form Modification

Chapter 9   Games

Appendix A   ISO Latin-1 Character Set

Appendix B   JavaScript Reserved Words

Appendix C   A Review of HTML

Appendix D   JavaScript Operators

Appendix E   Built-in Objects and Functions

Appendix F   Online Resources

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