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July 4, 2008

Library and Tutorials for Oracle and PL-SQL

Here are some great learning and tutorial documents for Oracle Database. The first one listed and linked below is the whole Oracle 10g Documentation Library, hosted by California State University, and includes a search form to help you find what you're looking for. The second is a group of Oracle and PL-SQL tutorials from Stanford University.

Oracle Database 10g Release 2 (10.2) Documentation Library

Getting Started:
These books provide background information for new users or to get you started using Oracle 10g:

  - 2 Day DBA:  HTML  PDF
  - Concepts:  HTML  PDF
  - Administrator's Guide:  HTML  PDF
  - Master Glossary:  HTML  
  - New Features Guide:  HTML  PDF  

Most Popular Oracle Books:
These books contain the most commonly used information for general database administration and application development:

  - 2 Day DBA:  HTML  PDF
  - Concepts:  HTML  PDF
  - Administrator's Guide:  HTML  PDF
  - Application Developer's Guide - Fundamentals:  HTML  PDF
  - Reference:  HTML  PDF
  - Performance Tuning Guide:  HTML  PDF
  - PL/SQL User's Guide and Reference:  HTML  PDF
  - SQL Reference:  HTML  PDF

Main Sections of Oracle 10g Library:

  - Books
  - Administration
  - Application Development
  - OLTP
  - Data Warehousing
  - Grid Computing
  - Unstructured Data
  - Information Integration
  - Windows

Search Oracle 10g Library:

All Oracle Books

Oracle and PL-SQL Tutorials from Stanford University:

  - Using Oracle PL/SQL
  - Oracle Dates and Times
  - Oracle 9i SQL versus Standard SQL
  - Constraints and Triggers
  - Introduction to Pro*C Embedded SQL

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