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July 5, 2008

More Programming, IT, and Computer eBooks and Books

Here is another download site,, that hosts many freely available programming, IT, and computer ebooks and books in many areas, as listed below. When first accessing this site, you may need to accept a security session. These programming, IT, and computer ebooks are in pdf and chm formats. The ebooks in pdf format are downloadable, however, the books in chm format are not downloadable, instead they are online, so you will need to access them through your browser.

Topics for these Computer and Programming eBooks:

C++ Programming, C Programming, Design Patterns
Java, Java Certification, JSP, Java Servlet, Swing
Data Structures, Algorithms, OpenGL
CSS, JavaScript, Web Services, Web Design
PHP, Perl, XML, Python Programming
Flash, Photoshop, Regular Expressions
UML, RUP, Eclipse, Software Architecture
Visual C++, Windows Forms,
.NET Framework (dotNet), C# Programming (CSharp)
Shell Programming, Game Programming,
MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL, Oracle Database, Oracle 10g
Computer Security, Cryptography
Computer Networking, SSH, TCP-IP, VPN, Network+
Mobile Communication, Mobile Protocols, Wireless Networking
Computer Hardware Repair
Linux, Linux Networking, Linux Programming, Linux Kernel
Linux Security, Linux Commands, Linux System Admin
Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu Linux
Solaris, Unix, FreeBSD, LDAP
Project Management, CMMI, Business Intelligence
Agile Development, Extreme Programming, Six Sigma
Testing, Software Requirements, Business Rules
Windows 2003, MCSE, Active Directory, Windows Registry
Windows XP, Windows Vista
SQL Server 2005, Sharepoint, DirectX Programming
AutoCAD, Digital Photography and Camera
GSM, GPRS, Sendmail, Squid

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