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July 28, 2008

30 dotNET and Web Dev eBooks

Here are 30 Programming eBooks mainly covering dotNet Framework, C#, and Web Services and Network Programming. Also included are a few ebooks on Java, C and C++ programming, XSLT, PalmOS programming, and network security. These programming annd web application development ebooks are in chm and pdf formats

Topics for Programming eBook at this site:

 - C# (C Sharp)
 - C# Network Programming
 - C# Database Programming
 - Visual Studio . NET
 - VB .NET
 - Visual Basic
 - dotNET Mobile Web Programming
 - Windows CE .NET
 - .NET - Dot NET Framework
 - Dot NET Security and Cryptography
 - Java Programming
 - C and C++ Secure Programming
 - PalmOS Programming
 - Network Security
 - Network Performance
 - Web Services with XML RPC
 - Web Service Security 

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