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August 9, 2008

eBooks for .NET, Networking, and Database Design

Here are several Computing eBooks in pdf format from These ebooks cover .NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, XML, PHP and MySQL, Networking, Network Security, Database Design, JDBC, Linux Shell Scripting, and Windows 2003 Deployment. I have listed the topics below for the more recent ebooks on this site. Some of the books on this site are older and are therefore not helpful.

Programming eBooks:
 - Visual Studio .NET Macros and Add-ins
 - Computer Architecture and XML
 - XML Programming with dotNET
 - PHP and MySQL Programming
 - .NET Framework and Architecture
 - OOP and Visual Basic dotNET and Visual C#
 - ASP.NET Development
 - Visual C++ .NET
 - VB .NET Development

Networking and Security eBooks:
 - TCP-IP Basics
 - Network Security
 - Defending your Network
 - Defending your Website
 - Cisco IOS
 - Cisco Security
 - Ethernet

Database eBooks:
 - Database Design, Entity Relationships and Diagrams
 - Database Programming using JDBC and Java
 - Advanced Database Design

Operating System eBooks:
 - Linux Shell Scripting tutorial
 - Windows Server 2003 Deployment Resource Kit

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