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August 9, 2008

Free C++ Programming Textbook

Here is a freely available C++ Programming Textbook from Duke University: A Computer Science Tapestry, Exploring Computer Science and Programming with C++. All of the book's chapters are available in pdf format and are linked below, along with several C++ programming how tos. The data files referred to in the text are browsable here and the C++ code used is also available. And here are the author's Overhead slides for each chapter.

C++ Programming Text Book Contents:

Chapter 1 - Computer Science and Programming
Chapter 2 - C++ Programs: Form and Function 
Chapter 3 - Program Design and Implementation
Chapter 4 - Control, Functions, and Classes
Chapter 5 - Iteration with Programs and Classes
Chapter 6 - Classes, Iterators, and Patterns
Chapter 7 - Class Interfaces, Design, and Implementation
Chapter 8 - Arrrays, Data, and Random Access
Chapter 9 - Strings, Streams, and Operators
Chapter 10 - Recursion, Lists, and Matrices
Chapter 11 - Sorting, Templates, and Generic Programming
Chapter 12 - Dynamic Data, Lists, and Class Templates
Chapter 13 - Inheritance for Object-Oriented Design

C++ Programming How Tos:

How to use C++
How to format output and use streams
How to use the the class string
How to understand and use const
How to overload operators
How to understand and use standard libraries
How to understand and use Tapestry libraries
How to use the graphics library
How to cope with C++ environments Howto Cope with Codewarrior (html)

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