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September 2, 2008

Programming and Computer eBooks

Here is a programming and computer ebook repository at where you can download ebooks in the categories listed below. These freely available computer ebooks are in pdf and chm formats. Some of them are compressed in .rar format (you can use 7-Zip to uncompress them). The .rar files are not named with the ebook's name, instead they are named with a number, such as "1.rar", so don't be confused.

eBook Topics:

 - Java programming
 - C++ programming
 - Python programming
 - JavaScript
 - XML
 - UML
 - MySQL
 - Oracle Database 9.2
 - Apache
 - Enterprise JavaBeans,
 - Real-time programming
 - Linux System Administration
 - Linux Kernel
 - Embedded Linux
 - Bash Shell scripting

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