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November 6, 2008

Free PHP Programming Book

Here is Practical PHP Programming, a free online book covering how to program using PHP. The objective of this PHP book is to have fun while you learn how to program web pages and sites using PHP, even if you have not coded with PHP before. And for those looking to improve their PHP skills, there is a ton of good knowledge in this book covering advanced PHP functionality and features. You can start almost anywhere from the table contents, once you know the fundamentals of PHP. The book is arranged as a wiki.

Table of Contents of Practical PHP Programming:

  1. Introducing PHP
  2. Simple variables and operators
  3. Functions
  4. Arrays
  5. Object-oriented programming
  6. HTML forms
  7. Working with files
  8. Databases
  9. Cookies and sessions
  10. Multimedia
  11. XML and XSLT
  12. Output buffering
  13. Java and COM
  14. Networks
  15. Miscellaneous topics
  16. Security concerns
  17. Performance
  18. Writing PHP
  19. Writing extensions
  20. Alternative PHP uses
  21. Practical PHP
  22. Bringing it to a close
  23. The future of PHP
  24. Choosing an ISP
  25. Glossary

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