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December 24, 2008

Oracle For Beginners Online Book

Here is an online book titled Oracle For Beginners, written by P.Srikanth. This Oracle book shows you how to use Oracle to store, retrieve, manipulate and process data. It reviews the basics of relational database management system and then discussed more advanced topics, including native dynamic SQL and distributed databases. The book's 24 chapters cover the Oracle8i database, and the author has provided further articles and tutorials that discuss many of the new features of Oracle9i, Oracle10g, and Oracle11g databases, which are linked below.

Oracle Book Chapters:

1. Introduction to RDBMS
2. Introduction to Oracle
3. Getting started with Oracle
4. Creating sample tables
5. Changing structure and data
6. Arithmetic and Date Functions
7. String, Conversion,and Miscellaneous functions
8. Grouping Data
9. Joining Tables
11. Subqueries
12. Indexing, clustering, sequence, and pseudo columns
13. Security
14. Report Generation using SQL*PLUS commands
15. Introduction to PL/SQL
16. Control structures
17. Exception handling
18. Cursor Handling
19. Procedures,functions and packages
20. Database Triggers
21. LOBs
22. Object Types
23. VARRAY and Nested Table
24. Native Dynamic SQL

Tutorials covering new Oracle database functionality:
 - New Features of Oracle9i
 - Installing and using Oracle Databsae 10g Express Edition
 - Accessing Oracle10g Express Edition From Java
 - Getting started with Oracle Database 10g
 - Regular Expressions in Oracle10g
 - New Features of Oracle Database 11g

Here are 3 more Oracle articles from the author:
 - Oracle History
 - Accessing Oracle using Pro*C
 - Using SQL Commands In Pro*C

Here are SQL scripts for creating sample tables and inserting data into those tables. You can run these scripts at SQL prompt in SQL*PLUS using START command.
 - Script to create sample tables
 - Script to insert data into sample tables

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