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January 21, 2009

The Woork Handbook: Web Dev, CSS, and Ajax

Here is the Woork Handbook which is an ebook by Antonio Lupetti covering web design and web programming. This 133-page ebook teaches and demonstrates these web development technologies: CSS, AJAX, PHP, MooTools, Scriptaculous, SQL, and Web Database. Here is the direct download link for this ebook in pdf format.

Table of Contents of the Woork Handbook:

Cascade Style Sheets:
 - Useful guidelines to improve CSS coding and maintainability
 - Write a well structured CSS file without becoming crazy
 - CSS coding: semantic approach in naming convention
 - Three column fixed layout structure using CSS
 - Top Down approach to simplify your CSS code
 - Perfect pagination style using CSS
 - Clean CSS Form using CSS
 - Clean and pure CSS FORM design
 - Liquid layer with rounded corners using css
 - Liquid expandable section with rounded corners using CSS
 - Liquid styled input element with CSS
 - Clean Tab Bar Digg-like using CSS
 - Digg-like navigation bar using CSS
 - Organize and design a navigation bar for your site using CSS,
 - PHP and URL variables
 - Nice login and signup panel Newsvine-like using CSS
 - Tips to design your site for mobile devices

 - Introduction to design a Entities-Relationship Model
 - Create tables and relationships with SQL
 - Using PHP and SQL to create tables and relationships
 - Create relationships between database table using phpMyAdmin

 - Ajax basic: create your first XMLhttpRequest file
 - How to solve Internet Explorer cache issue in Ajax
 - Insert record into a database table using Ajax and PHP
 - Insert record into a database table using Ajax and Coldfusion
 - Edit in place with Scriptaculous and PHP
 - Delete record with Ajax using prototypejs and PHP
 - Simple search engine in Ajax and PHP

MooTools, Scriptaculous and other Javascript frameworks:
 - MooTools basic tips for web designer part
 - MooTools basic tips for web designer part
 - Nice vertical menu with motion and opacity effect
 - Simple ul list with a nice slide-out effect for <li> elements
 - Lightbox using mootools and pathfusion multibox
 - Interaction with HTML FORM
 - Super elastic effect to design high impact web menu
 - Nice vertical menu with motion and opacity effect
 - Toggle effect using Scriptaculous
 - Drag and drop to order list elements with Scriptaculous
 - Simple sort script using Stuart Langridge's sortabejs

Blogger (blogspot):
 - Add delicious button with counter in your blogger posts
 - Add DZone button on Blogger template
 - Add Technorati blog reaction on your Blogger Template
 - Add Yahoo! Buzz button on Blogger Template
 - Add Digg vote button on Blogger Template (update)
 - Place Google AdSense below post's title on Blogger
 - Some Blogger Tips you probably don't know
 - Twitter: send message from a PHP page using Twitter API
 - Parsing Feed RSS to HTML using MagpieRSS and PHP
 - Five optimal online Photo Editors you may try
 - Free tools to create your own social network Facebook-like
 - Interesting font for web design

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