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February 28, 2009

12 Java Training Docs and eBooks

Here are 12 Java Programming Training Docs and eBooks that will help you learn Java and become a more effective and efficient Java programming. They cover many Java topics, including concurrent Java programming, Java Networking programming, Jakata Struts, JSP, Java Threads, J2ME, Cryptography, Peer To Peer, and Java Web Services.

The Java Language Specification, Second Edition
(mirror, mirror)

1 Introduction
2 Grammars
3 Lexical Structure
4 Types, Values, and Variables
5 Conversions and Promotions
6 Names
7 Packages
8 Classes
9 Interfaces
10 Arrays
11 Exceptions
12 Execution
13 Binary Compatibility
14 Blocks and Statements
15 Expressions
16 Definite Assignment
17 Threads and Locks
18 Syntax

Concurrent Programminging Java  (pdf, 215 slides, 574kb)
(mirror, mirror)

Models, design forces, Java
Designing objects for concurrency
Immutability, locking, state dependence, containment, splitting
Introducing concurrency into applications
Autonomous loops, oneway messages, interactive messages, cancellation
Concurrent application architectures
Flow, parallelism, layering
Using, building, and documenting reusable concurrent classes

Java Network Programming  (pdf, 407 pages, 3.2mb)

Network Concepts
Web Concepts
Streams, Threads
URLs and URIs
Swing with HTML
Sockets for Clients and Servers
Non-Blocking I/O
UDP Datagrams and Sockets
Multicast Sockets
Protocol Handlers
Content Handlers
Remote Method Invocation

Core Java 2  (pdf, 783 pages, 8.1mb)
(mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)

Introduction to Java
The Java Programming Environment
Programming Structures in Java
Objects and Classes
Interfaces and Inner Classes
Graphics Programming
Event Handling
User Interface Components with Swing
Exceptions and Debugging
Streams and Files

more Java learning and training documents:

Jakarta Struts Programming (pdf)
(mirror, mirror, mirror)

JavaServer Pages (JSP)  (pdf)
(mirror, mirror, mirror)

Java Threads  (pdf)
(mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)

J2ME  (pdf)
(mirror, mirror, mirror, mirror)

Java Cryptography  (pdf)
(mirror, mirror, mirror)

Java Peer To Peer Programming  (pdf)
(mirror, mirror, mirror)

Java Web Services  (pdf)
(mirror, mirror, mirror)

Programming eBook
(mirror, mirror, mirror)

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