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July 21, 2009

15 Easy-To-Follow Lessons in Web Design and Development

Here is a short ebook from Ace Web Solutions titled "Let’s Learn Something - 15 Short and Easy-To-Follow Lessons in Web Design and Development". This book was written with both the novice and expert in mind. It aims to highlight various “gotchas” that the author has encountered during the course of his career. Here is the direct link to this pdf ebook (26 pages, 113kb).

Contents of 15 Short and Easy-To-Follow Lessons in Web Design and Development:

Lesson 1: The Box Model
Lesson 2: CSS Positioning
Lesson 3: Coding to your top 5 priorities
Lesson 4: DIV tags and Setting Heights
Lesson 5: Tables are so 1990s
Lesson 6: Much Ado about DocTypes
Lesson 7: To List or not to List
Lesson 8: A Lesson in Website Optimization
Lesson 9: CSS Resetting
Lesson 10: TRouBLe TRouBLes
Lesson 11: Coding to Web Standards
Lesson 12: CSS Rollovers vs Image Rollovers
Lesson 13: Website Architecture
Lesson 14: Are you in LoVe? HA!
Lesson 15: Testing/Quality Assurance

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