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July 29, 2009

1500 Programming and Computer ebooks

Here is a google search ("") that returns over 1500 direct download links to freely available programming and computer ebooks. The text and links on this site, located at, are rendered in white on a white background, so you cannot actually see them. Also, the font size is very small. You can see them if you do a 'select all' in your browser, and then hover your mouse over the links. Alternatively, you can save the html source and remove the style from the page to see all the links. The google search is actually a nice way to access the links, because you can modify this search for topics you are looking for by adding one or more keywords. I have done that with the search  links below.

eBook Topics by search keyword:

 - Linux
 - C++ Programming
 - C# Programming
 - Java Programming
 - Ajax
 - Flex
 - Flash
 - JavaScript
 - PHP
 - Oracle
 - Security
 - Wireless
 - Windows

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