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July 31, 2009

45,000 Free Computer Book Chapters

Here is a google search on four different technical and computer book publishers that returns over 45,000 free computer book chapters. These resources cover a wide variety of topics and areas. To narrow your search and focus in on what you're looking for, just add your keyword(s) to this search, in the front, before the site:publisher keywords. I have given you some links for several topics below to get you started.

 - Ajax
 - GWT (Google Web Toolkit)
 - JavaScript
 - C++ programming
 - C# programming
 - ASP .Net
 - PHP
 - Flex
 - Rich Internet Application
 - Agile Development
 - MySQL
 - Oracle
 - SQL Server
 - Linux
 - Windows 2008
 - A+ Certification
 - Network+ Certification
 - Cisco

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