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August 30, 2009

11 C and C++ eBooks

Here are 11 good C and C++ Programming eBooks that are linked from Some of these C++ ebooks are quick refreshers that introduce C and C++ programming concepts and topics in Windows, while other C++ programming ebooks use Linux. Some of the ebooks provide information about GUI (Grapical User Interface) C++ programming, while others discuss C++ data structures and object oriented design. All the ebooks help programmers understand C and C++ concepts using code samples and their outputs.

 - Network Programming under C/C++
 - C++ A Beginner’s guide
 - C++ For Dum
 - C++ Complete Reference
 - C in 24 Days.
 - C++ in 21 Days.
 - Visual C++ in 21 Days
 - C++ for Linux in 21 Days
 - C++ Plus Data Structures
 - C++ Nut
 - C++ GUI Programming With Qt 4 

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