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October 26, 2009

Programming Tutorials and eBooks

Here are many Programming Tutorials and eBooks, hosted at Arab American University. These programming ebooks and tutorials will help you learn most of the popular programming languages. After going through these you will be able to understand and apply tips, tricks, and techniques to effectively use in your programming and code development. Programming languages that are covered here include C++, Perl, Java, EJB, C#, VB .NET, Assembly, UML, and XML. All of these ebooks and programming learning materials can be used as references by both novice and expert developers. They are in pdf format. Here is a small number of these programming ebooks and tutorials:

 - Flash MX ActionScript ebook
 - Java ebook  Java ebook 2
 - Intoduction to Java
 - Java 2 Network Security
 - C++ ebook
 - Borland C++ ebook
 - Perl ebook  Perl ebook 2
 - Java Programming Handbook
 - Enterprise JavaBeans  EJB ebook 2
 - Developer's Guide
 - Assembly Language 32-bit
 - Thinking in C++, 2nd ed
 - Thinking in Java, 2nd Edition
 - JBuilder ebook
 - Building Applications with JBuilder
 - Linux Administrators Security Guide
 - Developing opentools
 - VB .Net Programming Guide
 - C# and dotNet Developer guide
 - C# building .NET applications
 - Visual Basic .NET ebook
 - Web Application Development
 - Web Services Development
 - MCSD Study Guide
 - Java Programming Language, Part 1
 - Java Programming Language, Part 2

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