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January 10, 2011

15 Web Design Guides and eBooks

Here are links and descriptions for 15 Web Design Guides and eBooks that will help you plan, design, develop, and manage your website, helping your effectively create a presence and footprint on the web to support your goals and/or business. They cover and show critical web design topics you need to fully think about and plan for, including presentation, layout, site management, intelligence/analytics, search engine optimization (SEO), usability, interactivity, social networking, and marketing. All of these web design guides and ebooks are in pdf format.

Design Your Imagination, Free Web Design E-Book  (50 pages, 446kb)
Web design incorporates design and graphics that complement the content written for the pages of a web site. This ebook covers web design up to its latest trends and also discusses the principles of web design and how to avoid common mistakes.
 - What is Web Design
 - History of Web Design
 - Website Design Principles
 - Simple Steps on How to Design a Website Quickly and Effectively
 - The Use of Color in Web Design
 - Designing a Logo
 - Website Planning
 - Purpose of a Website
 - Target Audience
 - Layout Design
 - Liquid versus Fixed layout Design
 - CSS versus Tables for Layout Design
 - Tips fo SEO Friendly Web Design
 - Content
 - Flash Web Design
 - E-Commerce Web Design
 - Latest Trends in Web Design
 - Web Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
 - The Use of images in Web Design
 - Web Design and Marketing

These 6 Web Design Tutorials have been put together to help you successfully present and market your business online.
Website 101: Visual Design And Content (6 pages, 346kb) - The design of your website, its look and feel, should connect with your target audience and strive to create a bond between your product and the consumer. A user will automatically associate the quality of your website with the quality of your offer.
Website 101: Usability and Technology (6 pages, 302kb) - Usability refers to the “elegance and clarity with which the interaction with a website is designed”. In other words, usability is the practice of designing websites to be more effective, efficient and satisfying.
Video For Your Website (11 pages, 413kb) - Learn to make short videos, upload them on video sharing sites (such as YouTube) and display them on your website.
Search Engines 101 (5 pages, 354kb) - Explains how search engines work and why a website needs to follow a search-engine–friendly format.
Critical Components Of Optimising A Website (9 pages, 467kb) - Takes you through the steps to successfully optimise your website for search engines.
Keywords (9 pages, 365kb) - Keywords are the key to a successful web strategy. This tutorial will cover everything you need to know about keywords from research to implementation on your website.

Web site Development and Design  (2 pages, 200kb)
A very detailed and succint 2-page diagram flow on 7 areas to focus on when designing and developing a web site.
1. Web Site Management
2. Layout
3. Color
4. Imagery & Texture
5. Typography
6. Specific Considerations
7. Overall & specific resources

Understanding Your Website, for small business owners in 2010  (115 pages, 2.0mb)
This ebook provides an overview of what can be done with your Web presence, so that you can understand the online environment and how your business can take advantage of it.
 - The Open Source CMS
 - Search Engine Marketing
 - Mobile Devices
 - Analytics
 - Email Newsletters
 - RSS and Blogs, The Social Stream
 - Ecommerce
 - Controlling Access
 - Email
 - Data Safety
 - Domains, Hosting
 - Maintaining Your Site
 - Content Integration

Organic Web Design and Marketing Tips  (14 pages, 741kb)
Nurturing your Website for top search engine placement.
1. Choose your search engine keyword phrases carefully
2. Design your website to be search engine friendly around your keyword phrases 
3. Promote your Website on the Internet with your keyword phrases in mind

8 Step Checklist for On-Site SEO  (11 pages, 1.1mb)
Search engine optimization is the process of improving the volumn and quality of traffic to a website or blog from search engines via "natural" or "organic" search results for targeted keywords.
1. Meta tags
2. Image Alt tags
3. Sitemaps
4. Robots.txt
5. Domain and Keywords
6. Home Page
7. Inner Pages and Content
8. Internal Link Building

Web Intelligence Tips and Tricks eBook, version 2  (39 pages, 7.3mb)
Presents and reviews tips and techniques in these 6 areas of web intelligence:
 - The Web Analytics ecosystem
 - Social Media Text mining
 - Traffic Attribution
 - Keyword Research
 - Web Analytics Debugging
 - Link Analysis
 - Click-Through Rate Optimization
 - Social Media Measurement
 - Landing Page Optimization

The Social Website Pr imer  (15 pages, 1.4mb)
Any site wor th its salt needs to enable user interaction and content sharing. A social website is any site that invites people to participate by publicly sharing their thoughts, feedback, opinions, links and any content they’ve created as well as images and videos. It also encourages them to share their experiences with friends or colleagues – whether on the site or beyond – and makes it easy to do so. Be sure to check out "How to go social: Top ten tips" on page 11. Two pages near end are ads.

How To Think And Act Like A Publisher  (14 pages, 194kb)
A B2B Marketer’s Guide To Content Marketing
If you want to be armed with a better way to reach your customers through the creation helpful, useful content, then this eBook is for you. Discusses six core areas of publishing:
1. Profit
2. Editorial
3. Production
4. Circulation
5. Distribution
6. Seeking The Next Opportunity

Finally, here is a great 242-page web design ebook titled Professional Web Design. You can purchase it for $9.90. (I receive no commissions.) You can check out this google search to download samples of it or all of it. This book presents guidelines for professional Web development, including communicating with clients, creating a road map to a successful portfolio, rules for professional networking and tips on designing user interfaces for business Web applications.

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