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January 15, 2011

How-to Program online book

This How-to Program book is for those wanting to learn how to program or needing a refresher of programming basics. It provides you all the information and examples necessary to first understand, and then to apply, the fundamentals of computer programming and how to code computer programs. The books focus is programming logic and how it is used by developers to write efficient and effective computer programs. The beginning chapters teach logic structures and structured programming, and the later chapters discuss and demonstrate more advanced programming techniques, such as object orientated and event driven programming. The examples provided in the book include pseudo code, flowcharts, UML (Unified Modeling Language), illustrations, case studies, and coding examples in Python, Visual Basic .Net, Java. The chapters are from 35 to 57 pages in length each, and in doc format. PDF format is also available.

Contents of How to Program book:

Chapter 1 Understanding Program Logic and Programming (pdf)

Chapter 2 Introduction to Program Logic (pdf)

Chapter 3 Fundamentals of Program Development (pdf)

Chapter 4 Control Structure Fundamentals (pdf)

Chapter 5 Fundamentals of Modularization (pdf)

Chapter 6 Introduction to Arrays and Structures (pdf)

Chapter 7 The Basics of Files and Databases (pdf)

Chapter 8 Learning About Classes and Objects (pdf)

Chapter 9 Object Orientated Programming Continued (pdf)

Chapter 10 Object Orientated Programming Design (pdf)

Chapter 11 Fundamentals of Event Driven Programming (pdf)

Chapter 12 Graphical User Interface Programming Fundamentals (pdf)

Chapter 13 Project Start to Finish (pdf)

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