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September 2, 2010

403 Downloadable Computer and Programming eBooks

Here are 403 freely available and downloadable computer and programming ebooks, covering many topics and areas, as listed below. These computer ebooks are in chm and pdf formats, along with some in compressed zip format.

Topics covered by these Computer and Programming eBooks:

 - C ++ programming
 - C++ Game programming
 - C++ Data Structures
 - C++ Design Patterns, Coding Standards
 - C language Algorithms
 - Linux programming
 - XML
 - Cryptography using C and C++
 - DB2
 - Compilers
 - Linux System Administration
 - Embedded Linix, Linux Kernel, Linux Device Drivers
 - Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Fedora Linux
 - Unix administration
 - Wireless Networking
 - Wifi Security
 - dotNet programming
 - ASP .Net
 - ASP .Net Ajax
 - VB .Net programming (Visual Basic dotNet )
 - VB .Net Algorithms and Data Structures
 - Visual C++ programming
 - ADO .Net
 - MSCE/MSDE 70-330, 70 340 - C# (C Sharp) and VB .Net Security
 - Borland C++ Builder
 - Windows Administation

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April 8, 2009

500 Computer and Progamming eBooks

Here is an ftp repository containing over 500 Computer and Progamming eBooks, in pdf and chm formats. The topics and areas covered by these computer and programming ebooks are listed below. This site is working fine at this time, but may become busy as it becomes known.

eBook Topics:

 - Java Programming
 - Java Certification
 - Java Algorithms
 - Wireless and Bluetooth Java
 - Java Performance and Security
 - JSP, Java Servlets, EJB, JDBC
 - C++ Programming
 - C++ Network Programming
 - JavaScript
 - PHP Programming
 - SOAP and Web Services
 - Perl Programming
 - Python Programming
 - Linux Administration, LAMP
 - Red Hat Linux, Debian Linux
 - Linux Networking, Beowulf Cluster
 - Unix, Solaris
 - Shell Scripting
 - Apache Modules Perl and C
 - Networking, TCP-IP
 - Assembly Language
 - SQL
 - MySQL
 - PostgreSQL
 - DB2 Database
 - Oracle Database
 - Oracle Applications
 - SQL Server
 - Windows Server 2003
 - Windows XP
 - C Sharp (C#) Programming
 - ASP .NET, ADO .Net
 - dotNET (.NET) Programming with Security
 - Visual Basic .NET
 - Windows Forms Programming
 - Active Directory
 - MCSA, MCCE 70-293 70-298 70-299
 - PC Hardware

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January 17, 2009

.NET, ASP.NET, and ADO.NET Tutorials by Srikanth

Here are some more tutorials from Srikanthtechnologies Articles Archive, these cover learning .NET, ASP.NET, and ADO.NET.

- Convert Data From MS Excel To SQL Server
How to load data from a worksheet of .XLS (MS Excel) file to a table in SQL Server 2005.

- File System Monitoring Using Windows Service
Describes step-by-step how to monitor file system to keep track of creation, deletion, updation and renaming of files in a folder in the file system.

- Using MySQL 5.0 with .NET
Steps for installing MySql 5.0  and Connector/NET, then how to connect to MySql Database from .NET.

- Working with Image, Sql Server and ASP.NET 2.0
Explains a simple application to store and retrieve images in Sql Server Database using Asp.NET 2.0.

- Calling Oracle Stored Procedure From ASP.NET
Shows how to call a stored procedure of Oracle Database 10g from ASP.NET using ADO.NET.

- Working with images in ASP.NET
How to insert a row that contains an image into SQL Server database, and how to display rows along with the image.

- Dynamically creating database and tables in ASP.NET
This teaches how to create a SQL Server database and tables using scripting.

- Private assembly Vs. Global assembly
How to create a class library  and an assembly and start using them,and converting a private assembly to global assembly.

- Creating RSS Reader
Shows step-be-step what is RSS and how to write a program in ASP.NET to read an RSS feed to display the feed information in your website.

ADO.NET Tutorial
This tutorial teaches you how to use ADO.NET to access data in the .NET Framework 2.
- Introduction To ADO.NET
- Using OLEDBDataReader and OLEDBCommand
- Using DataSet
- Working with XML in ADO.NET

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