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June 22, 2009

7 Eclipse Video Tutorials

These 7 Eclipse Video Tutorials at showmedo explain and demonstratge this development platform by using video tutorials. Eclipse is a multi-language software development platform comprising an IDE and plug-ins for a variety of languages such as C, C++, Java, Perl, Python and more. Support for each of these languages is added via the use of language specific plug-ins. These Eclipse video tutorials cover the plug-ins for Ruby, Java and PyDev in detail.

Ruby and the RDT Eclipse Ruby Plugin
This video tutorial explains how to install the Ruby plug-in for Eclipse to work in Ruby. This tutorial also explains how to effectively create the ‘Hello World’ program in Ruby, and to add two numbers and display the result.

Using Eclipse for Java Programming (4 videos)
These video tutorials explain some of the features that you need to start working with Eclipse in Java. It starts off with a simple Java program, moving on to explain some of it features and using the CVS in Eclipse

 - A first Java program in Eclipse
 - Code-completion in Eclipse
 - The rename refactoring tool in Eclipse
 - Using CVS inside Eclipse

PyDev Eclipse IDE Videos (2 videos)
These video tutorials explain how to use the Eclipse IDE for scripting in Python by introducing PyDev extensions and the PyDev IDE.

 - Introducing PyDev Extensions
 - Introducing the PyDev IDE for Eclipse

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January 5, 2008

222 Open Source Online Books and Tutorials

Here is a website,, that offers 222 freely available online books and tutorial articles covering open source technologies. Most of these are written in English, some are in Chinese. The numbers below refer to the number of English books. These will help you learn how to program in open source languages and frameworks, such as Eclipse, Perl, Ruby, PHP, and Python. These will also help you gain knowledge and increase your skills with Ubuntu Linux, Red Hat Linux, Fedora, Suse Linux, the Linux Kernel, and Embedded Linux.

Open Source Books and Tutorials:

78 Programming Languages Books and Tutorials
 - 7 Eclipse Books and Tutorials
 - 31 Perl Books and Tutorials
 - 6 Ruby Books and Tutorials
 - 9 PHP Books and Tutorials
 - 23 Python Books and Tutorials

25 Linux Distribution Books and Tutorials
 - 5 Ubuntu Linux Books and Tutorials
 - 8 RedHat / Fedora Linux Books and Tutorials
 - 5 SuSE Linux Books and Tutorials

4 Linux Kernel Books and Artilces

13 Embedded Linux Books and Tutorials

14 Shell Programming Books and Tutorials

23 MySQL Books and Tutorials

5 PostgreSQL Books and Tutorials

11 Apache Books and Tutorials

6 Samba EBooks and Tutorials

15 Email Books and Tutorials

22 Security Books and Tutorials
 - Antivirus
 - Cryptography
 - Firewall
 - Internet IDS
 - Kerberos
 - System Security

6 OpenOffice Books and Tutorials

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December 28, 2007

50 Most Popular Posts on's Blog

I think this is interesting and important information that I need to share with everyone. Here are the 50 most popular posts's Blog, as of December 28, 2007.

1.100% 35 Free C and C++ Programming Books and Ebooks
2.96% Over 250 Computer Ebooks and Books
3.95% Free Microsoft MCSE MCSD Certification Ebooks
4.88% Best 27 Eclipse Tutorials by IBM
5.79% Best Eclipse Tutorials and Videos on the Web
6.71% Almost 2000 Free Computer Books
7.71% 14 Free Mainframe Computer Books
8.68% 18 Free Linux Books and Guides
9.68% Free Software Engineering Course Book
10.68% 16 Free Programming and Web Development Ebooks
11.66% Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge
12.66% 3 Free Ebooks: MCSE Certification and Windows Server 2003
13.65% 71 Free Computer Programming Books
14.65% Free Books on PHP, C++, Linux, Windows Server 2003, Win Registry, and Cisco
15.65% 81 AJAX and 24 JavaScript Ebooks
16.65% 12 Linux Books Online
17.64% Ebooks covering Python, PHP, ASP .Net, Perl, and JSP
18.64% 150 Free Computer Ebooks
19.61% GeekInterview - Interview Questions and Answers
20.61% Best Free Study Guide for A+ Hardware and Operating Systems
21.60% 29 Books and Tutorials for DotNET, C#, VB .NET and ASP .NET
22.58% 100 Java Programming and Web Development Ebooks
23.57% 9 Free Online Books - Java, C++, Database
24.56% SQL Server 2005 Books Search
25.56% Free Book on Python Programming and Natural Language
26.56% 15 Ebooks for C++, C#, VB .Net, and Visual Studio
27.55% Free Microsoft Technology Ebooks: MCSE, Windows, CSharp, VB .Net, C++
28.55% Sun Certification Practice Exams and Ebooks
29.55% Thinkfree Doc Exchange
30.54% 11 Programming Ebooks
31.54% 20 Linux eBooks
32.54% SAP ABAP Tutorials and Examples
33.54% New Free Linux Book: Linux Kernel in a Nutshell
34.54% Java and J2EE Job Interview Ebook
35.53% 400 Oracle Database FAQs and Tutorials
36.53% 8 Free Programming Books: C++, C Sharp, Java, Linux
37.53% Free ASP .Net eBook
38.52% 154 Free Book Chapters from
39.52% SAP and ABAP Books, Tutorials, and Samples
40.52% Over 100 I.T. and Programming Ebooks
41.51% More Ebooks from esnips
42.51% Oracle and Novell Certification Practice Exams
43.50% Java Programming Tutorials and Chapters
44.50% 144 Freely Available Computer Ebooks
45.49% 67 Freely Available eBooks
46.49% Free eBook Source
47.49% Free Visual Basic .Net Debugging eBook
48.48% 4 Free Ajax Ebooks
49.48% Over 450 Computer and Programming Ebooks
50.48% Over 100 Computer and Programming Ebooks

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