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January 14, 2010

21 PHP and Web Development Tutorials

Here are 21 PHP and Web Development Tutorials, at Switch On The Code. These tutorials will teach you some important aspects of PHP, along with Flex, JSON, Silverlight, and Ajax. Topics covered here include using sIFR in WordPress, CakePHP, Silverlight and PHP, creating and modifying SQLite databases, basic JavaScript with jQuery, sending Fles data to PHP using XMl etc. The topics are demonstrated with code examples given needed. I think you will find these tutorials on PHP and web development useful.

21 PHP and Web Development Tutorials:

 - Using sIFR in WordPress
 - Flex & PHP - Creating WoW Armory Search Widget
 - Creating an IM Bot using PHP and IMified
 - Creating XML Documents in PHP
 - Silverlight 2 & PHP Tutorial - Transmitting data using JSON
 - PHP Tutorial - Creating and Modifying SQLite Databases
 - Drupal 6 Basic Javascript w/ jQuery
 - Using a PHP Proxy with Flex to talk Cross Domain
 - Basic LINQ Syntax in PHP with PHPLinq
 - Simple AJAX - PHP and Javascript
 - Sending Flex Data to PHP using XML
 - Flex, PHP, JSON, MySQL - Advanced Updating
 - Using Flex, PHP, and JSON to Modify a MySQL Database
 - Secure Authentication Without SSL Using Javascript
 - Flex & PHP Tutorial - Transmitting data using JSON
 - CakePHP Part 6 - Pagination!
 - CakePHP Part 5 - Creating a Separate Add View
 - CakePHP 4 - Saving and Validating Data
 - CakePHP - Using Helpers
 - CakePHP - Building Your First Site
 - CakePHP - Setup and Configuration

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January 13, 2010

Flex and ActionScript Tutorials

Here are many good Flex and ActionScript Tutorials, hosted at Switch On The Code. Here you will be learning about Adobe Flex which is a software development kit released by Adobe Systems for the development and deployment of cross-platform rich Internet applications(RIA). The various topics that are extensively covered here are Flex DataGrid, adding dynamic rows, custom sorting, using a PHP proxy with Flex to talk cross domain, links to Adobe Flex resources, Flex and Yahoo maps, asynchronous JPEG encoder, Adobe AIR and Flex etc. All of these topics are explained and described thoroughly with the help of code snippets and screen shots.

Flex and ActionScript Tutorials:

 - Flex DataGrid Custom Sorting
 - Flex & PHP - Creating WoW Armory Search Widget
 - Flex DataGrid Adding Rows using a Popup
 - Flex HTTPService - Retrieving Data From Flickr
 - Showing the Hand Cursor in Flex
 - Adobe Max 2008 Round Up
 - Flex Snippet - Using FlashVars
 - Flex and Actionscript Getting Class Information
 - Flex Snippet - Using ChangeWatcher
 - Adding Dynamic Rows To Flex DataGrid
 - Flex DataGrid Selected Row Styling
 - Accessing DataGrid ItemRenderers
 - Flex Authority - A New Flex Trade Magazine
 - Simple DataGrid Item Editor in Flex
 - Flex DataGrid Goodies - Row Color and Others
 - Simple Flex Drag and Drop
 - Using a PHP Proxy with Flex to talk Cross Domain
 - Adobe AIR and Flex - SQLConnection
 - Flex BrowserManager - Browser History and the Back Button Fun
 - Building Flex Degrafa Tic Tac Toe - Part 1
 - Flex Custom Cursor Tutorial
 - Flex - Rotating Cube ViewStack Component
 - Flex & Degrafa Tic Tac Toe Tutorial Series Introduction
 - Nested Data in Flex DataGrid by Extending DataGridColumn
 - Getting Started with Adobe Flex and Away3D
 - Best Adobe Flex Resources and Tutorial Sites
 - Flex Tutorial - Image ItemRenderer
 - Flex Tutorial - DataGrid in a DataGrid
 - Interview with Darrin Massena, Picnik CTO
 - Flex 3 and Adobe AIR Released
 - Flex And Yahoo Maps
 - Flex Tutorial - Runtime Button Icons using Flash symbols
 - Flex Snippet - Duplicating a Vector (Movieclip) Image
 - Flex Tutorial - An Asynchronous JPEG Encoder
 - Couple Adobe Dev Center Articles
 - The Flex Drop Shadow
 - Flex Tutorial - Change the List Selection Indicator
 - Q&A on Flex and Silverlight
 - Sending Flex Data to PHP using XML
 - Flex Snippet - Simple Tween Effects
 - Flex Snippet Series - State Transitions
 - Adobe AIR and Flex - Getting Started
 - Adobe AIR Beta 2
 - Flex Fantastic Friday - Pop Up Menus and More
 - Flex Snippet Series - States Part One
 - Flex - Using Item Renderers
 - Flex Snippet Tutorial - Bindable Meta Tag Part 3
 - Flex Fun - Advanced DataGrid Topics
 - Flex, PHP, JSON, MySQL - Advanced Updating
 - Communicate Between Flex and Silverlight using Javascript
 - Flex Snippet Tutorial - Using The TextRange Class
 - How to use Flex to get Music Info from Amazon Web Services
 - Flex Snippet Tutorial - Application Creation Life Cycle Events
 - Flex Snippet Tutorial - View Stack Component
 - Using Flex, PHP, and JSON to Modify a MySQL Database
 - Flex Snippet Tutorial - Bindable Meta Tag Part 2
 - Flex Friday Feature - Datagrid Component
 - Flex Snippet Tutorial - Bindable Meta Tag Part 1
 - Flex & Javascript Tutorial - Simple Interaction
 - Flex & PHP Tutorial - Transmitting data using JSON
 - Dynamic Classes in Flex and Actionscript
 - Adobe AIR and Flex - Getting Started

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November 17, 2009

Flex Tutorials at

Here are several excellent Adobe Flex Tutorials and Learning Materials, at, that explain how Flex works and how to use it to effectively build and create Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Flex uses the Adobe Flash platform to create user friendly, interactive, and multimedia web applications. These Flex tutorials start out with the basics, move onto creating a sample RIA, and then teach the things that Flex developers need to know for building compelling and interactive Flex applications.

Get Oriented to Flex
This section introduces you to Flex with an overview in animation and the technology comparisons between Flex, ASP.Net, ColdFusion, Java and PHP.

 - Animated Overview
 - Technology Comparisons
   - Flex and ASP.NET
   - Flex and ColdFusion
   - Flex and Java
   - Flex and PHP

Part I. Creating a Simple RIA
This Flex tutorial discusses the different code anatomy, code files and learning points used to create a simple RIA.

 - Learning Points
 - Code Files
 - Code Anatomy
 - RIA Tutorial

Part II. Exchanging Data
This section shows you how data is exchanged between different services in both XML and plain text formats.

 - Learning Points
 - Code Files
 - Code Anatomy
 - Tutorial

Part III. Top Things You Need to Know
This Flex tutorial teaches some of the important things you need to know when working with Flex, such as working with data, designing a UI, displaying a list of items, and multi-page applications.

 - Working with Data
   - Binding and Modeling
   - CRUD - Dynamic
   - CRUD - Static
   - E4X
   - External Interface
   - Local Connections
   - Shared Objects
   - Validation and Formatting
 - Handling Events
   - Event Demo
   - Event Listeners
   - Event Propagation
   - Simple UI Event
 - Designing a UI - Layout
   - Application Container
   - Box Model
   - Canvas - absolute
   - Canvas - relative
   - Combined Layout
   - Form
   - MXML vs ActionScript 3.0
   - Panel
 - Displaying lists of items
   - DataGrid
   - Item Renderers
   - Lists
   - TileList
 - Multi-page applications
   - Accordion
   - TabBar and LinkBar
   - TabNavigator
   - ViewStack
 - Customizing components
   - ActionScript 3.0
   - Code Behind
   - Composite Component
   - Multiple Composite Components
   - MXML
 - Debug your application
   - Debugging tutorial

Part IV. Building Your Own Flex Application
This section discusses and shows how to build your own Flex applications and how to integrate them into web pages.

 - Backwards Compatibility Issues
 - Creating Flex Builder Projects that Use Server Technologies
   - Creating a BlazeDS messaging application in Flex Builder
   - Creating a BlazeDS web service application in Flex Builder
 - Flex Builder 3 Compiler Errors
 - Moving to Flex from Authorware
 - Tips, tricks, and techniques

This section contains further resources for Adobe Flex including projects, documents, development center and a showcase.

 - Download Projects
 - Flex 3 LiveDocs
 - Flex 3 Component Explorer
 - Flex 3 Style Explorer
 - Flex Developer Center
 - Flex Showcase
 - Flex Cookbook

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July 31, 2009

Free Training to Learn Flex in a Week

Here are Adobe's free video training Flex in a Week Courses, at Adobe Developer Connection, which will greatly help you learn and use Flex. To maximize your learning, we recommend that you view the videos and complete the exercises in the order in which they are listed. Adobe Flex is a must see application if you're building cross-platform, rich Internet applications and making extensive use of Flash. It provides a software development kit and an IDE to help get you on your way. These Flex tutorial courses show you how to get the most out of Flex for building rich, complelling, and interactive web applications.

Getting Started with Flex 3 (PDF, 1.4 MB).
This PDF tutorial will help you in getting started with Flex. This contains everything one needs to get started with learning Flex.

Day 1: Flex basics
On day 1 you will learn about the basics in Adobe Flex. These are well illustrated using ample examples. The topics covered here are introducing Flex builder, MXML, and binding data between controls.

 - Day 1 project files (ZIP; 3.8 MB)
 - Comparing Flash, Flex, Flash Player and Adobe AIR (5:30)
 - Introducing Flex Builder (7:22)
 - Creating a Flex Builder workspace and project (7:04)
 - Using pre-built Flex controls (4:34)
 - Understanding MXML (4:07)
 - Exercise 1: Creating a project and laying out controls
 - Binding data between controls (5:48)
 - Handling user events (6:22)
 - Introducing the event object (10:40)
 - Adding EventListeners with ActionScript (5:21)
 - Exercise 2: Binding data and handling a user event
 - Retrieving data via HTTPService (8:26)
 - Exercise 3: Populating a control from an HTTPService request

Day 2: Component development
The videos on day 2 are focused on component development in Flex. Some of the component related topics that are being covered here are displaying data in DataGrid, working with containers, creating custom MXML components, creating custom events etc.

 - Day 2 project files (ZIP; 975 KB)
 - Displaying data in the DataGrid (6:35)
 - Working with containers (12:12)
 - Exercise 4: Working with containers
 - Creating custom MXML components (8:42)
 - Exercise 5: Creating custom MXML components
 - Implementing value object classes (13:46)
 - Creating custom events (5:59)
 - Creating custom event classes (23:06)
 - Exercise 6: Creating custom events and dispatching data
 - Customizing item renderers (6:42)
 - Exercise 7: Creating an item renderer
 - Exploring Flex Builder tips (5:18)

Day 3: Putting it all together
Day 3 concentrates on putting all the pieces together from what we have learned so far from these Flex tutorials. The topics covered here are working with RemoteObject, formatting data, and deploying Flex and AIR applications.

 - Day 3 project files (ZIP; 3.1 MB)
 - Validating data (7:15)
 - Exercise 8: Validating form data
 - Requesting and sending data with RemoteObject (20:52)
 - Read me
 - Exercise 9: Using RemoteObject to send data to the server Exercise 9 (ColdFusion):
 - Using RemoteObject to send data to the server
 - Formatting data (6:09)
 - Dragging data between List components (5:20)
 - Exercise 10: Implementing drag and drop between components
 - Filtering XML with E4X (12:04)
 - Exercise 11: Using XML with E4X
 - Deploying Flex and AIR applications (11:57)
 - Read me
 - Exercise 12: Deploying a Flex application
 - Exercise 13: Creating and deploying an AIR application

Day 4: Adding visual appeal
On day 4 we learn how to add more color to your applications by enhancing the visual appeal. Some of the topics that are explained here are implementing navigator containers, embedding images and fonts, skinning components graphically, and extending components.

 - Day 4 project files (ZIP; 5.3 MB)
 - Implementing navigator containers (17:15)
 - Embedding images (11:58)
 - Embedding fonts (28:59)
 - Exercise 14: Working with navigation containers, embedding fonts and images
 - Creating constraint-based layouts (21:50)
 - Applying styles to MXML components (29:06)
 - Exercise 15: Working with constraints and using MXML styles
 - Skinning components with Adobe CS3 (28:14)
 - Exercise 16: Skinning components graphically
 - Creating view states (23:01)
 - Animating with behaviors and transitions (18:06)
 - Exercise 17: Working with view states, animation, and transitions
 - Drawing shapes with the Drawing API (22:32)
 - Skinning components programmatically (12:09)
 - Exercise 18: Drawing shapes and programmatic skinning
 - Extending components (27:27)
 - Exercise 19: Extending components

Day 5: Architecture and advanced topics
These Flex tutorials illustrate some of architecture related and other advanced topics. The topics covered are using animated filters, creating SWC files, using shared objects, embedding video in your application, and controlling video using Ajax.

 - Understanding the behavior of the Flash timing mechanism (4:18)
 - Using custom Flash graphics in Flex components (6:42)
 - Using and animating filters (4:35)
 - Exercise 20: Using and animating filters
 - Creating SWC files (10:46)
 - Exercise 21: Creating SWC files
 - Building runtime shared libraries (7:15)
 - Exercise 22: Building runtime shared libraries
 - Splitting your application into modules (8:45)
 - Communicating over local connections (6:20)
 - Exercise 23: Communicating over local connections
 - Using shared objects (4:20)
 - Exercise 24: Using shared objects
 - Reducing the file size of your Flex application (4:58)
 - Embedding video in your application (2:09)
 - Exercise 25: Embedding video
 - Controlling video using Ajax (2:19)
 - Localization using resource bundles (5:05)
 - Exercise 26: Localization using resource bundles
 - (Optional) Integrating Flex with PHP using XML (7:44)

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