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January 29, 2011

12 eBooks - Mobile, ASP .NET, C#, PHP, SQL Server

Here are 12 programming ebooks as listed on a google search, covering mobile and iPhone app development, ASP .Net, C#, dotNET, F#  and PHP programming, as well as SQL Server and MS Access.

ebook topics

 - Mobile Web Programming
 - iPad and iPhone Development
 - ASP .NET and Silverlight
 - ASP .NET and MVC 2
 - dotNET Application Programming
 - F# (F Sharp) Programming
 - ASP .NET and C# for .NET 4 Framework
 - Silverlight and C# Programming
 - PHP Programming
 - SQL Server and SQL Server 2008
 - Microsoft Access 2010

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January 17, 2011

18 Mobile Application Development Guides and eBooks

Here are 18 guides, papers, articles, and ebooks on Mobile Application Development to help you understand the various frameworks, platforms, markets and types of mobile applications available to select from today for your mobile application development.

Many experienced software developers are finding that creating great mobile applications is deceptively difficult. These types of apps are completely different from desktop apps, and there is currently a shortage of experienced mobile developers capable of understanding those differences and delivering truly quality mobile applications. But mobile will only be growing in the IT world. As reported by ChannelInsider, an IBM developerWorks survey found that 55% of IT professionals believe that mobile software application development for the iPhone, Android devices and tablets will surpass development for all other traditional platforms by 2015. 

m-Science: Sensing, Computing and Dissemination
This book aims to engage engineers and mobile developers in the design, development, and deployment of the newest mobile applications.
 - download page for this book in pdf format (185 pages, 8mb, pdf)

Best Practices for Developing Mobile Applications (8 pages, 130kb, pdf)
This whitepaper discusses the two mobile application models (online and smart client applications), and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Best practice steps are presented for developing occasionally connected smart client applications.

Mobile Application Development: Challenges and Best Practices
(7 pages, 134kb, pdf)
This paper explores the unique challenges of mobile application development and shares some hard-learned lessons and best practices for the efficient development of applications that users will love to use.

Mobile Application Development Platforms: The Options (41 slides, 9.27mb, pdf)
Slide presentation analyzing the characteristics and capabilities of mobile development platforms: low-end, mid-level, and smartphone.

Trends in Mobile Application Development (10 pages, 342kb, pdf)
This paper takes a developer's perspective to explore how mobile development structural changes will influence the mobile application development markets and what developers need to understand to position themselves within the current trends.
Software Engineering Issues for Mobile Application Development (4 pages, 181kb, pdf)
This paper provides an overview of important software engineering research issues related to the development of applications that run on mobile devices. Among the topics are development processes, tools, user interface design, application portability, quality, and security.

Toward an Efficient Framework for Designing, Developing, and Using Secure Mobile Applications
(7 pages, 427kb, pdf)
The aim of this paper is to highlight and discuss main issues to consider when developing mobile applications and mobile Web services and then propose a framework that leads developers through different steps and modules toward development of efficient and secure mobile applications.

ShopList: Programming PDA applications for Windows Mobile using C# (8 pages, 299kb, pdf)
This paper details a C# and SQL Server Mobile 2005 application to keep a shoping list. The purpose of the application is to offer the user an easier way to manage his/her shopping options.

XHTML in Mobile Application Development (5 pages, 65kb, pdf)
Discusses a test to find out how XHTML MP components should and should not be used in order to build a usable mobile application.

Mobile Applications with IBM WebSphere - Everyplace Access Design (456 pages, 4.7mb, pdf)
This redbook provides application designers and developers with a broad overview of mobile e-business application design and development using WebSphere Everyplace Access.

Building Mobile Applications for WebSphere Commerce using the hybrid application programming model (36 pages, 1.1mb, pdf)
Learn how to build mobile applications for WebSphere Commerce using the hybrid application programming model. This article describes the hybrid model, how it compares to the other mobile application programming models, and how to use it to build iPhone and Android applications for WebSphere Commerce in two case studies.

Developing Wireless Applications using J2ME Technology (11 pages, 409kb, pdf)

Sun Mobile Device Technology - Documentation
Documentation of mobile Java technologies, including API specifications, white papers, style guides, and porting guides.

Sun Mobile Device Technology - Technical Articles & Tips
 - Mobility Tech Tips (also see archive of older Java ME tips)
 - Java Card Technical Articles
 - Java ME Technical Articles
 - JavaFX Technical Articles

4 J2ME eBooks,
among others

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