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April 21, 2010

Learning Linux, Sys Admin, Network Admin, Perl, and C Programming

Nick Urbanik, a computer and operating systems instructor, has made much of his teaching material freely available on his site at This free learning and training content covers the Linux Operating System, System Administration, Network Administration, Perl, and C Programming. His material includes lectures, notes, and quizes with questions and answers.

Nick Urbanik's Learning Topics:

LPIC 102—Preparing for the LPIC 102 Certification Exam
 - Topic 105: Kernel
 - Topic 106: Boot, Initialization, Shutdown and Runlevels
 - Topic 107: Printing
 - Topic 108: Documentation
 - Topic 109: Shells, Scripting, Programming and Compiling
 - Topic 111: Administrative Tasks
 - Topic 112: Networking Fundamentals
 - Topic 113: Networking Services
 - Topic 114: Security
 - LPIC Introduction
 - Grub and bootloaders

Operating Systems and Systems Integration
 - Shell programming
 - Linux Kernel
 - Linux Booting
 - Linux Processes
 - Deadlock
 - Memory Management
 - Samba
 - Input/Output
 - Partitioning
 - File Permissions.
 - Red Hat Linux

Systems and Network Management

 - Perl
 - Routing and Switching

Linux For Teachers

C Programming

C for Engineers

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April 13, 2010

Several Hundred Computer and Programming eBooks

Here is a ebook download repository site containing several hundred IT, computer and programming ebooks in the topics listed and sub-directories linked below. Most of these are in either pdf or chm formats.

Programming eBooks
 - C and C++ programming
 - Java programming
 - Python programming
 - Perl 
 - Shell Scripting
 - Assembly language

Unsorted Computer eBooks
   Linux programming, C++ programming,
   Java, Oracle, Unix, CISSP, Firewalls,
   Encryption, Perl, Java, JDBC, LPI Linux,
   SQL Server, MySQL, Networking

Linux eBooks
   Linux programming, Securing Linux,
   Linux Networking, Linux Tools,
   Linux Kernel, Linux Commands
   Linux Device Drivers. Linux Certification

SQL and Database eBooks
   SQL, SQL Server, Linux, MySQL,
   Oracle database, PostgreSQL,
   Berkeley DB

Security eBooks
   Security+ Certification, VPN, Snort
   Network Security, Firewalls, Wireless
   Security, XML Security

Networking eBooks

Coding and Software Methodology eBooks

Miscellaneous eBooks
   Algebra, Trigonometry, Biology, Calculus
   Chemistry, Economics, Electronics,
   Forensic Science, Geology, Physics,

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January 18, 2010

Computer and Programming eBooks from PDFTrace

PDFTrace is a PDF search engine that provides links to many programming and computer ebooks, and technical and I.T. learning documents covering many areas. You can search this site for and computer ebooks and documents in both pdf and doc file formats. I have provided below some search results in various topics for pdf ebooks to get you started using this site. Be sure to click on the page numbers at the bottom to access more ebooks in the topic you are searching. To dig deeper, use these links for starting your search for what you need, and then go back to the home page and enter the original search word/phase along with more detailed keyword(s) you need. Most links are working, though a few are not.

Sample of eBook Topics in pdf format at pdftrace:

 - GWT  Google Web Toolkit
 - C and C++ programming
 - Linux programming
 - PHP
 - Java programming
 - Javascript  JSON
 - Perl
 - Flex
 - C# programming
 - Silverlight
 - VB .Net
 - Web programming
 - Python programming
 - Oracle Database
 - Oracle Applications
 - MySQL
 - SQL Server
 - Linux
 - Windows 2008
 - Computer Networking
 - Computer Security

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October 26, 2009

Programming Tutorials and eBooks

Here are many Programming Tutorials and eBooks, hosted at Arab American University. These programming ebooks and tutorials will help you learn most of the popular programming languages. After going through these you will be able to understand and apply tips, tricks, and techniques to effectively use in your programming and code development. Programming languages that are covered here include C++, Perl, Java, EJB, C#, VB .NET, Assembly, UML, and XML. All of these ebooks and programming learning materials can be used as references by both novice and expert developers. They are in pdf format. Here is a small number of these programming ebooks and tutorials:

 - Flash MX ActionScript ebook
 - Java ebook  Java ebook 2
 - Intoduction to Java
 - Java 2 Network Security
 - C++ ebook
 - Borland C++ ebook
 - Perl ebook  Perl ebook 2
 - Java Programming Handbook
 - Enterprise JavaBeans  EJB ebook 2
 - Developer's Guide
 - Assembly Language 32-bit
 - Thinking in C++, 2nd ed
 - Thinking in Java, 2nd Edition
 - JBuilder ebook
 - Building Applications with JBuilder
 - Linux Administrators Security Guide
 - Developing opentools
 - VB .Net Programming Guide
 - C# and dotNet Developer guide
 - C# building .NET applications
 - Visual Basic .NET ebook
 - Web Application Development
 - Web Services Development
 - MCSD Study Guide
 - Java Programming Language, Part 1
 - Java Programming Language, Part 2

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June 10, 2009

4 Perl Video Tutorials

These 4 excellent Perl Video Tutorials at showmedo will provide an in depth coverage of Perl features, logic and sample code using videos. Perl is a scripting language widely used in graphics programming, system administration, network programming and web-based database access. These Perl video tutorials discuss simple scripts, conditional and arithmetic operations and iterations using arrays and loops in Perl on Unix, Linux or Cygwin.

4 Perl Video Tutorials:

'Hello World' with Perl
This Perl video tutorial explains the ever famous ‘Hello World’ example, thereby giving users a look and feel of how Perl works.

Simple variables in Perl
This video tutorial explains how simple variables work in Perl.

Conditionals and Arithmetic
This video tutorial explains how to carry out simple arithmetic operation in Perl. Also discussed is conditional logic.

Arrays and Loops
This video tutorial teaches iterations in Perl, namely using arrays and loops.

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April 21, 2009

eBooks for Linux, Java, C++, Oracle, MySQL, PHP, Perl

Here is another computer and programming ebook hosting site, containing many ebooks in pdf and chm formats that cover several technical areas, as shown below.

Computer and Programming eBook topics in chm format:

 - Java Programming ebooks
 - C Programming ebooks
 - PHP Programming ebooks
 - Perl ebooks
 - Oracle Database
 - MySQL
 - Linux
 - Unix ebooks

Computer and Programming eBook topics in pdf format:

 - Java Programming ebooks
 - Java JDBC, JNDI, and JAXP
 - Linux Programming ebooks
 - Linux Security
 - Linux iptables
 - Bash Shell Scripting
 - PHP Programming ebooks
 - MySQL and PHP
 - MySQL
 - Oracle PL-SQL
 - Perl Programming
 - OpenBSD
 - Unix
 - Snort
 - Zope
 - Apache Module using Perl and C

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March 28, 2009

Programming in C, C++, Perl, Java, and Fortran

Here are several slide presentations, programming tutorials, and some programming books that will teach you Programming in C, C++, Perl, Java, and Fortran, and also show you how to get started with Multithreaded and Shared Memory Programming. These programming learning materials are made available by the Georgia Institute of Technology .

Introduction to Scientific Computing
Here are 17 detailed slides that provide an introduction to Scientific Computing. The contents review: Requirements of scientific computing, Some definitions of terms used in scientific computing, Computer architectures, and Benchmarking. (17 pages, 356kb, pdf)

Introduction to C and C++ Programming
This is a 21-slide presentation giving a general overview, with a few coding examples, of the C and C++ programming languages. (21 pages, 48b, pdf)

OpenMP: An API for Portable Shared Memory Programming
This is a presentation of 26 slides that gives an overview and explains some of the details of Shared Memory Parallelization and OpenMP. (7 pages, 41kb, pdf)

C Programming Tutorial

   Section 1: Basic C

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic C, Operations, Types, Storage Classes
  3. Functions, Preprocessor
  4. Input/Output, File Input/Output
   Section 2: Advanced C
  1. Pointers
  2. Arrays
  3. Dynamic Memory Allocation
  4. Strings
  5. Structures
  6. Advanced Data Structures
   Section 3: Appendix
  1. Make and Makefiles
  2. Debugging Techniques
  3. Creating Libraries
  4. Programming Tips and Tricks

Perl Programming Tutorial

   Section 1: Simple Perl
  1. Introduction
  2. Data Structures: Scalars, Arrays, Hashes
  3. Program Control and Functions
  4. Input/Output, File Input/Output, Command-Line Arguments
   Section 2: Beyond Simple Perl
  1. Records and References
  2. Regular Expressions and String Manipulation
  3. Manipulating Files and Directories
  4. Process Management

Multithreaded Programming: Improving Performance through Threads

An overview and tutorial, with coding examples, of multithreaded C programming.
 - What is a thread?
 - Thread Design Patterns
 - Protecting Shared Resources
 - Thread Synchronization Primitives
 - POSIX pthreads
 - Performance Considerations
 - Multiprocess Programming
 - Resources

Online Programming Books and Manuals:

Thinking in Java, 2nd Edition (Revision 12)
 - Source Code (zip format)

Thinking in C++: Volume 1, 2nd Edition
 - Source Code (zip format)

Thinking in C++: Volume 2, 2nd Edition (Revision 2)
 - Source Code 1 (zip format)
 - Source Code 2 (zip format)

Fortran 90 and Computational Science

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November 22, 2008

Computer and Programming Books Linked by Google

Here is a google search that returns several sites the provide and link to freely available technical, web development, and programming online books. Technologies covered by these include Java, Perl, Networking, Linux, Unix, Oracle, and XML. About one-third of the links in the search results are of interest.

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