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February 17, 2011

15 PHP eBooks

If you need help with coding PHP on your web pages and apps or if you need some handy PHP references, here is a site that hosts 15 PHP ebooks (some with MySQL). These ebooks are in pdf format.

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January 30, 2011

Computer and Programming eBooks

Here many downloadable computer and programming ebooks,, in the areas listed and linked below. These will help you learn more about these programming technologies and topics. Most of them are in pdf format.

Computer eBook Categories:

 - Ada
 - C and C++ programming
 - Flash -
 - General .NET
 - Java and JSP
 - JavaScript
 - Linux
 - Lisp
 - PHP and MySQL
 - Python
 - Perl
 - Ruby
 - SQL
 - System Administration
 - UML
 - Unix
 - Visual Basic
 - Wed Design
 - XML
 - iPod

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January 29, 2011

12 eBooks - Mobile, ASP .NET, C#, PHP, SQL Server

Here are 12 programming ebooks as listed on a google search, covering mobile and iPhone app development, ASP .Net, C#, dotNET, F#  and PHP programming, as well as SQL Server and MS Access.

ebook topics

 - Mobile Web Programming
 - iPad and iPhone Development
 - ASP .NET and Silverlight
 - ASP .NET and MVC 2
 - dotNET Application Programming
 - F# (F Sharp) Programming
 - ASP .NET and C# for .NET 4 Framework
 - Silverlight and C# Programming
 - PHP Programming
 - SQL Server and SQL Server 2008
 - Microsoft Access 2010

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January 15, 2011

50 Computer and Programming eBooks

Here are over 50 computer and programming ebooks covering Java (1 is C#), PHP, MySQL, Shell scripting, SQL, Linux, Unix, Solaris, and Cisco.

Computer and Programming eBooks:

16 Java programming ebooks (1 is C# for Java developers)
8 PHP and MySQL ebooks
10 MySQL ebooks (some with PHP)
5 Shell Scripting ebooks
2 SQL programming ebooks
1 Linux ebook and 1 cheatsheet
Unix Course with 10 lessons
Solaris Admin guides
5 Cisco ebooks

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January 9, 2011

Web Site Development Tutorials

Here are many Web Site Development Tutorials, hosted by These tutorials show you many methods and tools for web programming and web development using the technologies and frameworks linked in their tutorials area below. I have included deep links for many of their tutorials for the following areas: AJAX, Java, MySQL, Python, and PHP.

Web Development Tutorials:

AJAX Tutorials:
 - Get Rolling With jQuery – Part 2
 - A Quick Introduction to JQuery – Part 1
 - Creating the iPhone Unlock Screen in xHTML, CSS and jQuery
 - Five Ways to Spice Up Your Site with jQuery
 - Getting Started with AJAX in jQuery
 - AJAX Accessibility for Websites
 - GWT Basics: AJAX Programming with Java
 - AJAX and PHP Form Processing
 - Ajax Wireframing Approaches
 - Maintaining history in AJAX applications

Java Tutorials:
 - JavaFX in Action: Developing Classes
 - Java Data Mining
 - GWT Basics: AJAX Programming with Java
 - Python and Java – A Side by Side Comparison
 - All about JAXP, Part 1
 - Make Database Queries Without the Database
 - Load List Values for Improved Efficiency
 - 2 Ways To Implement Session Tracking
 - Simple Way to Read an XML File in Java
 - Develop Aspect-Oriented Java Applications with Eclipse and AJDT Java Validation With Dynamic Proxies
 - Using Aspects to Autonomic-Enable Legacy Applications
 - JSF for Nonbelievers: The JSF Application Lifecycle
 - Assertion Extensions for JUnit
 - Practically Groovy: Go Server-Side Up, with Groovy
 - StrutsTestCase Simplifies the Development Process
 - Eye on performance: Wait leaks
 - Java Theory and Practice: Anatomy of a Flawed Microbenchmark
 - Understanding JCA Transactions
 - Simplify Your Application Delivery with One-JAR

MySQL Tutorials:
 - Using MySQL Functions for More Efficient Web Applications
 - Open Source Social Networking Server: Built on LAMP!
 - Installing MySQL on Windows
 - MySQL fulltext search for 3 char words
 - Implementing High Availability in MySQL
 - Upload Files to MySQL using PHP Tutorial
 - PHP and MySql with PayPal
 - Using MySQL and PHP
 - Inserting An Array Into A Database Stored Procedures are Evil
 - MySQL Database Handling in PHP
 - A Flexible Method of Storing Control Data
 - Secure Website Login Programming with PHP & MySQL
 - Exploring MySQL CURDATE and NOW. The Same But Different.
 - Programmatically Deciding Which Database to Connect in PHP
 - Creating a PostgreSQL and MySQL driver
 - Writing Syslog Messages to MySQL
 - Saving PHP Session Data to a Database >
 - Storing Images in a Database Creating and Accessing MySQL Data with PHP

Python Tutorials:
 - PSFile: Generate PostScript files with Python
 - Python and Java – A Side by Side Comparison
 - Learn Python in 10 Minutes
 - Python 201 – (Slightly) Advanced Python Topics
 - Python 101 – Introduction to Python
 - Google Sitemaps
 - Python 101 Python vs. Perl
 - Python Persistence Management
 - Extending Python and Zope in C

PHP Tutorials:
 - Writing A Simple Twitter Client Using the PHP Zend Framework’s OAuth Library (Zend_Oauth)
 - Zend Framework Tutorial
 - Easy Screen Scraping in PHP with the Simple HTML DOM Library
 - SimpleTest: Unit Testing for PHP
 - Migrating legacy PHP 4 applications to PHP 5
 - Load testing your web application with Apache Bench
 - 8 Cool Functions in the GD2 extension
 - Phing: A build system for PHP
 - WebGrind: web-based frontend for XDebug PHP profiling
 - Getting Started with ORM in PHP
 - Port Scanning and Service Status Checking in PHP
 - Benchmarking PHP frameworks
 - Four CSS Tricks Every PHP / Web Developer Should Know
 - Debugging CakePHP applications in Zend Studio for Eclipse
 - WordPress Comment Styling Round Up
 - Parallel web scraping in PHP: cURL multi functions
 - Yahoo! SearchMonkey: revisiting PHP, platform-style
 - Debugging PHP with Firebug and FirePHP
 - Running background processes in PHP
 - Running PHP cron jobs – regular scheduled tasks in PHP

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January 5, 2011

Free PHP Reference and Programming eBook

This free PHP programming ebook, PHP Reference: Beginner to Intermediate PHP5, provides you with a collection of over 250 PHP functions with clear explanations in language anyone can understand. I contains many examples to make it easy to understand what the function does and how it works. This book includes numerous additional tips, the basics of PHP, MySQL query examples, and regular expressions syntax, along with a majority of PHP functions that are appropriate for beginner to intermediate programmers. The most comment or effective functions are included, and some aliases are left out to reduce confusion. Also included are two indexes to help you find information faster: a common language index and a function index. Click on the Contents link to jump to any of the book's chapters, they are all available.

Here is the page to download this whole PHP ebook in pdf format (166 pages, 1.6mb, pdf format). And here is this ebook's home page on google books, the linked contents are available here also, and you can link to other PHP ebooks on google books and access many of their chapters for free.

Table of Contents of PHP Reference ebook:
 - Miscellaneous Things You Should Know
 - Operators
 - Control Structures
 - Global Variables
 - Variable Functions
 - String Functions
 - Array Functions
 - Date/Time Functions
 - Mathematical Functions
 - MySQL Functions
 - Directory and File System Functions
 - Output Control (Output Buffer)
 - Sessions
 - Regular Expressions
 - Common Language Index
 - Function Index

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September 13, 2010

12 eBooks on LAMP, Networking, and Network Security

Here are 12 downloadable ebooks covering Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP), along with 11 ebooks on networking and network security areas, as listed below. These technical ebooks are in pdf and chm formats.

12 eBooks covering LAMP:

 - Apache
 - Apache Security
 - PHP
 - MySQL and PHP
 - Linux System Admin

11 eBooks covering these Networking and Security topics:

 - Zope
 - Cisco CCSP
 - Wireless Newtworking
 - SSL - VPN
 - SSL Certificates
 - SSL - TLS
 - Zenoss

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June 16, 2010

Computer and Programming eBooks at eSearchBook

eSearchBook provides many computer and programming ebooks in the following categories, along with the number of ebooks in each. I have listed out the topics for Computer Languages. These are hosted by this site and available for download immediately.

Computer and Prorgramming Categories at eSearchBook:

Computer Languages (46)

Computer Networks (38)

Computer Security (5)

Computer Hardware (4)

Computer Software (73)

eBook Topics in the Computer Languages category:

 - C++ programming
 - Java programming
 - Java AWT
 - Jakarta Struts
 - J2ME
 - Python programming
 - Ruby programming
 - JavaScript
 - OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
 - XML
 - CSS
 - Zend
 - PHP
 - Perl
 - SQL
 - AppleScript
 - ASP .Net
 - dotNet Windows Forms
 - VB .Net
 - Visual C programming
 - Visual Basic
 - MSDN Library
 - ASP

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May 13, 2010

Hundreds of Computer, Technical, and Programming eBooks

Here are many hundreds of downloadable Computer, Technical, and Programming eBooks, including many Computer Science topics, as listed below. These computer ebooks are in pdf and chm format. In addition, this directory, at this site, has lots more computer ebooks, mixed with other topics. Also check out this site's top level ebook directory, where you can find many other ebook topics, including Electronics, Forensic Science, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Economics, Geology, Physics, Statistics, Communication, and Windows.

Web Development and Website Design:
Java Web Services
Internet Security and Firewalls
Web Development Standards
Developing Flash Web Sites
CIW Certification
Graphics with Web Design
Web Programming and Design
Website Marketing
PHP ebooks

Programming Languages:
C and C++ Programming
C# Programming
Python Programming
Perl Scripting
Visual Basic and ASP

Linux and Unix:
Linux Programming
Linux Networking
Linux Performance Tuning
Linux Command Line
Linux Kernel
Linux Shell Scripting
Embedded Linux programming
Linux Troubleshooting
Firewalls with Linux
Linux References
Ubuntu Linux

Debian-GNU Linux
Redhat Enterprise Linux
Sun Cluster
Linux Networking
Beowulf Clusters using Linux
Embedded C Programming
Linux Kernel
LPI Certification
Linux Security

Databases and SQL:
Oracle Database
Oracle PL-SQL
SQL Server
Data and Databases
Database Design

ASP and dotNET eBooks:
C# Programming
Visual Studio .NET
Visual Web Developer

Computer Science eBooks:
Distributed Algorithms
Java Programming Graphics
Pattern Recognition
Embedded Controller Hardware
Artificial Intelligence
Data Structures
Computer Viruses
Embedded C and C++ Programming
Assembly Language
Computer Security
Data Mining, Data Modelling
Computer Graphics and 3D Graphics
Information Theory
Information  Visualization
Data Commications
Compressed File Formats
Fractal Image Compression
Secure Coding
Parallel Computing
Multiprocessor Programming
GUI Designing
Quantum Computers
Graphics Programming
Game Design
Computer Hardware, Servers

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May 3, 2010

898 Computer and Programming eBooks at GameCraftX

Here is GameCraftX's eBooks Collection, hosting over 890 computer and programming ebooks, covering many, many areas, some of which are listed below. These computer books are in pdf and chm format.

eBook Topics at GameCraftX's ebooks collection:

 - C and C++ programming
 - PHP programming
 - PHP and MySQL
 - Perl programming
 - Javascript
 - Ajax
 - Website & Web Application Development
 - WML
 - JBoss, Jakarta Struts, J2ME
 - Java Web Services, Java Threads
 - Java Servlets, RMI, Security, JSP
 - Enterprise and Distributed Java
 - SOAP and XML
 - Extreme programming
 - Linux programming, Shell scripting
 - Linux Administration
 - Linux Certification
 - Python programming
 - XPath and XPointer
 - Flash Actionscript
 - Photoshop CS
 - Dreamweaver
 - C# programming
 - Visual C++ . Net (dotNet)
 - Asp . Net
 - . Net Window Forms
 - VB dotNet
 - ADO Activex
 - Networking Certification
 - Wireless Networking
 - Cisco CCNA
 - Kerberos
 - Firewalls
 - Snort
 - SQL
 - Oracle PL-SQL
 - SQL Server
 - Digital Video
 - Crystal Reports
 - AutoCAD
 - PC Hardware
 - Mac
 - PC Hardware
 - OpenGL
 - Cryptography
 - Apache
 - Algorithms
 - Windows XP, Windows 2003
 - Office 2003 Reference and Techniques
 - Access Database
 - Excel Macros

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March 18, 2010

Web Development Tips and Tricks by Jonathan Snook

Here is  Jonathan Snook's web development and design site: Web Development Tips and Tricks, where he blogs on lots of coding techniques and tips for more efficient web developement and creating better web apps and sites. I have linked here to what I consider his better posts.

Web Development Tips and Tricks by Jonathan Snook:

Background Position X and Y
Multiple Backgrounds and CSS Gradients
Safari and Transparent Borders  
Simplest jQuery Slideshow  
Creative Use of Bitwise Operators
In Firefox, In Google Reader
Becoming a Font Embedding Master
Screencast: Converting OTF or TTF to EOT
Screencast: Converting OTF or TTF to EOT  
Text Rotation with CSS
HTML in a Flash World
Adobe and HTML5's Canvas
Behind the Process: Snitter Icon
Fixed Position and Opacity Filter Bug in Internet Explorer
Shifting my Opinion on CSS Animations
Multi-line JavaScript
Why I don't love JavaScript's Module Pattern
Building a URL Shortener
Old Browsers: Do they still exist?
Screencast: Webkit in Titanium
Screencast: Webkit in Titanium
Creating Desktop Applications with Titanium
Twitter to Lose Auto-follow
Colour Contrast Check Tool Updated
Being Square
Matrix Layouts
Using Yahoo Pipes to turn XML feeds into JSON APIs
Screencast: Firebug Breakpoints
Screencast: Firebug Breakpoints
Embedding Twitter Status
Blog Blazers
Screencast: Playing with Light in Design
Screencast: Playing with Light in Design
Blick Blocky Retro  
Slicing in Photoshop and Fireworks vs Entourage
Alpha PNGs in Internet Explorer 6
Rounded Corners in Internet Explorer
SidebarAds Expands
HTTP Monitoring with Charles
Sidebar Workshops
Using jQuery for Background Image Animations
Tiling Backgrounds in Internet Explorer
The Shelf Life of a Web Site
Service Review: W3 Markup
An Experiment in Rounded Corners
Multiple Validation as Behavior in CakePHP 1.2
Creating a Contact Form in CakePHP 1.2
Multiple Validation Sets in CakePHP 1.2
CakePHP Debug Styles
Easier Static Pages for CakePHP 1.2 Update
No CSS Reset
Adobe AIR Resources for the Ajax Developer
Frustrating Typos with JavaScript
PHP header can only be called once
Sidebar Creative: State of the Union
Building Findable Websites
Content Overlay with CSS
Using setTimeout to Solve DOMContentLoaded
How I built an effective blog comment spam blocker
Easier Static Pages for CakePHP 1.2
WDN08: Working with Ajax Frameworks
Password Protecting Admin Functions in CakePHP
Developing a jQuery Plugin
The Importance of Being HTML5
IE8 to include version targeting
Microsoft's XMLHttpRequest ActiveX Objects
GridIron Flow
Learning about Adobe AIR
Web 2.0 has jumped the shark
What does Accessibility mean?
Design Inspiration
Determining Next Date with Excel
Hacking in International Keyboard Support in AIR beta 2
CSS Animations in Safari
The Joys of Application Development
Questions and Winners of Accelerated DOM Scripting
Accelerated DOM Scripting
Determining Offsets with Scrolling Overflow
Adobe AIR and HTML
Snitter Alpha
6 Keys to Understanding Modern CSS-based Layouts
Creating a Page Break
Three Interviews
Zend Framework: First Impressions
Understanding Pseudo-elements
Track Comments with Co.mments
Zend Framework Releases 1.0
Using Math object to shorten scripts  
Focus Clouds
Elemental: Conditional Content with CakePHP
IE6 Memory Leaks Fixed
Pagination 101
Private JavaScript
Incremental Leading
IE Fires Onresize When Body Resizes
Unicode for CSS Class Names
Why Safari for Windows?
A Closer Look at Movable Type 4 beta
The Untapped Power of Design Galleries
Anonymous Functions in PHP
Managing Style and State
Hosted Subversion
The Death of Comments
Shorter XHR Abstraction
The Art and Science of CSS Revamp
Quick Link: CakePHP and Flickr
Abundance Mentality
Recent Podcasts
CodeIgniter vs. CakePHP
position:relative and overflow in Internet Explorer
Be Library Agnostic
Close your tags
Handling Onscroll
Debug Flash with Firebug
Self-referencing in VBScript
Making a Good Favicon
Clean Up Debugging  
Ages of the Web
The JavaScript Environmentalist
Tips for a Better Design Review Process
jQuery 1.1 Released
Mootools r.83 Cheat Sheet
Prototype 1.5.0 Cheat Sheet
Getting Help from CHM 7
Delete Cached Models in CakePHP
Use of ADDRESS Element

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January 26, 2010

700 Computer and Programming ebooks

Here are over 700 programming, I.T., and computer ebooks, covering the areas and topics listed below. These freely available computer and programming ebooks are in pdf, chm, and zip formats.

Topics covered by these ebooks:

 - C++ programming
 - Java programming, Swing, J2ME
 - Web Development
 - JavaScript
 - PHP
 - Web Services, SOAP, XML
 - Flash
 - C# programming (C Sharp)
 - VB .NET 
 - .NET programming (dotNET)
 - ActiveX Scripting
 - Assembly language
 - Bash Shell Scripting
 - MySQL
 - Linux
 - Linux Admin, Linux Security
 - Unix
 - Windows XP
 - Windows 2003
 - MCSE Training
 - CIW Exam Preparation
 - Access database
 - SQL Server
 - Oracle PL SQL
 - Networking
 - Computer - Network Security
 - Firewalls
 - Wireless Networks
 - Cisco, CCNA
 - VPN
 - Cryptography
 - Director MX
 - Dreamweaver

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January 18, 2010

Computer and Programming eBooks from PDFTrace

PDFTrace is a PDF search engine that provides links to many programming and computer ebooks, and technical and I.T. learning documents covering many areas. You can search this site for and computer ebooks and documents in both pdf and doc file formats. I have provided below some search results in various topics for pdf ebooks to get you started using this site. Be sure to click on the page numbers at the bottom to access more ebooks in the topic you are searching. To dig deeper, use these links for starting your search for what you need, and then go back to the home page and enter the original search word/phase along with more detailed keyword(s) you need. Most links are working, though a few are not.

Sample of eBook Topics in pdf format at pdftrace:

 - GWT  Google Web Toolkit
 - C and C++ programming
 - Linux programming
 - PHP
 - Java programming
 - Javascript  JSON
 - Perl
 - Flex
 - C# programming
 - Silverlight
 - VB .Net
 - Web programming
 - Python programming
 - Oracle Database
 - Oracle Applications
 - MySQL
 - SQL Server
 - Linux
 - Windows 2008
 - Computer Networking
 - Computer Security

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January 14, 2010

21 PHP and Web Development Tutorials

Here are 21 PHP and Web Development Tutorials, at Switch On The Code. These tutorials will teach you some important aspects of PHP, along with Flex, JSON, Silverlight, and Ajax. Topics covered here include using sIFR in WordPress, CakePHP, Silverlight and PHP, creating and modifying SQLite databases, basic JavaScript with jQuery, sending Fles data to PHP using XMl etc. The topics are demonstrated with code examples given needed. I think you will find these tutorials on PHP and web development useful.

21 PHP and Web Development Tutorials:

 - Using sIFR in WordPress
 - Flex & PHP - Creating WoW Armory Search Widget
 - Creating an IM Bot using PHP and IMified
 - Creating XML Documents in PHP
 - Silverlight 2 & PHP Tutorial - Transmitting data using JSON
 - PHP Tutorial - Creating and Modifying SQLite Databases
 - Drupal 6 Basic Javascript w/ jQuery
 - Using a PHP Proxy with Flex to talk Cross Domain
 - Basic LINQ Syntax in PHP with PHPLinq
 - Simple AJAX - PHP and Javascript
 - Sending Flex Data to PHP using XML
 - Flex, PHP, JSON, MySQL - Advanced Updating
 - Using Flex, PHP, and JSON to Modify a MySQL Database
 - Secure Authentication Without SSL Using Javascript
 - Flex & PHP Tutorial - Transmitting data using JSON
 - CakePHP Part 6 - Pagination!
 - CakePHP Part 5 - Creating a Separate Add View
 - CakePHP 4 - Saving and Validating Data
 - CakePHP - Using Helpers
 - CakePHP - Building Your First Site
 - CakePHP - Setup and Configuration

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January 13, 2010

254 Computer and Programming eBooks

Here are 254 freely available downloadable computer and programming ebooks available at the Study India site of These programming and computer ebooks cover many areas and computer languages, which are listed here below.

Topics covered by these Computer and Programming eBooks:

 - Autocad
 - Cryptography
 - English
 - Photography
 - Networking and Hardware
 - Object Oriented Analysis and Design
 - UML
 - Software Development Life Cycle
 - Photoshop
 - Programming Languages
   - ActionScript
   - AJAX
   - ASP .NET
   - Assembly Language
   - BSD
   - C++ Programming
   - Eclipse
   - Java Programming
   - Linux, Red Hat, Debian
   - Advanced Linux Programming
   - Windows Server 2003, Windows XP
   - Oracle
   - P2P
   - Perl Programming
   - PHP
   - Programming Math, Algorithms, etc.
   - Python Programming
   - Ruby Programming
   - SQL Server
   - Unix
   - VB .NET

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August 5, 2009

218 PHP Code Examples and References

Here are 218 excellent PHP Code Examples and References at If you want to learn the basics of PHP, then this PHP code library will help you greatly. These code examples will also help you increase your PHP skills and become a better PHP programmer. PHP-enabled web pages are treated just like regular HTML pages and you can create and edit them the same way you normally create regular HTML pages. Many pieces of functionality are covered by these PHP code snippets.

PHP Coding Library:
 - Add & Subract dates  
 - Add dashes to credit card numbers
 - Alternate Title Case function  
 - Anti-Flood Protection  
 - Anti-SQL Injection Function  
 - Auto Link Maker  
 - Auto Link Maker #2  
 - Automatically process email  
 - Awesome Date Time Conversion Kit  
 - Bad Word Filter  
 - Ban Proxy Servers   
 - Base 64 Decode  
 - Basic currency conversion Convert 1 dollar to pounds using Yahoos conversion  
 - Basic PHP Calendar
 - Binary to Text / Text to Binary  
 - Block IP Addresses  
 - Browser sniffer / detector  
 - Bubblesort routine  
 - Buffered Download code  
 - Build Date Select Boxes  
 - Build select list from table  
 - Build select menu from database  
 - Calculate date of Easter Sunday  
 - Calculate Distance  
 - Calculate Files In Directory  
 - Calculate Zipcode Distances  
 - Calendar for any month any year  
 - CAPTCHA w/ GD Image Library  
 - Censor Message Text  
 - Check a file exists  
 - Check if an image exists (GD)  
 - Check if array is associative  
 - Check If Domain Exists  
 - Check number of characters in a range
 - Check syntax of multiple PHP files all at once  
 - Collapse multiple spaces or dashes  
 - Combining three arrays into one  
 - Combining two arrays into one  
 - Convert 12 to 24 hour time and vice versa  
 - Convert BBCode Tags   
 - Convert Hours to Minutes  
 - Convert HTML to plain text  
 - Convert Minutes to Hours  
 - Convert minutes to hours #1  
 - Convert minutes to hours #2  
 - Cookie Login Code  
 - Copy File From Server  
 - Count days between dates  
 - Count lines in file  
 - Count words in string  
 - Create an HTML page on demand  
 - Create Basic PDF  
 - Create gzip file  
 - Create mySQL table with PHP  
 - Create thumbnails with PHP   
 - CSS Colornames to RGB values   
 - Currency display formatting function   
 - CyberCash payment class  
 - Days in month #1  
 - Days in month #2  
 - De-Pluralize a String  
 - Decimal to octal conversion   
 - Define a schedule of holidays   
 - Define schedule of holidays  
 - Delete all cookies set  
 - Delete all files in directory...  
 - Delete by date  
 - Delete by wildcard  
 - Delete files older than 'X'  
 - Detect Mobile/WAP browser  
 - Directory Listing  
 - Directory Listing #2  
 - Display html source with line numbers
 - Display stock quotes from a CSV file  
 - Download File To Client  
 - Easy page browser    
 - Echo 'n' number of words   
 - Email attachments with PHP mail()  
 - Email w/ attachments class    
 - Encrypt and Decrypt without a known key  
 - EVAL a file   
 - Export table to Excel or MS Word file  
 - Extract and Display all links on a web page  
 - Extract Search Query from Referer  
 - Fake email addresses  
 - Filter Empty Array Elements  
 - Filter non-alphanumeric characters  
 - Financial management functions  
 - Find days between dates #1  
 - Find IP from Hostname  
 - Find the current URL of the page  
 - Flat file counter  
 - Forum skeleton code  
 - FTP via PHP  
 - GD barchart demo  
 - Generate random string  
 - Get Absolute Path
 - Get All Files into an Array  
 - GET and POST variables in hidden form  
 - Get Atomic time  
 - Get file extension  
 - Get file in as variable  
 - Get filesize without downloading  
 - Get last added insert ID  
 - Get Link Text  
 - Get oldest file in directory  
 - Get Path Info  
 - Get text between tags   
 - Get week number  
 - GoogleBot monitor  
 - Gradient Image Generator  
 - Graphical tree like Explorer   
 - Handy SORT BY box  
 - Heavy Duty URL validator  
 - Heavy-duty SendMail function  
 - HEX Encode / Decode  
 - HEX to RGB array  
 - Hierarchical categories browser  
 - Highlight Words #2  
 - How many days ago  
 - How to write a config file  
 - Import SQL Data  
 - Improved Strip_Tags()  
 - Insert Into Middle Of Text  
 - Invert Hex Color  
 - Invert Hex Color #2  
 - IRC Bot skeleton code  
 - Is email deliverable?  
 - Is Number Even?  
 - Language Specific Response  
 - List files in directory   
 - Live validation of email address  
 - Make grayscaled image  
 - Mini private messaging system  
 - Mini-mail / Private Messaging system  
 - MKDIR with error checking  
 - Month, Day, Year dropdown boxes  
 - Nice 'Read More...' links   
 - Nicely Format File Size  
 - Online PHP Tester  
 - Optimize All Database Tables (mySQL)  
 - Oracle with PHP  
 - Ordinalize (Suffix) Numbers  
 - Output as Word Doc format   
 - Page creation time  
 - Page creation time #2  
 - Pagination Example #1  
 - Pagination Example #2  
 - Parse RSS into array  
 - Pass vars to/from Javascript  
 - Perfect Highlighting Function   
 - Permutation Generator  
 - PHP to JavaScript Array   
 - Pick Randomly from Array  
 - Prompt user at command line   
 - Pronouncable password generator   
 - Protect Writable Directory  
 - Quick calendar example  
 - Quickly sort associative arrays  
 - Random banner picker  
 - Random Image from Directory   
 - Random Pronounceable Passwords  
 - Read gzip File   
 - Really Get File Extension   
 - Recursive Directory Browser   
 - Recursive fopen() function  
 - Recursive function to generate a parent/child tree  
 - Recursively traverse array  
 - Regex Matching Patterns  
 - Remote file_exist() 
 - Remove all non-ASCII chars  
 - Remove extra linebreaks   
 - Roman2dec and Dec2Roman  
 - Rounded random numbers  
 - Secure Auto-Link Maker  
 - Select (dropdown) list generator  
 - Server Stats via PHP  
 - Set/Get/Remove Cookies  
 - Show current time as PNG-image  
 - Show mySQL table as HTML  
 - Simple Averaging  
 - Simple DB connection class  
 - Simple downloader script  
 - Simple image scaling  
 - Sine, Cosine, and Tangent  
 - Split all chars in string  
 - Split URL into parts #1  
 - Storing images in a database   
 - String to Date  
 - Strip HTML to Text  
 - Super Simple Database Driven Web Site  
 - Super simple encryption example   
 - Super-mini Chat room  
 - Ternary Operator  
 - Test If File Is Included   
 - Test if mySQL table exists   
 - Text to GIF  
 - Truncate Links Over X Chars long  
 - Unique Array function  
 - Unique IP-icture  
 - Universal parameter reading  
 - UNIX Timestamp conversion   
 - Unset unkown array element   
 - Update MySQL Table Using An Array   
 - Use htpasswd file with PHPscripts
 - Use SendMail  
 - Validate credit card numbers
 - Validate email address #1  
 - Validate email address #2
 - Validate email address #3  
 - Vulnerability Tester 
 - WebServer Spy  
 - Weighted Random Choice 
 - What Season Is It? 
 - Write text onto an image   
 - Write to File example 
 - XSS Sanitizer Function   
 - Yahoo Online Status

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May 12, 2009

XML, GWT, and PHP Tutorial from IBM Developworks

Here is an excellent XML, GWT, and PHP Tutorial at that explains the bridge between GWT and PHP using XML. Applications created using GWT (Google Web Toolkit) uses PHP web services to send and receive information in XML. GWT allows the creation and access of servlets in Java through which data can be passed between clients and servers. GWT does not limit communication with such servlets, but can freely communicate with almost all types of web services. This web development tutorial discusses and demonstrates these concepts in detail. You can also download (pdf) this tutorial, titled XML: The bridge between GWT and PHP Tutorial.

A test application
This section provides a step-by-step explanation to create a simple applications using XML, PHP and the Google Web Toolkit (GWT). This example shows how to use XML as a bridge between PHP and GWT.

Sending XML with PHP
This section uses a simple form to send XML data using PHP. The XML data that is sent is used to demonstrate XML’s many capabilities.

Processing XML with GWT
Google Web Toolkit provides the XMLParser for reading and writing XML. For this section, the GWT documentation is provided for further reference.

Sending XML with GWT
Applications in GWT allow users to edit various fields and then send this updated data back to the database. This section discusses two algorithms used to send XML with GWT.

Reading XML in PHP
This section discusses how XML data can be read and manipulated in PHP using elements of arrays or directly, as attributes of the XML object.

The conclusion explains the relation between XML, GWT and PHP.

The code that is used for the examples for all the sections discussed above are available for download here.

Further learning material and additional resources for XML, GWT and PHP are provided here.

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April 22, 2009

61 PHP Tutorials from

Here 61 PHP Tutorials and Articles at that delve into the more complex topics in PHP and explain them in detail. These PHP tutorials explain the integration of PHP with MySQL and SimpleXML. It introduces Xajax, which is an open source class library of AJAX for PHP; they also discuss XSL and video conversion with FFMPEG, and they introduce the various design patterns in PHP and pagination with PHP and PDO.

Some of these PHP tutorials introduce the concept of eZ components, which is a PHP component library; others show how to filter data with PHP and offer some good PHP tips. Also explained is the difference between PHP and .Net, along with a demonstration of PHP Sessions, Templating, embedding PHP in CSS, and a brief overview of PHP6.

61 PHP Tutorials And Articles:

 - Introduction to PHP and MySQL
 - Introduction To SimpleXML With PHP
 - Xajax-In An Object Oriented Environment
 - SPL AppendIterator
 - Introduction To Xajax
 - Easy Access With PDO CRUD
 - Class Hierachies And Overriding
 - SPL Autoload
 - SQLite - On Duplicate Key Update
 - Introduction to SPL DirectoryIterator
 - Introduction to SPL ArrayAccess
 - PHP Security
 - Preventing Multiple Submits
 - Introduction to PHP Regex
 - Creating A PHP Application
 - Video Conversion With FFMPEG
 - XML And XSL
 - Tagging With PHP And MySQL
 - Imagick extension for PHP
 - Asynchronous Form Submission With Xajax
 - Geo Targetting With PHP And MySQL
 - Dropdown Select With PHP and MySQL
 - Design Patterns
 - Introduction To Arrays
 - Run Script From Cron
 - Introduction To eZ Components part 3
 - Pagination with PHP and PDO
 - Creating Dropdowns with PHP and Xajax
 - Basic Login Authentication with PHP and MySQL
 - Introduction To eZ Components part 2
 - Introduction To eZ Components part 1
 - Managing Hierarchical Data with PHP and MySQL
 - Filtering Data with PHP
 - Introduction to the Standard PHP Library (SPL)
 - PHP Coding Style
 - PHP Type Casting
 - Storing Images in MySQL with PHP
 - Object Oriented Programming with PHP
 - PHP Exceptions
 - Introduction to PHP PDO
 - Validating User Input
 - Introduction To PHP Sessions
 - Introduction to PHP templating
 - Embedding PHP In CSS
 - Difference Between isset empty is-null
 - Application Configuration
 - Namespace Changes Separator Again
 - The Future Of PDO
 - 50 PHP Tips
 - Companies Using PHP
 - Google Summer Of Code 2008
 - eZ Components Alpha Release
 - eZ Components Cache
 - Highlight Search Words
 - PHP v NET
 - Custom 404 Error Page
 - Why is sqlite so cool and why should I care
 - MySQL Error Codes
 - PHP4 End Of Life
 - PHP6 Preview
 - Coverty Report

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April 21, 2009

eBooks for Linux, Java, C++, Oracle, MySQL, PHP, Perl

Here is another computer and programming ebook hosting site, containing many ebooks in pdf and chm formats that cover several technical areas, as shown below.

Computer and Programming eBook topics in chm format:

 - Java Programming ebooks
 - C Programming ebooks
 - PHP Programming ebooks
 - Perl ebooks
 - Oracle Database
 - MySQL
 - Linux
 - Unix ebooks

Computer and Programming eBook topics in pdf format:

 - Java Programming ebooks
 - Java JDBC, JNDI, and JAXP
 - Linux Programming ebooks
 - Linux Security
 - Linux iptables
 - Bash Shell Scripting
 - PHP Programming ebooks
 - MySQL and PHP
 - MySQL
 - Oracle PL-SQL
 - Perl Programming
 - OpenBSD
 - Unix
 - Snort
 - Zope
 - Apache Module using Perl and C

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March 27, 2009

8 PHP Tutorials

Posted here are 8 good PHP Tutorials at PHP is a scripting language for designing and generating web pages and its freely available on most web servers. These PHP tutorials explain various concepts of PHP and how to get started with coding this scripting language.

8 PHP Tutorials:

PHP - 01 - Introduction
This video tutorial gives you a brief introduction of PHP and how it can be used for creating.

How To Start PHP Programming in Windows
This tutorial will guide you in setting up what is required to run PHP on your computer. As with most programming and scripting languages, we start with the classic ‘Hello World’ program.

PHP's Benefits
Explains PHP’s advantages and why it is such a powerful scripting language. It also explains how the script interacts with databases and its cost benefits.

How to Create a Basic Website with PHP very quickly.
In this tutorial, we create a website with PHP using PHP scripts in the HTML page.

Swap Variable's Values in PHP
We swap the values of two variables in this tutorial that deals with data manipulation in PHP.

PHP: Display the time passed in any format you want
This tutorial deals with displaying various date formats and how they can be set. It also deals with calculations using the date function.

Learn PHP Language
This video tutorial shows how a user can work with PHP and its intricacies.

PHP - 03 - Variables
Anther video tutorial, this one deals with the variables available in PHP such as numbers and characters.

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