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February 23, 2011

3 sites with Computer and Programming eBooks

Here are 3 sites providing freely available computer and programming ebooks for web application development, dotNET, Python programming, Ajax, Javascript, PHP, HTML, and C programming.

ebooks covering: ASPdotNET, C# and dotNET programming, Office applications, Oracle PL-SQL, SQL Server 2008, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Workflow (WF), Windows Communication Foundation.

ebooks on HTML Actionscript, Adobe Air, PHP, Python, C programming, and VBScript
Update March 7, 2011: this site is no longer available. You can try its google cache.

5 Python ebooks
1 Ruby ebook
Ajax and Javascript (3), CSS (1), PHP with Flash (1), E-Commerce (2), TCP-IP (1)

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January 9, 2011

Web Site Development Tutorials

Here are many Web Site Development Tutorials, hosted by These tutorials show you many methods and tools for web programming and web development using the technologies and frameworks linked in their tutorials area below. I have included deep links for many of their tutorials for the following areas: AJAX, Java, MySQL, Python, and PHP.

Web Development Tutorials:

AJAX Tutorials:
 - Get Rolling With jQuery – Part 2
 - A Quick Introduction to JQuery – Part 1
 - Creating the iPhone Unlock Screen in xHTML, CSS and jQuery
 - Five Ways to Spice Up Your Site with jQuery
 - Getting Started with AJAX in jQuery
 - AJAX Accessibility for Websites
 - GWT Basics: AJAX Programming with Java
 - AJAX and PHP Form Processing
 - Ajax Wireframing Approaches
 - Maintaining history in AJAX applications

Java Tutorials:
 - JavaFX in Action: Developing Classes
 - Java Data Mining
 - GWT Basics: AJAX Programming with Java
 - Python and Java – A Side by Side Comparison
 - All about JAXP, Part 1
 - Make Database Queries Without the Database
 - Load List Values for Improved Efficiency
 - 2 Ways To Implement Session Tracking
 - Simple Way to Read an XML File in Java
 - Develop Aspect-Oriented Java Applications with Eclipse and AJDT Java Validation With Dynamic Proxies
 - Using Aspects to Autonomic-Enable Legacy Applications
 - JSF for Nonbelievers: The JSF Application Lifecycle
 - Assertion Extensions for JUnit
 - Practically Groovy: Go Server-Side Up, with Groovy
 - StrutsTestCase Simplifies the Development Process
 - Eye on performance: Wait leaks
 - Java Theory and Practice: Anatomy of a Flawed Microbenchmark
 - Understanding JCA Transactions
 - Simplify Your Application Delivery with One-JAR

MySQL Tutorials:
 - Using MySQL Functions for More Efficient Web Applications
 - Open Source Social Networking Server: Built on LAMP!
 - Installing MySQL on Windows
 - MySQL fulltext search for 3 char words
 - Implementing High Availability in MySQL
 - Upload Files to MySQL using PHP Tutorial
 - PHP and MySql with PayPal
 - Using MySQL and PHP
 - Inserting An Array Into A Database Stored Procedures are Evil
 - MySQL Database Handling in PHP
 - A Flexible Method of Storing Control Data
 - Secure Website Login Programming with PHP & MySQL
 - Exploring MySQL CURDATE and NOW. The Same But Different.
 - Programmatically Deciding Which Database to Connect in PHP
 - Creating a PostgreSQL and MySQL driver
 - Writing Syslog Messages to MySQL
 - Saving PHP Session Data to a Database >
 - Storing Images in a Database Creating and Accessing MySQL Data with PHP

Python Tutorials:
 - PSFile: Generate PostScript files with Python
 - Python and Java – A Side by Side Comparison
 - Learn Python in 10 Minutes
 - Python 201 – (Slightly) Advanced Python Topics
 - Python 101 – Introduction to Python
 - Google Sitemaps
 - Python 101 Python vs. Perl
 - Python Persistence Management
 - Extending Python and Zope in C

PHP Tutorials:
 - Writing A Simple Twitter Client Using the PHP Zend Framework’s OAuth Library (Zend_Oauth)
 - Zend Framework Tutorial
 - Easy Screen Scraping in PHP with the Simple HTML DOM Library
 - SimpleTest: Unit Testing for PHP
 - Migrating legacy PHP 4 applications to PHP 5
 - Load testing your web application with Apache Bench
 - 8 Cool Functions in the GD2 extension
 - Phing: A build system for PHP
 - WebGrind: web-based frontend for XDebug PHP profiling
 - Getting Started with ORM in PHP
 - Port Scanning and Service Status Checking in PHP
 - Benchmarking PHP frameworks
 - Four CSS Tricks Every PHP / Web Developer Should Know
 - Debugging CakePHP applications in Zend Studio for Eclipse
 - WordPress Comment Styling Round Up
 - Parallel web scraping in PHP: cURL multi functions
 - Yahoo! SearchMonkey: revisiting PHP, platform-style
 - Debugging PHP with Firebug and FirePHP
 - Running background processes in PHP
 - Running PHP cron jobs – regular scheduled tasks in PHP

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May 3, 2010

898 Computer and Programming eBooks at GameCraftX

Here is GameCraftX's eBooks Collection, hosting over 890 computer and programming ebooks, covering many, many areas, some of which are listed below. These computer books are in pdf and chm format.

eBook Topics at GameCraftX's ebooks collection:

 - C and C++ programming
 - PHP programming
 - PHP and MySQL
 - Perl programming
 - Javascript
 - Ajax
 - Website & Web Application Development
 - WML
 - JBoss, Jakarta Struts, J2ME
 - Java Web Services, Java Threads
 - Java Servlets, RMI, Security, JSP
 - Enterprise and Distributed Java
 - SOAP and XML
 - Extreme programming
 - Linux programming, Shell scripting
 - Linux Administration
 - Linux Certification
 - Python programming
 - XPath and XPointer
 - Flash Actionscript
 - Photoshop CS
 - Dreamweaver
 - C# programming
 - Visual C++ . Net (dotNet)
 - Asp . Net
 - . Net Window Forms
 - VB dotNet
 - ADO Activex
 - Networking Certification
 - Wireless Networking
 - Cisco CCNA
 - Kerberos
 - Firewalls
 - Snort
 - SQL
 - Oracle PL-SQL
 - SQL Server
 - Digital Video
 - Crystal Reports
 - AutoCAD
 - PC Hardware
 - Mac
 - PC Hardware
 - OpenGL
 - Cryptography
 - Apache
 - Algorithms
 - Windows XP, Windows 2003
 - Office 2003 Reference and Techniques
 - Access Database
 - Excel Macros

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April 27, 2010

Phoenix eBook Library

Update: This site no longer hosts any of these ebooks.

Phoenix eBook Library hosts many, many freely downloadable computer, I.T., and programming ebooks in many areas, as linked here below. These computer ebooks are mostly in pdf format.

eBook Categories for Phoenix eBook Library:

 - Artificial Intelligence
 - Audio Books
 - C and C++ programming
 - Computer Science
 - Cryptography
 - Database and SQL
 - Discrete Mathematics
 - Ebooks.For.Dummies.Collection
 - Encryption
 - Java programming
 - Linux
 - Load Balancing
 - Misc
 - Mobile Wireless Development
 - Networking
 - PHP
 - Parallel Programming
 - Patterns
 - Project Management
 - Python programming
 - Requirement Engineering
 - SNMP Networking
 - Storybooks
 - UML
 - Visual Studio .NET
 - XML & Web Services
 - jQuery

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April 13, 2010

Several Hundred Computer and Programming eBooks

Here is a ebook download repository site containing several hundred IT, computer and programming ebooks in the topics listed and sub-directories linked below. Most of these are in either pdf or chm formats.

Programming eBooks
 - C and C++ programming
 - Java programming
 - Python programming
 - Perl 
 - Shell Scripting
 - Assembly language

Unsorted Computer eBooks
   Linux programming, C++ programming,
   Java, Oracle, Unix, CISSP, Firewalls,
   Encryption, Perl, Java, JDBC, LPI Linux,
   SQL Server, MySQL, Networking

Linux eBooks
   Linux programming, Securing Linux,
   Linux Networking, Linux Tools,
   Linux Kernel, Linux Commands
   Linux Device Drivers. Linux Certification

SQL and Database eBooks
   SQL, SQL Server, Linux, MySQL,
   Oracle database, PostgreSQL,
   Berkeley DB

Security eBooks
   Security+ Certification, VPN, Snort
   Network Security, Firewalls, Wireless
   Security, XML Security

Networking eBooks

Coding and Software Methodology eBooks

Miscellaneous eBooks
   Algebra, Trigonometry, Biology, Calculus
   Chemistry, Economics, Electronics,
   Forensic Science, Geology, Physics,

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March 19, 2010

102 Computer and Programming eBooks

Here are 102 computer and programming ebooks covering several areas, as linked and listed below, including C++ programming, Networking progamming, Ajax, Python, and computer security. Most of these freely available ebooks are in pdf and chm format.

C and C++ ebooks
 - 12 C++ programming ebooks
 - 4 C programming ebooks
 - 9 Network programming ebooks

Ajax ebooks
 - 4 Ajax programming ebooks

Python ebooks
 - 44 Python programming ebooks

Ruby ebooks
 - 3 Ruby programming ebooks

 - 4 Jython ebooks

Security ebooks
 - 19 computer security ebooks
 - Network security ebooks
 - Linux security ebooks
 - Windows security ebooks
 - Programming security
 - Database security

Database ebooks
 - PostgreSQL
 - Berkeley Database
 - SQLite

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January 18, 2010

Computer and Programming eBooks from PDFTrace

PDFTrace is a PDF search engine that provides links to many programming and computer ebooks, and technical and I.T. learning documents covering many areas. You can search this site for and computer ebooks and documents in both pdf and doc file formats. I have provided below some search results in various topics for pdf ebooks to get you started using this site. Be sure to click on the page numbers at the bottom to access more ebooks in the topic you are searching. To dig deeper, use these links for starting your search for what you need, and then go back to the home page and enter the original search word/phase along with more detailed keyword(s) you need. Most links are working, though a few are not.

Sample of eBook Topics in pdf format at pdftrace:

 - GWT  Google Web Toolkit
 - C and C++ programming
 - Linux programming
 - PHP
 - Java programming
 - Javascript  JSON
 - Perl
 - Flex
 - C# programming
 - Silverlight
 - VB .Net
 - Web programming
 - Python programming
 - Oracle Database
 - Oracle Applications
 - MySQL
 - SQL Server
 - Linux
 - Windows 2008
 - Computer Networking
 - Computer Security

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January 13, 2010

254 Computer and Programming eBooks

Here are 254 freely available downloadable computer and programming ebooks available at the Study India site of These programming and computer ebooks cover many areas and computer languages, which are listed here below.

Topics covered by these Computer and Programming eBooks:

 - Autocad
 - Cryptography
 - English
 - Photography
 - Networking and Hardware
 - Object Oriented Analysis and Design
 - UML
 - Software Development Life Cycle
 - Photoshop
 - Programming Languages
   - ActionScript
   - AJAX
   - ASP .NET
   - Assembly Language
   - BSD
   - C++ Programming
   - Eclipse
   - Java Programming
   - Linux, Red Hat, Debian
   - Advanced Linux Programming
   - Windows Server 2003, Windows XP
   - Oracle
   - P2P
   - Perl Programming
   - PHP
   - Programming Math, Algorithms, etc.
   - Python Programming
   - Ruby Programming
   - SQL Server
   - Unix
   - VB .NET

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September 16, 2009

5 Python Tutorials and References

Here are 5 Python Tutorials and Learning Resources at New Mexico Tech Computer Center. Through these five tutorials you will come to understand and learn about all things that you need to know about the Python programming language. The five Python tutorials and references below cover the following: an introduction to Python Programming, Python Quick Reference, Python GUI, Python Imaging Library (PIL), and Python XML processing.

A Python Programming Tutorial
This tutorial makes heavy use of Python's conversational mode. The basic features of the programming language are neatly explained in this section.

 - Introduction
 - Python's numeric types
 - Character string basics
 - Sequence types
 - Dictionaries
 - Branching
 - How to write a selfexecuting Python script
 - def: Defining functions
 - Using Python modules
 - Input and output
 - Introduction to objectoriented programming

Python Quick Reference
This section serves as a reference guide to most of the common features of the Python programming language, version 2.5.

 - Introduction: What is Python?
 - Starting Python
 - Line syntax
 - Reserved words
 - Basic types
 - Numeric types
 - Sequence types
 - Types set and frozenset: Set types
 - Type dict: Dictionaries
 - Type file: Input and output files
 - None: The special placeholder value
 - Operators and expressions
 - Basic functions
 - Advanced functions
 - Simple statements
 - Compound statements
 - def(): Defining your own functions
 - Exceptions: Error signaling and handling
 - Classes: Defining your own types
 - pdb: The Python interactive debugger  
 - Commonly used modules

Tkinter Reference: a GUI for Python  
This section explains the Tkinter widget set for constructing graphical user interfaces (GUIs) in the Python programming language.

 - What is Tkinter?
 - A minimal application
 - Definitions
 - Layout management
 - Standard attributes
 - The widget
 - The Canvas widget
 - The Checkbutton widget
 - The Entry widget
 - The Frame widget
 - The Label widget
 - The LabelFrame widget
 - The Listbox widget
 - The Menu widget
 - The Menubutton widget
 - The Message widget
 - The OptionMenu widget
 - The PanedWindow widget
 - The Radiobutton widget
 - The Scale widget
 - The Scrollbar widget
 - The Spinbox widget
 - The Text widget
 - Toplevel: Toplevel window methods
 - Universal widget methods
 - Standardizing appearance
 - Connecting your application logic to the widgets
 - Control variables: the values behind the widgets
 - Focus: routing keyboard input
 - Events
 - Popup dialogs

Python Imaging Library (PIL) Quick Reference
This section of the tutorial describes an image-processing library, the Python imaging library(PIL) for the Python programming language.

 - Introduction
 - Definitions
 - Creating objects of class Image
 - The ImageDraw module
 - Image enhancement: the ImageFilter module
 - The ImageFont module
 - The ImageTk module
 - Supported file formats

Python XML Processing with lxml
This part of the tutorial explains the lxml package for reading and writing XML files with the Python programming language.

 - Introduction: Python and XML
 - How ElementTree represents XML
 - Reading an XML document
 - Creating a new XML document
 - Modifying an existing XML document
 - Features of the etree module
 - class ElementTree: A complete XML document
 - class Element: One element in the tree
 - XPath processing
 - Automated validation of input files
 - etbuilder: A simplified XML builder module
 - Implementation of etbuilder

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June 7, 2009

Python Video Tutorials

Here are several excellent Python Video Tutorials at showmedo that provide an in depth understanding to programming in Python. Python is a high-level scripting and programming language used for web applications. Several web application frameworks and servers support Python which help users develop complex applications. These Python video tutorials cover and teach various topics such as GUI programming, creating a wiki, the Python standard library, objects in Python and the Google app engine. A majority of these Python tutorials provide detailed information about many everyday tasks in Python such as database programming, loops and iteration, common variables and containers and functions in Python.

Python Programming Video Tutorials:

 - Python 101 - easygui and csv (17 videos)
 - Python Development on XP (10 videos)
 - Python GUI Programming with wxPython (5 videos)
 - Python Beginners - Common Variables and Containers (14 videos)
 - Build a wxPython Image Viewer (14 videos)
 - A Demonstration of the 'IPython' Interactive Shell (5 videos)
 - Python Beginners - What Does Python Look Like? (6 videos)
 - Learn Django: Create a Wiki in 20 minutes (3 videos)
 - Django From the Ground Up (13 videos)
 - Batteries included - The Python standard library (9 videos)
 - An Introduction to Database Programming with Python (5 videos)
 - Python Beginners - Functions (6 videos)
 - COM and Python with pyWin32 (6 videos)
 - Developing emol! (31 videos)
 - An Introduction to Python Objects, using IPython (3 videos)
 - Python Beginners - Loops and Iteration (7 videos)
 - An Introduction to Vim Macros (7 videos)
 - PyDev Eclipse IDE Videos (2 videos)
 - 5-Minutes With Python (4 videos)
 - A Gentle Introduction to the Google App Engine Python SDK (5 videos)

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January 5, 2008

222 Open Source Online Books and Tutorials

Here is a website,, that offers 222 freely available online books and tutorial articles covering open source technologies. Most of these are written in English, some are in Chinese. The numbers below refer to the number of English books. These will help you learn how to program in open source languages and frameworks, such as Eclipse, Perl, Ruby, PHP, and Python. These will also help you gain knowledge and increase your skills with Ubuntu Linux, Red Hat Linux, Fedora, Suse Linux, the Linux Kernel, and Embedded Linux.

Open Source Books and Tutorials:

78 Programming Languages Books and Tutorials
 - 7 Eclipse Books and Tutorials
 - 31 Perl Books and Tutorials
 - 6 Ruby Books and Tutorials
 - 9 PHP Books and Tutorials
 - 23 Python Books and Tutorials

25 Linux Distribution Books and Tutorials
 - 5 Ubuntu Linux Books and Tutorials
 - 8 RedHat / Fedora Linux Books and Tutorials
 - 5 SuSE Linux Books and Tutorials

4 Linux Kernel Books and Artilces

13 Embedded Linux Books and Tutorials

14 Shell Programming Books and Tutorials

23 MySQL Books and Tutorials

5 PostgreSQL Books and Tutorials

11 Apache Books and Tutorials

6 Samba EBooks and Tutorials

15 Email Books and Tutorials

22 Security Books and Tutorials
 - Antivirus
 - Cryptography
 - Firewall
 - Internet IDS
 - Kerberos
 - System Security

6 OpenOffice Books and Tutorials

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