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March 7, 2011

SAP Guides and Documents provides documentation and guides covering SAP R/3 on ABAP, BAPI, ALV programming, SAPscripts, SmartForms, CATT, LSMW, DMS and other IMG like areas, such as MM, LE, SD, PP, APO, WF, HU, PM, PS, QM, HR, FI, CO, BW and BC.

Here are some SAP guides and documents that you can download in zip format. (These are pdf files when unzipped.)

Guide to SAP BASIS Steps for SAP Kernel Update In Windows
SAP BASIS- Steps to Configure SAP Help Library
SAP HR PA Infotypes Guide
SAP FI (Deleting No.range of Particular Company)
Flow of Production Planning
Guide to ABAP MM, SD, FI, PS, PP, PM, HR, Tables

This site's SAP PP Tips and Production Planning/Control page will also help you with learning more about SAP Production Planning Modules and its related areas. It provides certification samples, interview questions and answers, as well as common tcodes used in SAP PP.  You can also ask any Production Planning and Control question in their SAP PP Forum. The SAP PP modules are mostly utilized in Manufacturing, as thhey allow you to create BOM, routing, work center, plan orders, production orders, and confirmations.  They are integrated with other SAP modules, such as SAP MM and SAP SD through MRP which is also part of PP. Here are just a few of the resources on this page:

SAP PP Certification Exam:
mySAP Certification - Criteria
SAP PP Certification Sample Questions and Answers
SAP PP Self Test Certification Questions

Questions on Production Planning:
SAP PP Questions and Answers
Sample Questions on SAP PP
SAP PP Test Questions (MCQ)
Steps of a Typical Production Process

Interview Preparation:
Interview Questions and Anwsers on SAP PP
SAP PP Interview Questions

Transaction Codes in SAP PP:
Transaction Code To View All SAP Tables
Commonly Used Tcodes in PP Module Part 1
Commonly Used Tcodes in PP Module Part 2
Commonly Used Tcodes in PP Module Part 3
Tcodes of Common SAP PP Process

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June 25, 2008

Free SAP ABAP eLearning Tutorial Courses

Here are hundreds of Free SAP ABAP eLearning Tutorial Courses, from the SAP Developer Network's ABAP eLearning Catalog. These SAP ABAP eLearning sessions can help you broaden your skills through in-depth sessions, learning scenarios and how-to exercises. Also take a look at these SAP ABAP Articles, from the SAP Developer Network (SDN) and the Business Process Expert (BPX) Communities. Free registration is required.

Topics for Free SAP ABAP Tutorial Courses:

 - Analytics  
 - Application Management  
 - Business Intelligence  
 - Business Process Expert  
 - Business Process Modeling  
 - Business Process Monitoring  
 - Composition  
 - Content Management  
 - Corporate Social Responsibility  
 - Customer Relationship Management  
 - Data Management and Integration  
 - Data Warehousing  
 - Enterprise Performance Management  
 - Enterprise SOA  
 - Governance Risk and Compliance  
 - IBM Interoperability  
 - Integration and Certification Center  
 - Java
 - Landscape Design and Architecture  
 - Manufacturing  
 - Master Data Management  
 - Mobile  
 - Operations  
 - Organizational Change Management  
 - Performance  
 - Portal and Collaboration  
 - Repository-based Modeling and Design  
 - Search  
 - Security  
 - Service Bus-based Integration  
 - SOA Management  
 - Software Logistics  
 - Supplier Relationship Management  
 - Supply Chain Management  
 - User Interface Technology  
 - Web Dynpro  
 - .NET Interoperability

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June 11, 2008

500 Computer and Programming eBooks and Tutorials

This site,, provides links to over 500 Computer, I.T., and Programming eBooks and Tutorials on the web. The topics covered are linked below. To find specifically what you're looking for you will need to search this site. However, their search does not return good results when using more than one keyword, so I recommend using this google search, adding the keywords you need, along with a preceding + sign to narrow the results, if you'd like. Here is an example of this search for 'Linux Installation'.

Categories of eBooks and  Tutorials at BesteBooksWorld:

 - Internet 
 - Software 
 - Java and J2EE 
 - C and C++ 
 - Networking 
 - Database 
 - Microprocessor & Assembly Language
 - Computer Security 
 - Perl and CGI 
 - Python 
 - Unix & Linux 
 - Computer Graphics 
 - ASP .Net 
 - C Sharp 
 - Machine Language 
 - Fortran 
 - PHP 
 - Visual Basic and 
 - Hardware And Networking 
 - Ada 
 - HTML / XML / CSS 
 - Web design 
 - Delphi
 - Windows
 - Linux
 - Data Structures and Algorithms
 - IT Books
 - Software Engineering Books
 - SAP
 - Software Testing

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March 17, 2008

Downloadable I.T. Certification eBooks

Here are many freely available downloadable I.T. Certification eBooks in several areas, as linked below, from These computer ebooks cover Microsoft certification, Linux certification, Comptia certification, Cisco certification, Oracle certification, programming, and networking. This site provides links to these computer, programming, and certification ebooks in text form, so you will need to copy and paste them into your browser's address bar. Also, you may need to make the text smaller in your browser so you can copy all of the link.

eBook Topics:

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December 28, 2007

50 Most Popular Posts on's Blog

I think this is interesting and important information that I need to share with everyone. Here are the 50 most popular posts's Blog, as of December 28, 2007.

1.100% 35 Free C and C++ Programming Books and Ebooks
2.96% Over 250 Computer Ebooks and Books
3.95% Free Microsoft MCSE MCSD Certification Ebooks
4.88% Best 27 Eclipse Tutorials by IBM
5.79% Best Eclipse Tutorials and Videos on the Web
6.71% Almost 2000 Free Computer Books
7.71% 14 Free Mainframe Computer Books
8.68% 18 Free Linux Books and Guides
9.68% Free Software Engineering Course Book
10.68% 16 Free Programming and Web Development Ebooks
11.66% Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge
12.66% 3 Free Ebooks: MCSE Certification and Windows Server 2003
13.65% 71 Free Computer Programming Books
14.65% Free Books on PHP, C++, Linux, Windows Server 2003, Win Registry, and Cisco
15.65% 81 AJAX and 24 JavaScript Ebooks
16.65% 12 Linux Books Online
17.64% Ebooks covering Python, PHP, ASP .Net, Perl, and JSP
18.64% 150 Free Computer Ebooks
19.61% GeekInterview - Interview Questions and Answers
20.61% Best Free Study Guide for A+ Hardware and Operating Systems
21.60% 29 Books and Tutorials for DotNET, C#, VB .NET and ASP .NET
22.58% 100 Java Programming and Web Development Ebooks
23.57% 9 Free Online Books - Java, C++, Database
24.56% SQL Server 2005 Books Search
25.56% Free Book on Python Programming and Natural Language
26.56% 15 Ebooks for C++, C#, VB .Net, and Visual Studio
27.55% Free Microsoft Technology Ebooks: MCSE, Windows, CSharp, VB .Net, C++
28.55% Sun Certification Practice Exams and Ebooks
29.55% Thinkfree Doc Exchange
30.54% 11 Programming Ebooks
31.54% 20 Linux eBooks
32.54% SAP ABAP Tutorials and Examples
33.54% New Free Linux Book: Linux Kernel in a Nutshell
34.54% Java and J2EE Job Interview Ebook
35.53% 400 Oracle Database FAQs and Tutorials
36.53% 8 Free Programming Books: C++, C Sharp, Java, Linux
37.53% Free ASP .Net eBook
38.52% 154 Free Book Chapters from
39.52% SAP and ABAP Books, Tutorials, and Samples
40.52% Over 100 I.T. and Programming Ebooks
41.51% More Ebooks from esnips
42.51% Oracle and Novell Certification Practice Exams
43.50% Java Programming Tutorials and Chapters
44.50% 144 Freely Available Computer Ebooks
45.49% 67 Freely Available eBooks
46.49% Free eBook Source
47.49% Free Visual Basic .Net Debugging eBook
48.48% 4 Free Ajax Ebooks
49.48% Over 450 Computer and Programming Ebooks
50.48% Over 100 Computer and Programming Ebooks

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November 27, 2007

SAP Community Network

The SAP Community Network provides free articles, tutorials, and training for SAP development, SAP Netweaver, ABAP, Web Dynpro, Web Services, and Enterprise Portals. Here are their Forums.

SAP Articles and Tutorials:

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April 15, 2007

SAP NetWeaver Portal and Learning Guide

SAP NetWeaver is an application builder platform from SAP for integrating business processes across various systems, databases and sources. It. It uses open standards to facilitate integration with information and applications from many sources and technologies. SAP NetWeaver is the technological foundation for all SAP products and is the foundation of SAP xApps and mySAP Business Suite solutions. Here is the definitive Documentation for SAP NetWeaver Release 2004s.

The SAP Netweaver Portal provides much up-to-date information and understanding about Netweaver and how it is used, administered, and deployed.

This SAP XI Learning Guide gives you  you with all the information you need to gain a better understanding of SAP Exchange Infrastructure. Browse through this compilation of Web resources, news, white papers, expert advice and more to learn all about this important facet of NetWeaver

Key Definitions

Get to know NetWeaver

Introduction to XI

XI Standards and Documentation

XI Technical Tips and Advice

XI In the News

XI Integration

Books and Discussions

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February 21, 2007

SAP BAPI Learning Resources

If you need to learn more about BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface), then please read and use the SAP BAPI Learning Resources presented here. BAPI is a set of interfaces to object-oriented programming methods that help developers integrate 3rd party applications into SAP's R/3 software. To initiate and perform tasks such as uploading transactional data, BAPIs are implemented and stored in the R/3 system as remote function call (RFC) modules. The following BAPI tutorials and learning documents will describe what a BAPI is, how it is used, and where it fits into an integrated software environment. Examples, tips, tools, and expert advice are also included here to further your understanding on using BAPIs.

BAPI Quick Start

BAPI (Business Application Programming Interface) 

A great resources to start learning about BAPI is  is's Introduction to BAPIs.

In addition, SAP offers a detailed BAPI User Guide that will explain and help you understand all of the fundamentals, including terminology, rules for usage and prerequisites. SAP also offers a BAPI Programming Guide that will help you learn much of the technical aspects of BAPI.

Here are definitions for some acronyms related to BAPI:

Finding BAPIs

If you need to find a specific BAPI, here are several lists of BAPIs by version, you may want to bookmark them for the future:

In addition, here is a information-packed article from that explains how to find a BAPI.

Understanding BAPI development

This section will help you to understand BAPI conventions and to learn the rules and tools for BAPI programming. The following describe BAOI methods, standardized conventions and development tools.


Learn more about BAPIs, RFCs and IDOCs and how they work together. This section will help you to understand how RFCs relate to BAPIs.

A BAPI is a business object. An RFC is functional code. IDOCs OR intermediate documents are standard data structures for electronic data interchange (EDI) between application programs. IDocs are used for asynchronous transactions: each IDoc generated exists as a self-contained text file that can then be transmitted to the requesting workstation without connecting to the central database.

Included here is expert advice from

BAPIs, Java and JCo

If you're a Java programmer you'll need to understand how to call BAPIs using JCo. This section explains how to use the SAP Java Connector.

In this webcast, Schuessler will show you step-by-step how to build a simple client application calling BAPIs from Java.

BAPI Errors

Learn about some common BAPI errors and their solutions.

BAPI chat

Here are answers to frequentl BAPI questions, along with an interview with a BAPI expert.

BAPI Discussions:

BAPI Quick tips

Use these techniques and tips from BAPI programmers to fix and handle some of your difficult BAPI problems. Understand what is meant by asynchronous and synchronous BAPIs, learn about BAPI COMMIT and messaging.

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August 8, 2006

SAP ABAP Tutorials and Examples

This site, Passionate about SAP: A Site for SAP Technical Consultants, provides original SAP and ABAP Tutorials, Articles, Utilities, an online ABAP Test and examples of SAP application development. The author has been involved with many SAP implementation and service projects and he is generous to share his SAP and ABAP knowledge and experiences.

SAP ABAP Tutorials and Examples

SAP Business Objects
Check out these training slides on SAP Business Objects.

Development Solutions
This section contains solution details along with the relevant codes for SAP development requirements. Currently it contains just a few of these but soon it will come up with many more.

SAP IS-U Overview
A brief overview of SAP IS-U ( Industry Specific for Utilities ), its components and integration with other standard SAP Modules.

Tutorial: SAP Application Development
An example application to explain the basics as well as advanced concepts like SAP Business Objects,Generic Object Service(GOS),Dialogue Programs.

Online self-assesment for basic SAP ABAP

Multiple choice ABAP Questions are presented and answers are displayed along with the explainations.

ABAP Database Dictionary [DDIC]


ASAP Methodology & Case Studies
Introduction to ASAP Methodology & Web-links for SAP Project Management.

SAP Implementation Case Studies.

SAP Development Lifecycle
Introduction to V-Model & its use in SAP Development Lifecycle.

SAP Integrations or Irritations?
Here is a list of a few of the mistakes made by SAP Techncial Consultants and Architects that irritate SAP users.

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March 21, 2006

SAP Training Ebook

Here is an ebook in chm help format, that will show you how to use SAP and become acquainted with the entire SAP system, from navigation to creating your own reports. It also covers: Implementation tools and methodologies, NetWeaver ECC 5.0, Designing Screens and menus, Reporting, and Integration with Microsoft Office.

SAP Ebook

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December 8, 2005

SAP and ABAP Books, Tutorials, and Samples

Here are free web resources for learninng SAP, SAP DB, and ABAP. Included here are books, manuals, tutorials, a help portal, and samples. These will help you learn how to use and code with SAP and ABAP. Good luck with your studies.

SAP Library
SAP R/3 Enterprise, Release 4.70, Extension Set 2.00, March 2004
SAP NetWeaver Components, Release 6.30, October 2003

SAP Library 
SAP R/3 Enterprise, March 2003
mySAP Technology Components, Release 6.20 (Support Package 09), September 2002

SAP Library
Release 4.6C, April 2001

   SAP Library - Getting Started

   SAP Library - Glossary

SAP Tutor

   SAP Tutor Start

SAP Help Portal

SAP DB Library

User Manual: SAP DB

Reference Manual: SAP DB 7.2 and 7.3

SAP DB Documentation

ABAP/4 Samples

More SAP Books and Manuals are available from this google search

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November 15, 2005

Free Books on Linux, MCSE, Security, Cisco, Flash, SAP, CIW, Cisco

Update: As of 12/05/05, this site is not longer available online.

This site contains many freely available computer books and ebooks covering the following areas: Internet, Networking, Security, Novell, Kylix, Flash MX, Linux, Red Hat Linux, Suse Linux, CIW, SAP, SQL, PHP, ComptTIA Server+, Microsoft MCSE Exams (including 70-290, 70-291, 70-294), Cisco (CCNA, CCNP, BCMSN, BSCN, CCDA, CCIE).


Web Security and Commerce.pdf  3.3M
(eBook) - Testkiller 70-218 - MCSA.pdf  651K
(ebook) Encylopedia of Networking.pdf  12M
(ebook) Building Internet Firewalls.pdf  1.4M
(ebook) insider secrets to successful ebay trading.pdf  68K
(ebook - pdf) Hacking IIS Servers.pdf  31K
(ebook pdf) Teach Yourself Perl in 21 Days.pdf  3.0M
2_TestKing Security+ Unencrypted.pdf  258K
50-653 Novell CNA.pdf  230K
70-216 TestKiller Ed5 Jan02 (1).pdf  897K
ACC-232_Wireless network.pdf  1.7M
Apache+SSL+PHP+fp.pdf  32K
Apache-Overview-HOWTO.pdf  142K
BrainBuzz Novell NetWare 5.1 Administration.pdf  258K
CCDA Exam Certification Guide.pdf 
CCDP Cisco Internetwork Design Study Guide.pdf 
CQS_VoIP_9e0-402_12.pdf  65K
CompTia Server+ TestKing SK0-001 Edition 2.pdf  383K
DOS_Command_Reference.pdf  50K
Developers_Guide Delphi Kylix.pdf  8.0M
Ebook - List of Free Ebook Sites.pdf  172K
Firewalls.pdf  1.5M
IPSEC.pdf 148K
MS-Press MCSE Training Kit - Exam 70-222.CHM
NSA - The 60 Minute Network Security Guide.pdf  235K
Novell CNA TESTKING 050-653.pdf  230K
COM and .Net Component Services.pdf  3.6M
Peer to Peer Harnessing the Power of Disruptive Technologies.pdf  2.1M
SQL in a Nutshell.pdf  1.5M
Building Internet Firewalls 2nd edition.pdf  4.9M
Essential SNMP.pdf  1.5M
TCPIP Network Administration.pdf  5.1M
QuickRefCard.pdf  68K
SAMS - Teach yourself DB2 universal database in 21 days.pdf  3.0M
SAMS Teach Yourself PHP4 in 24 Hours.pdf  2.5M
SAP - BAPI Programming.pdf  1.1M
SAP Getting Started.pdf  2.8M
SMS Handbook.pdf  282K
Securing-Optimizing-RH-Linux-1_2.pdf  2.6M
 Project Management Professional Study Guide.pdf  8.2M
Designing a Wireless Network.pdf  4.3M
1D0-470 CIW Security Professional v2.pdf  397K
CCNP 640-504 Q&A with Explanations 2.pdf  555K
CCNP 640-505 Q&A with Explanations 2.pdf  407K
CCNP 640-506 Q&A with Explanations 1.0.pdf  808K
70-088 Proxy Server v1.pdf  254K
310-011 Sun Solaris 8.0 System Administration I.pdf  491K
CheckPoint CCSA 156-210 Version 2.0.pdf  411K
The OSI Model.pdf  311K
Troy tech SQL Server 7.0 Admin 70-028 v2.01.pdf  257K
UnderstandingWirelessLANSecurity SECURITY ISSUES.pdf  495K
Wireless-HOWTO.pdf  77K
[ebook] - Computers - Networking - VoIP & Network Converage.pdf  419K
chronos.pdf  237K
e-book - Java 2 Network Security.pdf  5.6M
ebook - OReilly - TCPIP Network Administration.pdf  5.1M
ebook-pdf-Maximum_security.pdf  2.6M
grsecurity.pdf  276K
lpg-0.4.pdf  481K
CIW_foundations.pdf  372K
CIW_server_administrator.pdf  268K

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September 23, 2005

FAQs for C, C++, Java, C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, XML, HTML, Oracle, SQL PL, SAPs

Here is a collection of FAQs (Frequently Answered Questions) covering C, C++, C#, Java, VB.Net, ASP.Net, XML, HTML, IBM, Testing Tools, Oracle, PL/SQL, SAP, and Seibel.


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