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April 29, 2009

Agile Scrum Guide

This is a 7-page guide on Agile Scrum that explains a lean approach to software development using Scrum. Scrum is an iterative process of software development; it can be used to manage and run development teams, and is also considered as a project management approach. Scrum really is a process skeleton and requires fleshing out with practices and predefined roles. (7 pages, 143kb, pdf format)

What is Scrum?
This section in the PDF explains the SCRUM methodology and its adaptive people focus approach. SRUM software development framework and its components are also explained here with diagrams.

 - A lean approach to software development
 - A simple framework

Scrum Roles
In SCRUM, the process of software development has three different roles. Each of these roles and their responsibilities are explained in detail in this section.

 - The Product Owner
 - The ScrumMaster
 - The Team

Scrum Ceremonies
SRCUM is structured in cycles of work called Sprints that are typically two to four weeks in duration. This section explains about different meetings conducted in each Sprint of a SCRUM.

 - Sprint Planning Meeting
 - Daily Scrum Meeting
 - Sprint Review Meeting

Scrum Artifacts
The three Scrum Artifacts used throughout the Scrum process and are described in this section.

 - Product Backlog  - Sprint Backlog  - Burndown Chart

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