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January 16, 2010

37 Silverlight Tutorials

Here are in-depth, illustrated 37 Silverlight Tutorials, hosted by at Switch On The Code. These Silverlight tutorials cover Microsoft Silverlight which is a web application framework that provides functionalities similar to those in Adobe Flash, Flex, GWT, and Ajax, integrating multimedia, graphics, animations and interactivity into a single runtime environment. These tutorials will give you an understanding and feel of this framework, even if you are a complete novice in Silverlight. The wide ranging Silverlight topics that are explained and demonstrated here include: animating elements using render transforms, playing with custom fonts, building a Silverlight deep zoom application, loading a client side image, the Silverlight podcast, datagrid basics, animating HTML elements etc.

37 Silverlight Tutorials:

 - Silverlight Tutorial - Animating Elements using Render Transforms
 - Silverlight - Basic Movement with Animations
 - Silverlight 3 - An Out Of Browser Example
 - Getting Started with IronRuby and Silverlight
 - Silverlight 3 - Custom Fonts
 - Silverlight 3 Tutorial - PlaneProjection and Perspective 3D
 - Silverlight 3: Effects Baby!
 - Silverlight 3 - Using Local Connections
 - Using Control to Control Binding in Silverlight 3
 - Building a Silverlight Deep Zoom Application
 - Basic Silverlight 2 Tutorial - Using Sliders
 - Welcome to the Month of Silverlight
 - Silverlight DataGrid Tutorial - Using a DataGridTemplateColumn
 - Visualizing O'Reilly with Silverlight Deep Zoom
 - Silverlight and the Netflix API
 - Silverlight 2 - Using initParams
 - Silverlight 2 & PHP Tutorial - Transmitting data using JSON
 - Silverlight 2 - Loading a Client Side Image
 - Silverlight 2 and Twitter - A Simple Example
 - Sparkling Client - The Silverlight Podcast
 - Silverlight DataGrid - The Basics
 - Silverlight 2.0 Public Beta and IE8 Developer Beta
 - Silverlight 2.0 - The Controls Have Arrived
 - Creating an XP Style WPF Button with Silverlight
 - Q&A on Flex and Silverlight
 - Silverlight Tutorial - Using Isolated Storage
 - How to Use Custom User Controls in Silverlight
 - Silverlight Tutorial - Animating HTML Elements
 - Flashblock Firefox Addon Blocks Silverlight
 - Silverlight Tutorial - Interaction With The DOM
 - Where is Silverlight's Isolated Storage Image Support?
 - How To Embed Silverlight Into a Webpage
 - Silverlight 1.0 Released with Future Linux Support
 - Silverlight Tutorial - Color Animations
 - Communicate Between Flex and Silverlight using Javascript
 - Silverlight and Javascript Interaction
 - Getting Started With Silverlight

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January 14, 2010

21 PHP and Web Development Tutorials

Here are 21 PHP and Web Development Tutorials, at Switch On The Code. These tutorials will teach you some important aspects of PHP, along with Flex, JSON, Silverlight, and Ajax. Topics covered here include using sIFR in WordPress, CakePHP, Silverlight and PHP, creating and modifying SQLite databases, basic JavaScript with jQuery, sending Fles data to PHP using XMl etc. The topics are demonstrated with code examples given needed. I think you will find these tutorials on PHP and web development useful.

21 PHP and Web Development Tutorials:

 - Using sIFR in WordPress
 - Flex & PHP - Creating WoW Armory Search Widget
 - Creating an IM Bot using PHP and IMified
 - Creating XML Documents in PHP
 - Silverlight 2 & PHP Tutorial - Transmitting data using JSON
 - PHP Tutorial - Creating and Modifying SQLite Databases
 - Drupal 6 Basic Javascript w/ jQuery
 - Using a PHP Proxy with Flex to talk Cross Domain
 - Basic LINQ Syntax in PHP with PHPLinq
 - Simple AJAX - PHP and Javascript
 - Sending Flex Data to PHP using XML
 - Flex, PHP, JSON, MySQL - Advanced Updating
 - Using Flex, PHP, and JSON to Modify a MySQL Database
 - Secure Authentication Without SSL Using Javascript
 - Flex & PHP Tutorial - Transmitting data using JSON
 - CakePHP Part 6 - Pagination!
 - CakePHP Part 5 - Creating a Separate Add View
 - CakePHP 4 - Saving and Validating Data
 - CakePHP - Using Helpers
 - CakePHP - Building Your First Site
 - CakePHP - Setup and Configuration

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