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January 18, 2011

6 Software Development Guides: 2 Project Managment and 4 Testing

Here are 2 software project managment guides and 4 software testing guides, from Elementool. These guides are easy to read and short in length, from 9-12 pages. They are in pdf format and are free to download

Complete Projects On Time
Outlines five Principles that help with meeting software development budget and deadlines.

Faster, Easier and Cheaper Software Development: Is It Possible?
Using Application Lifecycle Management to improve your software development process.

Don't Let the Bugs Out
Issue Tracking guide, discusses what role issue tracking plays in Software Development.

Testing, What is it Good For? Absolutely Everything!
An overview of software testing and why it's necessary when developing good software products.

Understanding Software Test Cases
How test cases facilitate building better software and ways to use them.

Software Testing Techniques
Some ways to go about testing software and getting started doing it.

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October 16, 2009

121 Software Engineering Process & Methodology Learning Docs

Here are 121 Software Engineering Process & Methodology Tutorials and Articles at Object Management Group - UML. These Software Engineering Process & Methodology tutorials cover the basic concepts of the software engineering process and framework and serve as good references for novice and expert developers alike. These Software Engineering Process & Methodology tutorials and learning documents discuss various topics such as process agility, software usability, testing, test plan project, user interface software, model driven architecture, effective STL, and others. All of the Software Engineering Process & Methodology documents provided below are in pdf format.

121 Software Engineering Process & Methodology Tutorials:

 - Lightweights, Heavyweights, and Usability
 - Process Agility and Software Usability
 - White Paper Microsoft Solutions Framework version 3.0 Overview
 - HKSQA Procedure Handbook Software Testing ST.1 Overall Testing
 - Abstraction and Reuse Mechanisms in Web Application Models
 - Executive Summary This paper outlines a number of commonly used
 - ST.A Document Template for Software Verification and Validation
 - Testing
 - Understanding HCI methodologies
 - Test Plan Project:
 - Generating User Interface Prototypes from Scenarios
 - Stop Promising Miracles
 - Agile Software Development: The People Factor
 - PowerDesigner WarehouseArchitect The Model for Data Warehousing
 - SCA Service Component Architecture
 - SCA Service Component Architecture
 - A Pattern Language for Online Auctions Management
 - Prototyping User Interfaces in HyperCard
 - Finite State Machines 1
 - Xtreme Rational Unified Process
 - The Key to Successful Automated Testing: Planning
 - Reaching CMM Levels 2 and 3 with the Rational Unified Process.
 - CRC Modeling
 - Software Configuration Management
 - The Past, Present, and Future of Configuration Management
 - EC Journal.qxd
 - A Pattern Language for Key Management
 - PowerPoint -CMM v1.1 Overview
 - After the Program Runs After the Program Runs
 - Evictor
 - Agile Software Development: The Business of Innovation
 - Testing with JUnit
 - Security Engineering with Patterns
 - Automated Testing: A Silver Bullet?
 - Patterns for e-Commerce Agent Architectures: Using Agents as Delegates
 - Microsoft PowerPoint - Lecture4_MDA
 - Testing J2EE Applications with Rational PurifyPlus
 - User Interface Software
 - Functional test automation tools
 - The Personal Software Process 1 by Watts S. Humphrey watts@sei.cmu
 - Agile Software Development: The Business of Innovation
 - Using the Rational Unified Process for Small Projects: Expanding
 - A Pattern Language To Visitors
 - The Personal Software Process Overview, Practice, and Results1 by
 - A Software Fault Injection Pattern System ( ) II. Architectural
 - The Secret Partner Pattern Revision 3a by Bill Trudell, July 23
 - Personas: Designing for Real People
 - Real-Time Design Patterns Introduction
 - Call Processing
 - Rational PureCoverage
 - Planning Agile Projects
 - Organizational Multiplexing: Patterns for Processing Satellite
 - Learning the PSP
 - Defect Type Standard Design - DTS
 - Software reliability and maintainability management
 - Sybase PowerDesigner 9.0
 - White Paper MSF Process Model v. 3.1
 - PVCS® Professional™
 - TTCN-3, Qtronic and SIP
 - Interaction Patterns in User Interfaces
 - Customer Rights and Responsibilities1
 - Design Patterns : Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software
 - CDC Style Guide
 - P-CMM-02 Titles
 - Dynamic CMM for Small Organizations
 - White Paper MSF Risk Management Discipline v.1.1
 - White Paper MSF Team Model v. 3.1
 - The Personal Process in Software Engineering1
 - A First Look: Rational RobotJ 1.0
 - GRASP Patterns (Ch. 18) Responsibilities & Interactions Patterns
 - IT Occupation Taxonomy v.3.0
 - 5168_PD 9.5 Overview Brch v2
 - White Paper MSF Readiness Management Discipline v.1.1
 - Effective STL
 - The Rational Edge -- December 2002 -- Progressive Acquisition
 - Design Patterns : Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software
 - Software Architecture Documentation in Practice: Documenting
 - Free Download
 - The Team Software Process (TSP )
 - Test Summary Report for Project DATE
 - Requirements Analysis with Use Cases Theory (9 Lessons)
 - Effective STL
 - Usability Case Study:
 - 3118 J2EE Patterns
 - ©2002 OMG Integrating Web Services with MDA Page 1 Using OMG's
 - The WOODDES#1 Project: Building Better Embedded Systems
 -  How Not to Program in C++: 111 Broken Programs and 3 Working
 - Benefits of CMM-Based Software Process Improvement: Initial Results
 - 28206 03 pp. 217-282
 - A Modeling of Software Quality Management Base ISO 9001 *
 - IntellAgile IntellAgile
 - An Interview with Cem Kaner, Software Testing Authority - Part II
 - The Rational Edge -- December 2002 -- An Integrated Approach to
 - IBM® Rational® Rapid Developer Components & Web Services
 - Misconceptions of the Capability Maturity Model
 - ‰ q ‰ Sybase
 - Chapter 1
 - Usability Basics for Software Developers usability engineering
 - Article Corvis and Telelogic's Excellent Adventure with DocExpress
 - Model Driven Architecture
 - Creating a Software Engineering Culture
 - An Introduction to Design Patterns
 - Powered by Tata Infotech The Third Wave of the Information Age
 - A Rational Development Process
 - Pattern Oriented Design:
 - Software Process Improvement: Ten Traps to Avoid
 - Self-Tuning Operating Systems
 - IBM Rational ClearCase Integration with IBM WebSphere Studio
 - Embedded System Architecture Design Based on Real-Time Emulati
 - Why Is Process Improvement So Hard?
 - WPKeep Software.qxd
 - Personal Process Improvement
 - DocExpress
 - teamfly

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March 26, 2009

Software Engineering, Software QA, and Project Management eBooks

Here are 26 Software Engineering and Development eBooks, along with 12 Software Testing and QA ebooks and 30 Project Management ebooks.

Topics for the 26 Sofware Engineering eBooks:
 - Software Engineering
 - Design Patterns
 - UML
 - Java programming
 - J2EE Design, Development, and Architecture
 - EJB
 - Hibernate
 - Spring
 - Unix programming

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