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February 19, 2011

1000+ Computer and Programming eBooks

Here is a site hosting well over 1000 computer and programming ebooks, covering many technical areas as seen in the links to the ebook categories below, all freely available. These ebooks will help you become a better developer or networking specialist, or learn how to use some important software. They also cover many topics for Linux, Unix, and hardware.

eBook Categories:

35 Linux eBooks

2 Database eBooks

Unix, Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD eBooks

Computer Hardware eBooks

1100 Unsorted Computer and Programming eBooks


Programming eBooks:
 - asp
 - assembly
 - bash
 - c++
 - c
 - general
 - html-css
 - java
 - javascript
 - palm
 - perl
 - php
 - python
 - ruby
 - vb
 - xml

Networking eBooks
 - firewalls
 - security
 - voip
 - wireless

eBooks on Open Source Applications:
 - apache
 - bind
 - cvs
 - firefox
 - mysql
 - nagios
 - openswan
 - openvpn
 - pgp-gpg
 - snort
 - ssh
 - svn
 - vi
 - wireshark

eBooks on proprietary software apps

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January 15, 2011

50 Computer and Programming eBooks

Here are over 50 computer and programming ebooks covering Java (1 is C#), PHP, MySQL, Shell scripting, SQL, Linux, Unix, Solaris, and Cisco.

Computer and Programming eBooks:

16 Java programming ebooks (1 is C# for Java developers)
8 PHP and MySQL ebooks
10 MySQL ebooks (some with PHP)
5 Shell Scripting ebooks
2 SQL programming ebooks
1 Linux ebook and 1 cheatsheet
Unix Course with 10 lessons
Solaris Admin guides
5 Cisco ebooks

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July 25, 2009

Distributed Operating Systems Notes

Here are well written class notes on Distributed Operating Systems, at explains about distributed operating systems which are used extensively in parallel computing. The main topics that are covered in these Distributed Operating Systems notes are: structure of operating systems, networked and distributed systems, process placement and interaction. These sessions on distributed operating systems also cover the following: inter process communication and remote procedure call, processes and threads, threaded servers and kernels, and resource management issues. Other topics which are covered are filesystems, fileserver: transaction based models, protection regimes, security and authentication, middleware in distributed systems and distributed objects. These documents are in pdf format.

Distributed Operating Systems Class Notes:

 - Introduction (13k)
 - Operating System Structure (11k)
 - Operating System Structure 2 (15k)
 - Process placement and IPC (28k)
 - Remote procedure call (18k)
 - Resource management: Deadlocks (20k)
 - Resource management in distributed systems (22k)
 - Reliability in distributed systems (20k)
 - Distributed file systems (24k)
 - Distributed file systems -2 (11k)
 - NTFS, The NT Filing System (12k)
 - Modern Unix File systems (15k)
 - Resource management: Protection and Security (14k)
 - CORBA (22k)
 - Microsoft DCOM & .NET (19k)
 - Capabilities (50k)
 - Windows XP (20k)
 - CORBA (22k)
 - Microsoft DCOM & .NET (18k)
 - Remote Procedure Call (240k)
 - RMI etc. (67k)
 - Name and Directory Servers (518k)
 - Time & Clocks (24k)
 - Capabilities (8k)
 - Security (265k)

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