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February 13, 2011

171 C# and dotNET ebooks

Here are 171 C# and . NET ebooks, along with some covering VB .NET and ASP .NET. These will help you learn and become a better C Sharp and dotNET developer.

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January 14, 2011

60 Programming eBooks

Here are 60 programming ebooks. These cover C/C++ programming, Flash and Actionscript, Javascript, SQL, SQL Server, ASPdotNET, and VBdotET. This site has additional programming ebooks in Arabic, but the links below show the number of English ebooks (totalling 60), to the best of my knowledge.

 - 34 ASP .NET ebooks
 - 2 C++ programming ebooks
 - 1 C programming ebook (and another 1 here)
 - 12 Flash and Actionscript ebooks
 - 2 Javascript ebooks with files
 - 5 SQL and SQL Server ebooks
 - 14 VB .NET ebooks


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September 2, 2010

403 Downloadable Computer and Programming eBooks

Here are 403 freely available and downloadable computer and programming ebooks, covering many topics and areas, as listed below. These computer ebooks are in chm and pdf formats, along with some in compressed zip format.

Topics covered by these Computer and Programming eBooks:

 - C ++ programming
 - C++ Game programming
 - C++ Data Structures
 - C++ Design Patterns, Coding Standards
 - C language Algorithms
 - Linux programming
 - XML
 - Cryptography using C and C++
 - DB2
 - Compilers
 - Linux System Administration
 - Embedded Linix, Linux Kernel, Linux Device Drivers
 - Ubuntu Linux, Debian Linux, Fedora Linux
 - Unix administration
 - Wireless Networking
 - Wifi Security
 - dotNet programming
 - ASP .Net
 - ASP .Net Ajax
 - VB .Net programming (Visual Basic dotNet )
 - VB .Net Algorithms and Data Structures
 - Visual C++ programming
 - ADO .Net
 - MSCE/MSDE 70-330, 70 340 - C# (C Sharp) and VB .Net Security
 - Borland C++ Builder
 - Windows Administation

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June 16, 2010

Computer and Programming eBooks at eSearchBook

eSearchBook provides many computer and programming ebooks in the following categories, along with the number of ebooks in each. I have listed out the topics for Computer Languages. These are hosted by this site and available for download immediately.

Computer and Prorgramming Categories at eSearchBook:

Computer Languages (46)

Computer Networks (38)

Computer Security (5)

Computer Hardware (4)

Computer Software (73)

eBook Topics in the Computer Languages category:

 - C++ programming
 - Java programming
 - Java AWT
 - Jakarta Struts
 - J2ME
 - Python programming
 - Ruby programming
 - JavaScript
 - OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
 - XML
 - CSS
 - Zend
 - PHP
 - Perl
 - SQL
 - AppleScript
 - ASP .Net
 - dotNet Windows Forms
 - VB .Net
 - Visual C programming
 - Visual Basic
 - MSDN Library
 - ASP

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May 3, 2010

898 Computer and Programming eBooks at GameCraftX

Here is GameCraftX's eBooks Collection, hosting over 890 computer and programming ebooks, covering many, many areas, some of which are listed below. These computer books are in pdf and chm format.

eBook Topics at GameCraftX's ebooks collection:

 - C and C++ programming
 - PHP programming
 - PHP and MySQL
 - Perl programming
 - Javascript
 - Ajax
 - Website & Web Application Development
 - WML
 - JBoss, Jakarta Struts, J2ME
 - Java Web Services, Java Threads
 - Java Servlets, RMI, Security, JSP
 - Enterprise and Distributed Java
 - SOAP and XML
 - Extreme programming
 - Linux programming, Shell scripting
 - Linux Administration
 - Linux Certification
 - Python programming
 - XPath and XPointer
 - Flash Actionscript
 - Photoshop CS
 - Dreamweaver
 - C# programming
 - Visual C++ . Net (dotNet)
 - Asp . Net
 - . Net Window Forms
 - VB dotNet
 - ADO Activex
 - Networking Certification
 - Wireless Networking
 - Cisco CCNA
 - Kerberos
 - Firewalls
 - Snort
 - SQL
 - Oracle PL-SQL
 - SQL Server
 - Digital Video
 - Crystal Reports
 - AutoCAD
 - PC Hardware
 - Mac
 - PC Hardware
 - OpenGL
 - Cryptography
 - Apache
 - Algorithms
 - Windows XP, Windows 2003
 - Office 2003 Reference and Techniques
 - Access Database
 - Excel Macros

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January 26, 2010

700 Computer and Programming ebooks

Here are over 700 programming, I.T., and computer ebooks, covering the areas and topics listed below. These freely available computer and programming ebooks are in pdf, chm, and zip formats.

Topics covered by these ebooks:

 - C++ programming
 - Java programming, Swing, J2ME
 - Web Development
 - JavaScript
 - PHP
 - Web Services, SOAP, XML
 - Flash
 - C# programming (C Sharp)
 - VB .NET 
 - .NET programming (dotNET)
 - ActiveX Scripting
 - Assembly language
 - Bash Shell Scripting
 - MySQL
 - Linux
 - Linux Admin, Linux Security
 - Unix
 - Windows XP
 - Windows 2003
 - MCSE Training
 - CIW Exam Preparation
 - Access database
 - SQL Server
 - Oracle PL SQL
 - Networking
 - Computer - Network Security
 - Firewalls
 - Wireless Networks
 - Cisco, CCNA
 - VPN
 - Cryptography
 - Director MX
 - Dreamweaver

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January 25, 2010

ASP.NET, VB.NET, and .NET References and Cheat Sheets

These are some useful ASP .NET, VB .NET, and .NET References and Cheat Sheets that provide tips, tricks, and techniques for coding with these Microsoft technologies. These ASP .NET and dotNET reference materials and cheat sheets will help increase your skills and make you a more efficient developer for web and rich Internet applications.

ASP .NET Basics Cheat Sheet 679K 
This cheat sheet provides the basics of ASP .Net including ASP .Net special folders and code blocks.
ASP .Net Ajax Client Life-Cycle Events 102K 
This document describes in detail the life cycle events of ASP .Net Ajax.
Microsoft Foundation Class Quick Reference 166K 
This reference explains various Microsoft Foundation Class related keywords that are frequently used in ASP .Net.
Microsoft Visual Basic Quick Reference 41K 
This is a quick reference guide to Visual Basic that discusses operators, math functions, program flow, file operations and functions.
VB .NET And C# Comparison 71K 
This reference offers a quick comparison of VB.Net and C# with their comments, program structure, data types and constants.
ASP .Net Life Cycles Events 61K 
This document explains the life cycle stages of ASP .Net with their events, controls and a general explanation of each of the stages.
ASP Cheat Sheet 33K 
This cheat sheet in ASP briefly explains methods, properties, functions and collections.
MS .NET Datetime Formatting Strings 124K 
This document provides information on standard date time formatting and the strings used in them.
MS Ajax Library Cheat Sheets 361K 
This zip file contains cheat sheets for the Ajax Library.
MS .NET Formatting Strings 124K 
This document describes the .Net standard date time formatting and the strings for them.
VS2005 Code Snippets (C#) 54K 
This document provides brief code snippets in C#.

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October 26, 2009

Programming Tutorials and eBooks

Here are many Programming Tutorials and eBooks, hosted at Arab American University. These programming ebooks and tutorials will help you learn most of the popular programming languages. After going through these you will be able to understand and apply tips, tricks, and techniques to effectively use in your programming and code development. Programming languages that are covered here include C++, Perl, Java, EJB, C#, VB .NET, Assembly, UML, and XML. All of these ebooks and programming learning materials can be used as references by both novice and expert developers. They are in pdf format. Here is a small number of these programming ebooks and tutorials:

 - Flash MX ActionScript ebook
 - Java ebook  Java ebook 2
 - Intoduction to Java
 - Java 2 Network Security
 - C++ ebook
 - Borland C++ ebook
 - Perl ebook  Perl ebook 2
 - Java Programming Handbook
 - Enterprise JavaBeans  EJB ebook 2
 - Developer's Guide
 - Assembly Language 32-bit
 - Thinking in C++, 2nd ed
 - Thinking in Java, 2nd Edition
 - JBuilder ebook
 - Building Applications with JBuilder
 - Linux Administrators Security Guide
 - Developing opentools
 - VB .Net Programming Guide
 - C# and dotNet Developer guide
 - C# building .NET applications
 - Visual Basic .NET ebook
 - Web Application Development
 - Web Services Development
 - MCSD Study Guide
 - Java Programming Language, Part 1
 - Java Programming Language, Part 2

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July 14, 2009

2 VB.NET Tutorials at

Here are two VB .NET tutorials at VB. Net for Beginners Course in your inbox and VB. Net Complete Course in your inbox. These VB .Net courses are designed for those who has some familiarity with programming concepts, but no experience with VB .Net at all. The goal here is to learn VB .Net rather than programming concepts.

VB .Net for Beginners Course in your inbox:
This Beginners course is designed in such a way that 22 lessons will be delivered to you to your inbox. There is also an About Visual Basic Forum to discuss the course, or just to browse the other questions and answers. This VB.Net for beginner's course is based on the comprehensive text on VB.Net, "The Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Learning Edition".

VB .Net Complete Course in your inbox:
The VB.Net complete course is there to teach you VB.Net by delivering 22 additional lessons to your inbox. There is also an About Visual Basic Forum to discuss the course and one of the sections in this forum, The Complete Course Forum, is devoted to this topic.

 - About the Visual Basic .NET Complete Course - Answers to your questions.
 - About the MS Press Learning Edition
 - IMHO - Microsoft Press Books
 - Install the Practice Files
 - About Visual Basic .NET - A brief introduction to what VB.NET actually is ...
 - Microsoft's priorities have changed !
 - Keep these points in mind ...
 - Are You Ready? - Making sure we're ready for the next lesson ...
 - Get the .NET Framework SDK
 - The Standardization of .NET

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March 19, 2009

10 VB.NET Tutorials

Here are 10 VB .NET Tutorials at to leverage the power of VB .NET to build applications for different technologies. Visual Basic .Net (VB .Net) is the newest evolution of Visual Basic and part of the .Net suite of application development tools extends traditional VB capabilities to include structured exception handling, method overloading, inheritance and more. The VB.Net extended capabilities make it easy to create .Net applications which include windows applications, Web Services and web applications. These VB .Net tutorials will provide you with tips to get you up and going to start working with this language.

VB .NET Tutorials:

 -  Type - Strong List in VB .Net
 -  MyClass Keyword in VB .NET
 -  Prevent Multiple Instances of a .NET Windows Application
 -  Painting a background onto the MDIClient part of an MDIForm
 -  Uncovering the .Net Framework (v 1.0) FolderBrowser Dialog
 -  Validate User Input the Easy Way
 -  Validating Input in VB .Net
 -  Client/Server Apps in VS .Net
 -  How to Build an FTP Client with VS .Net
 -  Passing text between forms with VB .NET

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